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Saturday, March 12, 2011

NICKI MINAJ In Paris Fashion Week... and other weeks....

Nicki Minaj Singer Nicki Minaj arrives to the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) All-Star Gala on February 19, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

Wow.. haven't heard about NICKI MINAJ in a while. It's time that I brighten up my page with some of her pics from Paris Fashion Week as well as other past weeks, too. 

Nicki Minaj Singer Nicki Minaj arrives to the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) All-Star Gala on February 19, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

(Heyy... now the picture just came like that. I didn't do that backshot LOL.)
*All of the pictures are from Jan. to Mar. 2011*

ZOE SALDANA Looks Hott, Casual, Fashionable All Into One at Michael Kors' Dinner

Zoe Saldana: Cocktail & Dinner for Michael Kors!

Zoe Saldana has a lot of great looks whether its casual or haute couture. She is usually placed in the rankings of best-dressed lists with the like of Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry (although Halle Berry is a far-distanced #1.) and the look above that she wore to Michael Kors' dinner (at Paris Fashion Week) sums up many of her best looks.

Zoe was wearing Fall 2011 Michael Kors: Plunged neckline white satin blouse with black crepe jersey tapered pants, and sleek, velvety, strapped and studded Christian Louboutin pumps.
Check you out, Zoe!!

zoe saldana michael kors cocktail dinner 01

Pic: JustJared

VANESSA SIMMONS Does High Fashion Photo Shoot; Gorgeous and Convincing...

Vanessa Simmons (of MTV's "Run's House" and "Daddy's Girls") graces my blog and many other modeling or fashion websites with her great looks and prominent facial features.

I can see here that Vanessa really has the potential to be a great model and actress; she rocks her look out very well without looking immature and classless with "butt shots." A lot of photographers, especially professional and/or prominent ones, really defer from those kinds of shots.

On the other hand, I think many agencies can appreciate models like Vanessa Simmons and Vanessa herself for selling themselves as a product of beauty, not a product of STANK. Just sayin'.... 

Supermodel mogul TYRA BANKS Puts Meat Back On Her Bones

Good morning, I was so relieved to see this picture of Tyra Banks as of late. This is the Tyra Banks (heads America's Next Top Model) who is very curvy and is significantly more attractive than her recent look.

I understand that models, especially SUPERMODELS, have to watch their weight but Tyra is perfectly fine in her present body (above pic). This look, meaning the weight gain AND the hair, catapulted Tyra into the class of BEAUTIES. 

Keep it up, Tyra!

(Before 'BLAH' Pic)

Pic: MediaTakeout

Friday, March 11, 2011

Paris Fashion Shows Shut their Doors On KANYE WEST??!

Never thought they'd do it, Never thought they'd do it, Never thought they'd do it...
(in Rihanna "Man Down" music)

I'm still waiting to hear more about these shocking news. Reports said earlier that due to Kanye West's controversial video "MONSTER," high-end fashion shows BALMAIN, LOUIS VUITTON, and ALEXANDER McQUEEN have temporarily shunned the artist from attending! We're talking about brands that Kanye is loyal to!

Then.... the rep for Alexander McQueen readily came forward and said, "Kanye sometimes attend shows uninvited. We poiltely told him this time that we could not accomodate him." Way to clear that up, otherwise Kanye would be a DIVO and stop wearing McQueen's clothes.

*Sidenote: Someone at the McQueen camp gave in and let Kanye in through the side door.

Well.... attending high-end fashion shows uninvited is characteristic of a DIVO or DIVA. Maybe this will humble Kanye to just pick up the phone and give someone the HEADS UP.

 Pic: Various sites

MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY In Dapper "Silver" Suit On Red Carpet

Matthew McConaughey at 'Lincoln Lawyer' Screening

Matthew McConaughey is seen in movies, ads, exercising on the beach wooing all the ladies. Here he is showing THE GUYS an example of how to look on a fancy night out. Matthew has a lot of swag and simple style in this silver 3-piece suit with his girlfriend, model Camila Alves. Hair is all slicked back and he's working the red carpet.

This is how you do it!

Matthew McConaughey at 'Lincoln Lawyer' Screening

Pic: Celebuzz

Oh You Fancy, Huh? Forbes Magazine Crowns Top 5 Hip-Hop Cash Kings

You gotta hand Diddy his props. His clever brainstorming and execution of "Coming Home" to the '80s TRADITION got people all excited and on-board the Diddy Train. Now, if everyone else had that same kind of drive Diddy did to bring this project to pass, especially those who want to make a positive impact in their community, OMG imagine what this world would be like!!

According to FORBES MAGAZINE, Diddy of Diddy Dirty Money was crowned Wealthiest Hip-Hop King at $475 MILLION from lucrative deals in the U.S. and abroad. JAY-Z is close behind at $450 MILLION. Next is BEATS giant Dr. Dre at $125 MILLION. And last is a tie with 50 Cent and Birdman at $100 MILLION (Y'all though 50 was broke).

