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Saturday, January 7, 2012

LookBack: TOM FORD on OWN Documentary (Oprah Winfrey Network)

Check this OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) documentary of renowned House of Gucci designer-turned-owner of his own brand, TOM FORD.

I've always admired the unique and subliminal masculinity of the Tom Ford brand. It's something about Tom Ford's vision in that the seemingly subtle designs (I also like the 'mixed-in' masculinity and sensuality for some of the women's designs as well...not too little or much) still bring that fashion rung just a step above the rest.

Superior materials, fit, and finish and well-executed concepts help to preserve a soft balance in the sensuality and masculinity of both genders.

It's a long video... but take your time watching... I don't mind.

Take a look at a few TOM FORD men and women Spring and Summer 2012 designs:




Pic: Google / Fashion Bomb Daily / Tom Ford UK

JAIDEN Likes: BOTTEGA VENETA Spring/Summer 2012 Men's Fashion Show

Yes, JAIDEN likes.

Check out Bottega Veneta's Spring/Summer 2012 men's fashion show. The smart use of colors in the bags that male models carry in contrast to demure suits, and vice versa (colored/patterned suits with demure bags) is just DELICIOUS to me.

Video: YouTube ; Pic: Google (mademoisellek)

Friday, January 6, 2012

NOOOO Rihanna!!! Why Are You Dressing Like A Bum?!


Now don't get me wrong...

I am a die-hard Rihanna fan (yes, she's my guilty pleasure) and whatever she wears and sings, I take notice because there's something so RICH about her ever-evolving style, and for the better half of 2011 and the beginning of 2012, I'm NOT liking what I see!

Don't care or don't believe me? Just see these pics for yourself. Whether of not you may care about Rihanna's style, at least you can see the DECLINE of it:

Rihanna 2010

Rihanna 2011

Come on back RiRi, are you hiding from me, yeah... somewhere in the crowd... (song 'Where Have You Been' LoL)

Pic: Google

Fash, Crash, and Burn: LIL MAMA's Ill-Fitting Yellow Mini-Dress

It never fails to amaze me how people with RATCHED OUTFITS think that their outfit it perfectly fine when it's... PERFECTLY NOT.

Check out rapper LIL MAMA at an event with this ill-fitting yellow dress. The straps are barely holding up Lil Mama's boobs, and the side boob is very unflattering on her end. The only thing that's nice on her is her purse and boots.

Even the hair's a ! And that's why Lil Mama is in my FASH, CRASH, and BURN category...

(Oh, and check out dude behind Lil Mama with the conehead hair. Wow, didn't know it could go THAT high.)

Pic: MTO

Actor EWAN McGREGOR In 'Hues of Blue', Trends for Spring/Summer 2012 (via GQ)

Suit, $1,195 by Calvin Klein Collection. Shirt, $135 by Gant Rugger. Tie, $140 by Alexander Olch. Pocket square by Sid Mashburn. Watch by Cartier.

Check out actor EWAN McGREGOR in the latest GQ issue (Feb. 2012). The trend in 2012 men's fashion is 'HUES of BLUE.' My interest was really piqued since I don't usually wear suits but I do wear a nice blazer/jean combo that I can't go wrong in. 

Guys, if you're like me and you are a FASHIONISTA and at the same time SAFE in your blazer/jean combo, make sure you stay in TREND by wearing HUES OF BLUE this spring and summer 2012. Beyond that timeframe, wear less hues of blue but still include it in your look. BLUE can be timeless.

See more GQ pics and excerpts (via GQ):

Cardigan, $565 by Maison Martin Margiela. Shirt, $385 by Michael Bastian. Tie, $83 by The Hill-Side. Khakis, $58 by Dockers. Loafers, $860 by Fratelli Rossetti. Watch by Tag Heuer.

Read More

(Matt Damon - another HUES OF BLUE look)

Pic: GQ / Google

Thursday, January 5, 2012

DWYANE WADE and GABRIELLE UNION On Cover of Essence; Picture-Perfect Black Couple

I swear that Gabby (Gabrielle) Union is one of the most natural beauties in the game. She is really tearing down those walls of all who were once hooked on the 'Gabrielle is MEAN' drug. That was from the many roles she played, most notably DELIVER US FROM EVA from the mid-2000s.

