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Saturday, November 27, 2010

DAVID BECKHAM in Denim Miltary Shirt (Must-See!!)

This look caught my eye, a nice denim shirt worn by David Beckham that we guys can wear when we're just chillin on the couch, out with friends, even under an evening blazer for a nice dinner. A denim shirt really defines the word "CASUAL." The shirt is so-named "Burberry Prorsum stonewashed denim shirt" for $275.

You can find PLENTY anywhere for less: Old Navy, Target, Gap, even a THRIFT STORE. But the shirt doesn't even matter if it doesn't fit right. Make sure that your denim shirt is as close to your body as possible. TOO BIG is not a good look.

SWEEET Studded Chuck Taylors Worn By Avril Lavigne

Check out Avril Lavigne spotted out shopping wearing these dope leather Chuck Taylors with studs ALLLL OVER IT. It's priced at appx. $200+ . I think it's worth it, for both male and female, if you could rock these shoes with slim/fitted jeans (SLIM FOR GUYS, FITTED FOR FEMALE) and a SWAGG-ful leather bomber jacket. For accessories, maybe a studded bracelet or silver watch.

For Detroiters, you can probably find these exclusive Chuck Taylors in some sneaker boutiques or high-end department stores.

Okay, I'll be back for STYLE REVIEW shortly...

Friday, November 26, 2010

LeBron James' Fiance Throws Down For Thanksgiving!

We know that in a world full of groupies (I'd call that Miami), many wives, fiances and girlfriends of professional athletes have to work extra hard to maintain their image and sexiness to appeal to their husbands. But not SAVANNAH, Lebron James' fiancee. She is dressed down, down, down-to-earth with a scarf and a nicely worn plaid shirt. Check her out:

I don't think SAVANNAH has to worry. With that delicious food that she cooks (and she really does cook), Lebron ain't ever leaving. That's a very good bet.

KANYE To Release Fragrance/Collaboration With LANVIN

Quick and brief news: I was browsing the Internet and I came across this news source about Kanye West releasing his own fragrance, "so you can smell like him."

Makes you wonder what he smells like. THE OLD SPICE MAN?? I don't know, but anyway...

When I look at all of these celebrities releasing their fragrances, I wonder if they smell exactly like their fragrance (it's not a dumb thought; just plain curiosity) because some of the scents that I have smelled... stinks.

Kanye is presently working with Parlux Fragrances, a limited but renowned fragrance company which makes colognes and perfumes for many celebrities of late. He is also working with LANVIN for a high-end collaboration, which I'm sure will be really nice because West has revitalized the traditional Louis Vuitton with his sneakers, T-shirt, and bag collections (see pic below) .

Wow, seems like Kanye is steadily becoming that "artist," not just of music, but bringing arts and fashion to the masses..

KANYE WEST'S Previous Louis Vuitton Collection/Collaboration:

Ya Like?

JAIDEN'S Pick: Hot Gift Items For The Holidays

Of course, we all know that BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE!!! There are so many "TOP 10 PICKS"  and "MOST POPULAR ITEMS" posted all over the Internet, the news, just everywhere. But I have my own pick right here. Some you will find here may be on the expensive side, but most are affordable and can be found in a department store website, ON SALE, stores like Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, and more. Check out my lil' section of popular items:

1) MacBook Air - $999 to $1599
-Can be found on sale online (promotion by Apple; get as much as $150+ off)

2) Apple iPad
- 16GB, 32GB, 64GB models
- Over 7.5 million sold!
-$499.00 - $829.00


3) Amazon Kindle
- 6 inch display
- Global Wi-Fi
-1/3 in. thickness; lighter than a paperback book
- Holds copies of at least 1,500 books

4) Blu-Ray DVD Player
- Highest Definition possible; sharper than any DVD player
- Price range differs from brand to brand; cheaper prices online

5) Call of Duty Black Ops
- Baddest Game In The Game!!
-OMGGG!!!! This game is so good, so surreal, you actually feel like you're in WAR!!
-Extremely high demand; price subject to drop
-Deals online and at Wal-Mart for $59 OR LESS!

6) Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2010
- I'm in love with the NFS series, especially THIS!!!

That's not all... Check out my earlier posts of all the things I like! All the things I like.... are what I post!!! Detroiters, you can find these listed items or any other "wish list" or Black Friday item anywhere, and with a good deal, too.

The best way to find a great deal is to go online, Black Friday, or a weekday, when supplies are newly stocked.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

CONVERSE Soho Shoe Store Display Largest Of Its Kind

Converse Soho Store - A Look Inside

CONVERSE will open their Soho, New York store on November 26th, a perfect time for Black Friday; you know the place will be packed. Plus, this store caught my eye because it will feature the largest shoe display of its kind: An American flag MADE ENTIRELY FROM CHUCK TAYLOR SHOES.

Here's the press release below:

The shop will carry the largest Converse footwear offering worldwide, which by itself is already pretty impressive. The shoe wall, leather area and apparel area is also looking good. Most interesting is for sure the customization section, where you will be able to give Converse sneakers your own personal touch.
“The store’s design features speak directly to Converse’s distinct sport and rock ‘n roll heritage. Converse worked with New York based architecture firm Jennifer Carpenter Architect to preserve as much of the original details of the 110 year old building as possible. The single floor retail space is approximately 7,000 square feet using several reclaimed and natural elements to create a vintage inspired feel. From old gymnasium bleachers and recycled wood flooring to re-used Brooklyn factory parts and iconic New York City imagery, all in-store elements blend to create authentic design details. Tying back to the brand’s 102 year old American heritage, a 13-foot by 35-foot American flag made from 648 pairs of red, white and blue Chuck Taylor All Star shoes will welcome visitors and can be seen through the storefront window.
Taking center stage of the space and the first of its kind is a 40-foot wall featuring an expansive Chuck Taylor All Star footwear collection. White tiled walls throughout the space pay homage to the New York City subway, creating a unique backdrop for the new denim collection, which features 24 styles for women and men.”


Think of that shoe display... The CONVERSE Wonder Of The World ... Or could anybody break this record?

RIHANNA's Such A Lady In "INTERVIEW" Magazine

Rihanna is quite the fashionista besides her music, and I admittedly do follow her and her style a lot. She is plastered in so many fashion magazines, articles, blogs (including mine) and so much more. Her style is so captivating, so right. If she ever wanted to leave the music world, she could easily be recognized as a supermodel. REALLY. She, dressed this way, would also command all of your attention if she was sitting at your table for Thanksgiving *lol*.

Check out her pics. She was also interviewed by Kanye West.

Kanye in Roberto Cavalli

Since this is the Thanksgiving holiday and a little side entertainment may be needed, I wanted to release a couple of couture photos seen on celebs and local people. I found these great photos on quality, up-to-date fashion websites. Enjoy!!

Roberto Cavalli Fur-Lined Detachable Hood Pea Coat worn by Kanye West

Happy Thanksgiving from "The Only JAIDEN"

Dear Reader,

I just want to say with all my heart, even though I may not know who you are, HAPPY THANKSGIVING. This is a time to truly give thanks and be grateful for all help received in times of trouble, and being thankful for being surrounded with love as you spend time with your family and friends.

Sometimes family may argue or may not be the key or "ideal" family that you may want to spend the holidays with, but I believe at this critical time, all differences should be set aside to welcome an open heart and open arms because it will truly make a difference in your day.

Remember to "KEEP IT 100" and even though it's Thanksgiving and you're being comfortable, look your best at all times; show your family how good you look!! :-)

"The Only Jaiden"

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

STYLE: Jennifer Freeman from "MY WIFE & KIDS"

You got to admit that actress Jennifer Freeman from acclaimed syndicated Wayan Bros' show "MY WIFE AND KIDS" looks great... a very subtle yet sultry look with an slightly off-the-shoulder, one sleeved candy apple red dress, complimenting her beautiful black locks are black stilettos (probably by Gucci or Christian Louboutins)...


