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Friday, May 20, 2011

Ladies, How To Look To 'Get Ahead' In the Business World (Uhh... not in that way, U FREAK *LoL*)

This is Ludacris' new wife, Eudoxie.

Ladies, tryin' to find that business outfit to...get you over that EDGE?

Look at the pic above. ENUF SAID.

Pic: MediaTakeout



Sometimes, Janet Jackson may miss the mark with her clothing, but in the pic above, she is on point and knocking down women half her age!!

This is a beautiful and artsy ensemble that Janet is wearing. Can't you just see the ART in her-- or rather-- the ART of the designer of Janet's dress?

Kanye West Stuntin' Once Again... In $1 MIL Mercedes Supercar!

This is the very limited edition, $1 MILLION Mercedes-Benz SLR Stirling Moss supercar... decorated even more so with Kanye in it. How much money does this dude have??

Check out photos of the car and Kanye as I've seen  it this beautiful Friday morning. I'm just sitting here typing, drinking some Arizona tea and listening to JAZZ MUSIC.


Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, May 19, 2011

BRAD PITT in Tom Ford glasses

A couple of  days ago, I mentioned Brad Pitt and the white outfit he wore to the Cannes Film Festival.

Well, next I'm talking about his SHARP glasses, good for any occasion, whether laid-back or dressed-up. The glasses were by Tom Ford in dark tortoise. Ya like??

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

CRAZY STYLE, BUT I LIKE: Nicki Minaj and Lil Mama

A picture says a thousand words.

In the name of fashion and in Jaiden's words:
'Dat's hott, yo...'

Guys, Your SUMMER LOOK... by Maiden Noir Collection + ILL Nike SBs!!

Maiden Noir Summer 2011 Collection

Guys, remember those days when you were boys and you wore clothes like the above pic (maybe some of you still do?) Not that there's any thing wrong with that.

What I'm talking about refers to NOSTALGIA. I'm feelin' a whole 1990s kind of vibe. Don't you feel it, too??

DOPE!! The above pic is from the Summer 2011 Maiden Noir collection, and EVER-DOPE Nike Brooklyn Projects x SB Dunk Sneakers.

Brooklyn Projects x Nike SB Dunk Hi Premium Sneakers-01

Pic: High Snobiety

KANYE Ballin' In his 2011 MAYBACH Landaulet (Open-Top)


Kanye just has to be the pinnacle of attention.

Check him out in the 2011 Maybach Landaulet, ballin' in Paris. If you don't know what a Landaulet is, it is an open top car only for the rear area. The chaffeur remains enclosed, though. Check out the car as I saw it on UpscaleHype. Too hott for words.

And who's that chick?? Is that one of the girls Kanye was tonguing down in Paree lately?

Sneaker of the Day: Balenciaga Espadrilles Shoes

Check it out, these ESPADRILLES are made for the upcoming HOTTER weather.

It's unisex, it's a clean-cut look, it's white (comes in other colorways, too) and it's Balenciaga. It has rubber soles for wet days, fending off the illusion that the jute ropes on the sides may be soaking up water (since the rubber sole has a low profile). It's for $489.

It looks best in white shorts or any cargo shorts in a light hue.

Ya like, guys and gals?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PUMA's Got Some Hott Sneakers for the Summer! Check 'em out!

Puma The List Gold Classic Sneakers Pack


Look what I found on High Snobiety. These are the Puma 'The List' Gold Classic Sneakers Pack. These can most likely be found in sneakerhead boutiques or like a really good sneaker chain like Jimmy Jazz, Underground Station, or some' like that.

If you find some hott sneakers elsewhere, let me know.

But these PUMAs, worn right with your fav jeans... THEY TAKE THE CAKE.

Pic: High Snobiety

CHRIS BROWN In Swag Wearing Marc Jacobs Sleeveless Hoodie

Chris Brown was strolling in Hollywood, wearing his usual swag. I find interest in what he wears because we have similar tastes in fashion. Chris wore a Marc Jacobs hoodie for $178, paired them well with some jeans, and got on the classic VANS sneakers.

A cool, 'chill mode' look..

Dat's wassup....

Monday, May 16, 2011

BRAD PITT Looks 'Boss' In All-White at 2011 Cannes Film Festival

brad pitt cannes tree of life 02

Check out Brad Pitt lookin' sleek and lookin' BOSS in an all-white outfit. It's very challenging to pull off a look like that, but it sure worked for Brad. This look would be great at an all-white party, or just a white tunic and pants/shorts to the beach or a day at the island.

He was out promoting his new film "Tree of Life" with co-star Jessica Chastain, who BTW, looks hott in red!

Check out more pics of Brad's look via Just Jared. Thumbs up to Brad!

brad pitt cannes tree of life 01brad pitt cannes tree of life 05

Pic: Just Jared

BRITNEY SPEARS On Cover of Harper's Bazaar

Britney Spears Is Back On Harper's Bazaar

Remember all that drama Britney Spears caused not too long ago (now Lindsay Lohan is going through a little something of her own)?

Well Harper's Bazaar declares that Britney's back! And in the name of fashion and beauty, she looks great on the cover, too. So nice to see someone bounce back after such volatile episodes in the past.


Pic: Just Jared

Beach-Ready: Ciara and Amar'e Stoudemire

BOYY, would I like to be at the beach soaking up sun right now.

Check out the new couple CIARA and AMAR'E STOUDEMIRE at Miami Beach having a good time chillin' and jet-skiin'. Would you believe that I've never driven a jet ski before (what does that have to do with fashion)?

But check out the toned-up bodies, gotta hand it to them for staying on-point, especially Ciara with those legs! She accentuated them nicely with a black sarong. 

Pic: YBF

Sunday, May 15, 2011

LADY GAGA Craziness Of The Week Pics

Check out the photos I found on Celebuzz. The left pic is that "Born This Way" jacket that she wore before. The far right is the sheer leopard outfit that was the headturner and the MOM-SHIELDS-KIDS'-EYE-er kind of thing. The more conservative but sensual look was the middle actually showed less skin even though you can see 'straight down the middle.'

And that HAIR is a headturner, too. It's like a CRAZY TWIST on the '80s FRENCH ROLL meets GHETTO HAIR SHOW.

I've been entertained just by the hair alone...

Pic: Celebuzz

JUDE LAW: A Man Of Effortless Style

jude law rendezvous 01

Jue Law has often been in the fashion magazines and on the web for his 'innocent' style. I call it innocent because he dresses so effortlessly. Suits fit well on Jude like skin, just the fit and finish is just impeccable.

That's the kind of way to have a suit, guys. No matter how much you paid for the suit, if it doesn't fit well, then it looks like a cheap suit. And vice-versa, when you have a suit that fits well (and it's cheap), you could easily look like a GQ man.

Check out more Jude Law looks:

jude law cannes opening ceremony with uma thurman 03

Pic: Google/ Just Jared

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