A far cry now that Gabrielle's in ESSENCE's February 2012 issue, huh?

Now here she is gracing her flawless brown skin, gorgeous and warm smile, and the just-right SUNNY dress to pair up to her beau, Miami Heat's Dwyane Wade. Dwyane is also known for his impeccable style; I like a LOT of what he wears. There's NOTHING WRONG with a dude stays in the latest trends.


I want to know who the stylist was... 'cuz this is just too good (I'll pick up the Essence magazine later and find out). Gabrielle's perfectly hued (not too bright yellow, not too dark yellow) draped gown has accentuated/exaggerated shoulders reminiscent of the DYNASTY days but fit for 2012.

I'm liking the background, lighting, the embrace that Dwyane and Gabrielle shared, and that subtle handkerchief that Dwyane wore bears the same color of Gabby's gown, if you look closely. I have also GOT to give it to Dwyane for the crisp haircut and line-up!

Pic: MTO

Ideas of Men's Overcoats (from ESQUIRE); Rock 'Em Out!!

These are some DOPE overcoats to wear in these remaining cold months. they come in just about all colors and materials, just make sure the colors remain in the NAVY, TAN/BEIGE, GRAY, AND BLACK hue, and make sure they are ABOVE THE KNEE.

(Extreme looks- sleeveless, below-the-knee summer coats) But I like 'em... reminds me of the label ZARA, and one other label that's not registering in my brain right now.

But below-the-knee winter coats?

Pic: Esquire/Facebook

Paparazzi Photos of Heavily-Bearded Robert Pattison

Robert Pattinson

Way to go undercover.

Robert Pattison was spotted leaving L.A.X. airport with a scruffy beard and comfortable travel clothes. Although the clothes were comfy-looking, they still have an extent of swag and execution is right!

Check Robert's white/navy blue print T-shirt matching his navy/white plaid shirt, the fitted jeans, and nice black leather travel bag.


Pic: Celebuzz

KIM KARDASHIAN In New 'True Reflection' Fragrance Ad (Celebuzz)

This is a promo pic of Kim Kardashian for her new TRUE REFLECTION fragrance ad... which she calls 'ULTRA GLAM!'

This is also a nice (meaning sexy and alluring-- we guys say one word and it really means a LOT of words) ad of Kim with the flowing brown hair, bold red lips, simple jewelry, and the subtle golden hues around her. Looks like she's trying to do some positive ads about herself (you notice she hasn't really done anything TOO sexy lately) since her divorce.

Pic: Celebuzz

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sneaker of the WEEK: Maison Martin Margiela Metallic Gold Sneakers


Check out these Maison Martin Margiela metallic gold sneakers for $680. It's quite the a LOVE-HATE kind of way. I wonder who would be willing to wear these kind of sneakers? Possibly one of those UBER-FASHIONISTAS with money to blow.

Would I cop these? No.

Would I like to see a performer wear these? Absolutely!

Pic: upscale hype

BEYONCE On Cover of Glamour Paris Magazine (Un-Preggers! So When Was This Taken?)

These new February 2012 GLAMOUR Magazine pictures were obviously taken before Beyonce's pregnancy really picked up speed, because I don't think even PHOTOSHOP can make Beyonce really small. The photographer was Michelangelo de Battista. And nonetheless, Bey looks great.

Beyonce was reportedly spotted with Jay-Z in Brooklyn, around the holidays, and she was reportedly wearing very high heels and was ENORMOUS in pregnancy:

She looked amazing. She wore sky-high heels. It was really impressive for an enormously pregnant woman. She looked like she was about to give birth.” - Paparazzi

Bey's still rocking it, fashion and all!  That dress is RIGHT! She's reportedly working on her 5th album RIGHT NOW (while preggers... wow).

Pic: Necole B***hie

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

WILHELMINA Male Models (Featured on Wilhelmina's Facebook Group)

I fell in love with these WILHELMINA model pics (not the ACTUAL models, duhh, but the whole ambiance of the headshots and photo shoots) that I found while I was setting up a new group on Facebook.

To Wilhelmina Models: there's no plagiarism of any measure by posting these pictures. this is simply a fashion blog where I post my interests, thank you.