This post is an extension of "HOTTEST EXOTIC CARS OF 2010." This blog is all about fashion, including cars, too. Check out my hott picks (JAIDEN'S PICKS) of AMERICAN CARS OF 2010!! The BIG 3!!!! Gotta love 'em.. affordable and full of quality!!

These cars listed are not in rank.

1) 2011 Ford Taurus SHO
-3.5 Liter, 365 HP Twin-Turbo V6
-0 t0 60 mph in under 6 seconds
-appx $42,000

2) Redesigned 2011 Dodge Charger
- 5.7 Liter and 6.1 Liter engines (new HP unknown)
- $ unknown; predictably about $1,500 more than 2010 version

3) Cadillac CTS-V Coupe
- 6.2 Liter, 556 HP Supercharged V8
-0 to 60 mph in appx 3.8 seconds
- $60,000+
-Luxury and sportiness for less

4) 2011 Chevy Volt
- 1.4 L In-line 4 hybrid
-0 to 60 mph in less than 9 sec. (electric engine)
-appx $40,000

5) 2011 Lincoln MKX (Also see 2011 Ford Edge on Ford website)
 - 3.7 Liter, 305 HP V6


- 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible
- 2011 Chevy Camaro Convertible
- 2011 Dodge Challenger Convertible



WHAAAAAAAAAT IIIIIIIIIIIIISSSSSS THHHHHHHHHHHIIIIISSSSSS???!!!! This local 10-year-old  boy, I'm not sure from where exactly, was featured on with a brand new hairstyle. It is NO PRANK; it's an ACTUAL hairstyle!! It's a partial weave that this boy wanted so much that his momma gave in to have this shot-down...this.... OH DEAR LORD!!! No... THIS IS LIKE A BAD DREAM... 


I know that my blog posts FASHION, but cars carry a lot of fashion and style, and invokes major decisions on which vehicle to purchase.

*To skip to see the cars, just scroll down...* 

Many people across America and all over the world are driven by style, it's something that pierces the heart in a good way, just think of the car of your dreams.

THINK about those curving lines, the beefy tires, the smell of the leather, the feel of the steering wheel, the luscious and liquid colors. WOW.. Now imagine if you were driving that car out of the dealership right now. YUMMY.

If you may not be able to afford it right will soon. Just stay positive and be happy and know that I've scouted and picked out a couple of the HOTTEST EXOTIC CARS of 2010... Looks are always FREE!!!!!

Also, you know me and how I like to find affordable things, so after posting pics of exotic cars and minor details, I will post hott picks (JAIDEN'S PICKS) of the Big 3.. yup... representing Detroit and the improved quality in their cars!!

1) Redesigned 2011 Bentley Continental GT
-567 HP, 6.0 Liter W12 (more fuel-efficient)
-0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds
-Top speed: 198 mph

2) 2010 Maybach 62S
-630 HP V12
-Two sizes: 57 (5.7 meters long); 62 (6.2 meters long)
-Rear compartment: Twin TVs, perfume atomizer, refrigerator, footrests, privacy curtains, more!!
-Loaded: $600,000 !!

3) 2010 Rolls- Royce Phantom Coupe/Drophead
-453 HP 6.75 Liter V12
- Hott Option: Animated Starlight Roof
-Loaded: $500,000+

4) 2010/2011 Ferrari 599 GTO
-670 HP, 6.0 Liter V12
-0 to 60 mph in 3.35 seconds
-Top Speed: 208+ mph

The Ultimate...
5) 2011 Bugatti Veyron Supersport
-1,200 HP 8.0 Liter W16
-0 to 60 mph in 2.5 seconds
-Top speed: 257+ mph
-Cost: $2.6 million !!!

Maaannnn... this has got me speechless. All these great cars from the European land. Now it's America's turn to shine in the next post of HOTTEST CARS!!

Detroiters: Check out these exotic cars at Suburban Collection, located in Troy Motor Mall (Troy, MI)

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