Now, the whole point of me posting this is because just about all of these men have clothing labels that they work hard to sell and brand to the urban population. We may not have clothing brands, but we do have a brand. What is your brand? What are you selling that will make a positive impact and in turn will make you wealthy?

Pic: NecoleB***hie

CIARA Is On Fiyah (Fire) Wearing Her Metal Platform Boots!!

Ciara turned heads yesterday at the Knicks game. She came with LaLa Vasquez, whose husband Carmelo Anthony is the newest member of the New York Knicks. And while Ciara is a very attractive woman, that's not all about her that turned heads.

What turned heads were the Versace Metal-Heeled Leather ankle boots (price unknown--will find and update). It sure caught my attention this drafty Friday morning in Detroit.

Check out more pics of Ciara and the boots; Oh, before I forget, homegirl (Ciara) also wore a Helmut Lang jacket for approximately $1,150.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, March 10, 2011

BEYONCE and ALICIA KEYS Will Finally Release Their 'Put It In A Love Song' Video After A 1-YR. Hold

Some people wondered what ever happened to a Beyonce/Alicia Keys duo??
It is now believed that the music video from their 'Put It In A Love Song' single will be released sometime around Beyonce's 2011 album release; I strongly believe that's the reason the music video was on a 1-YEAR HOLD.

For now, just check out the screen shot above; that's all they're giving fans to work with and get a glimpse of this seemingly fun and very FESTIVE occasion of a video... or it could be SULTRY. Not much to go by, but I like the use of the GOLD and FEATHERS. Gold and feathers-- did I just say that?

I think I need to take a nap.

Ladies, Drool Over These BRIAN ATWOOD Boots!

Heyy, I guess I'm talking all about shoes today. Just goin' with the flow of what I feel; that's what makes my blog my BLOG :-). I love some nice looking shoes that accentuates a woman. It's so attractive, so fine, a work of art.

These BRIAN ATWOOD Suede Boots did just that for me. Valued at a whopping $2,900, you might just wanna look at the boots.... then go to your local shoe store to find a boot in a similar look for a WHOLE LOT LESS.

See Victoria Beckham in these boots:

FLASHBACK: RIHANNA's Fashion Choices In Music Videos 'Only Girl,' 'What's My Name,' 'S&M,' and 'Rude Boy'

Wassup from Detroit, as you know (or if you're just finding out), Rihanna is one of my favorite artists--and my guilty pleasure. I juat wanted to bring a FLASHBACK of all of her music videos that she's made in the timeframe of just 1.5 years. While the music may move you (my niche is not MUSIC but FASHION), this is your chance to look back at Rihanna's GOOD GIRLY to BAD GIRLY clothing choices.

Rihanna's 'Only Girl' and 'What's My Name' garnered critical acclaim for the 180-degree change from her ROCK-HARD fashion image from her 'Rated R' album. See this acclaim for yourself: Both videos racked up over 100 million views... EACH.

The clothing choices from 'Only Girl' allowed Rihanna to show a lot of skin but at the same time look innocent and flirty (the red hair doesn't suggest that, though *LOL*). 'What's My Name' also showed Rihanna's innocent and flirty style with her multi-colored, zebra-striped outfit she wore several months ago, dancing without a care, ALL SMILES, in New York City with Drake.

'S&M' outfits cannot be found at your local WAL-MART :-) Actually... it can't be found in any store except the ones that intentionally go unmentioned here.

An last but not least, 'RUDE BOY,' the island-inspired flavor that had me clapping my hands and had THE ONLY JAIDEN gettin' into my Jamaican ego and vibe last summer.... 'YEAH 'MON!!' The style choices were crazy!! Too much for words... This video is one where you can't help but stare. It may be considered TRASHY, COPY-CATTED, and whatever may utter out of a mouth, but it's pure ARTWORK IN ITS RAWEST, NEARLY OBSCENE FORM.

There are so many more videos I could talk about... but THE ONLY JAIDEN has things to do this morning.

Did you enjoy RIHANNAVILLE?

Pic: Various

Sneaker of the Day: Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal" Retro Sneakers

Whether you have 'em or not, you gotta love 'em...

These Air Jordan 7 "Cardinal" Retros are a work of art. It's the right kind of sneaker to wear with almost anything (but nothing formal-- I'm sure you know that).Wherever you are, I'm sure you can't help but to stare. Stare all you want... you're welcome here. :-)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

RIHANNA Is White-Hott In Her All-White Outfit! More RiRi Looks Inside!!

I found these pics of Rihanna lookin' all good (she looks like she's wearing her Reb'l Fleur perfume-- just guessing) getting ready for performances in Australia. I haven't seen her dressed in white in a long time (excluding her performances and that Grammy dress-- OMG) but she did it pretty well.

I like the innocent, simple white dress with the prominent gold jewelry on her wrists and leg. It's very easy on the eyes and draws attention to the legs well.

I give her 2 THUMBS UP, as usual... See more pics:

Pic: RihannaDaily/MTO

Fash, Crash, and Burn: Raven-Symone's Natural Hair

You know...