(Including Giselle Bundchen)

....And here's my version!! The photo below was taken in the serene woods on a cold-snap day near my home, and believe it or not... it's a SELF-PHOTO and SELF-EDIT!


Pic: Facebook / The Only Jaiden

The New LBD: The Little 'White Dress'... as seen on Kim Kardashian and Karrueche Tran

Now I called this segment 'LITTLE WHITE DRESS.' So many ladies are looking for that perfect little black dress, or as Tyra Banks so affectionately put it: The LBD. But ladies, if you're looking to impress and stand out, a LWD may do (LWD- little white dress).

I think the LWD will make its way to runways and beautiful celeb bodies in the near future. But so far, it's been seen on Kim Kardashian and Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche (can't even spell her name, I spelled it 3 different ways in one week!)

Kim Kardashian

Chris Brown with Karrueche

Pic: Necole B***hie/ MTO

Cold? If You Live In Northeastern United States, Fingerless Gloves Are Your Best Friend (GQ)


Mary J. Blige In Hip-Hugging Herve Leger Bandage Dress

This is an excellent look that I found on Mary J. Blige while she was in Las Vegas, ringin' in the NewYear. She did that very well in this long-sleeved white bandaged dress by famed design house HERVE LEGER. The gold and mirrored squares lining the sides and torso of the dress complemented Mary's golden blonde bob and gold earrings.

The '25-8' songstress's glittered gold stilettos are a very nice touch, as well. Way to pique anyone's interest! Beautiful black woman...

Pic: Necole B***hie

Monday, January 2, 2012

Chris Brown and GF Karreuche Spotted In Vegas N.Y.E.; GF In White-Hott Dress!

I bet all eyes were on this couple, Chris Brown and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran (on New Years Eve in Vegas), but probably more Karrueche than Chris. She wore this stunner white mini paired with red suede heels and bold red lipstick. Yes, it was a bold move, and very tastefully done showing off a lot of leg to add height (since Karrueche is a petite girl).


Pic: Necole B***hie

NICKI MINAJ'S 'The Jetsons' Dress on Dick Clark's Rockin' The Eve

Nicki Minaj sure knows how to keep eyes on her. For New Years' Eve, she sported this silver dress/pants look that screamed a resonating 'JETSONS'!!!!

In case you don't know what THE JETSONS are, it was a futuristic cartoon from the '80s and early '90s, and lifestyles included houses in the air and flying cars.

One thing to also notice is Nicki's blonde hair; she usually wears bangs so it's very interesting to see her bangs pulled back to reveal a full forehead.

And also check out the beautiful FERGIE in her somewhat 'color-blocking' outfit. Her caramel leather pants are a nice complement for the leopard boots and coat with fur sleeves. I have such a positive draw to splashes of RED in an outfit..

Pic: NecoleB***hie

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Excerpt from FASHION BOMB DAILY: The Best Dressed Of 2011

Hey, I checked out one of my favorite fashion blogs, and I saw the best of 2011; I got several BEST-DRESSED CELEBS RIGHT!!

Check out the winners that graced that list:

1) Solange Knowles
2) Kanye West
3) Rihanna
4) Joan Smalls
5) Olori Swank (Atlanta)
6) Kaine (Texas)

By the way, I see why OLORI won... ain't that outfit a STUNNER?!!

And Kaine, too!!


Pic: Fashion Bomb Daily

HAPPY NEW YEAR All Over The World From 'The Only Jaiden'!!

On behalf of my fashion blog, I, JAIDEN the Model, wanted to wish everyone all over the world a Happy New Year! May you be prosperous in every single way, for 2012 IS YOUR YEAR OF GREAT OPPORTUNITY! I heard this great motto from my church, , and I want to pass it along to you!!

Get ready for a FASHIONABLE year!!Get ready for this blog to go to the next level! It was never my intention for this blog to be a BUSINESS, I just simply did what I love and that's to blog about fashion, and now I have TENS OF THOUSANDS of visitors every month!

I also want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR in several different languages:

Chinese: xin nian kuai le / xin nian hao
French: bonne année
German: prost Neujahr
Italian: felice anno nuovo, buon anno
Spanish: feliz año nuevo

Pic: Google

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