There are some women who prefer going natural, and they want to give their natural hair a break from the wigs and weaves....

And there are some who just need to keep that extra hair on it. And that 'SOME' is Raven-Symone. She was spotted wearing her natural hair at an fundraising event with Mickey Mouse. She's in her mid-twenties and she got herself looking mid-forties or older...

I love ya Raven on "That's So Raven," but girl, don't blast yourself 20 years into the future, please....

Shoes look nice, though... I'll give her that....
(Wait... don't she look like Wanda Sykes?? Not joking; just sayin'...)

Pic: MediaTakeout

MONICA and the Kids Lookin' On-Point At The B-Ball Game

Monica with Polow Da Don and Slimm, Vivica Fox's fiancee

Monica was spotted lookin' RIGHT at the Hawks vs. Lakers game with her kids. People were reportedly raving about her gold studded jacket. It was on-point, worn RIGHT again with dark slim jeans to match the black belt accentuating Monica's waist, and gold pumps.

Kids Rocko and Romelo look cute... GO MONICA!

Pic: FreddyO

KANYE WEST In a Cool White Blazer for Spring 2011

Good morning on this rainy morning in Detroit. I can finally feel the spring air and just wanted to show you a glimpse of what Kanye was wearing the other day. He looked great in two different looks with the same white BOTTEGA VENETA spring blazer for $1,980.

This is my PERFECT EXAMPLE of Mix & Match.

A look like this for men can be rocked this spring; as long as you stay within the neutral colors, you guys should have NO problem looking like you have a truckload of clothes but only a few fashion pieces to select from, know what I mean?

Updates coming....

Pic: UpscaleHype

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

LADIES, Be The Life Of The Party and SNAP NECKS w/ Katy Perry's Blue Wig and Emma Roberts's Chrome Chanel Pumps!

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Blue Hair in Paris

Some of you just cannot wait for the weekend to come!! So let me, JAIDEN, give you lovely ladies an idea of how you can look FUN, FASHIONABLE, and FRONT-N-CENTER whichever event you go to.

There are a lotta pretty girls out there; STAND OUT AND BE NOTICEABLE in a good way, not RIDICULOUS WAY.

So the picture above is Katy Perry with her powder blue wig and white Ray-Bans. She played it down smartly without looking like a clown (See another pic below). And actor Emma Roberts wore some chrome Chanel pumps (below); she's a white girl that GOT IT DOOOOWN like that. Wear that to be the LIFE OF THE PARTY.

Sidenote: With chrome pumps, try to wear clothes that are in the neutral or cool color range. Warm color ranges may clash; warm colors can rarely be pulled off, if you can.... GREAT!!

Katy Perry Shows Off Her Blue Hair in Paris

Pic: Celebuzz

*RETCH* Waka Flocka Flame Poses Nude For PETA

This is an off-color issue for 'THE ONLY JAIDEN.' Usually I talk about people who actually have clothes on. But this one... I gotta speak on.

WAKA FLOCKA FLAME posed nude for PETA... I can't go on.... Somebody hold me, please....before I fall out. WHAT IS THIS DUDE DOING? I know it's for a good cause but.... ugh!!!!

BRO-BRO.... pants would be nice!!!

Pic: Necole B***hie

Sneaker of the Day: CHRIS BROWN's Yellow Jordans from "Candy Pack Collection"

Chris Brown plays in a league in the yellow Jordans; goes well with the BLONDE HAIR.

CHRIS BROWN was lookin' RIGHT in his yellow Jordans from the "Candy Pack Collection." These shoes come ready in red, yellow, and green colorways (the soles on each are white/black). I like all the colorways, ESPECIALLY the RED Jordans; I have a thing about red sneakers. I think it's so cool when I walk and it's like flashy red lightning on the ground in my otherwise minimalistic clothing.

I like for my shoes to tell a story or tell my mood for the day...

Meet CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, The Man Behind The 'Red Soles'

Good morning everyone!!

Have you ever met CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN? Some people think that certain designers are dead and have been long gone but yet their products are still being made. But Christian Louboutin is vibrant and very much alive. He is the man on the FAR LEFT OF THE PICTURE ABOVE. He is the man behind the 'red soles,' the most coveted shoe collection on EARTH.

Yes, I said it; THE ONLY JAIDEN has spoken.

Louboutin is also very stylish, too. He was seen with actress Blake Lively; looks like he got off a motorcycle (in Paris) and is carrying a fancy helmet by Belvedere for $915. He was wearing a pair of his own sneakers.

The man is BAAAAAAD... women literally KILL for his shoes!

Finally, a spin-off from NET-A-PORTER (fashion website) and it's just for men: MR. PORTER !!

I've been waiting a long time for a high-end on-line fashion website like NET-A-PORTER to come on the internet. There are plenty of them out there, but not many like this website. This website is an "ONLINE CLOSET" of brands ranging from Gucci and Louis Vuitton to Hermes and Raf Simons.

Check out MR. PORTER for the latest accessories and clothing for the DAPPER MAN at...

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