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Friday, March 11, 2011

Paris Fashion Shows Shut their Doors On KANYE WEST??!

Never thought they'd do it, Never thought they'd do it, Never thought they'd do it...
(in Rihanna "Man Down" music)

I'm still waiting to hear more about these shocking news. Reports said earlier that due to Kanye West's controversial video "MONSTER," high-end fashion shows BALMAIN, LOUIS VUITTON, and ALEXANDER McQUEEN have temporarily shunned the artist from attending! We're talking about brands that Kanye is loyal to!

Then.... the rep for Alexander McQueen readily came forward and said, "Kanye sometimes attend shows uninvited. We poiltely told him this time that we could not accomodate him." Way to clear that up, otherwise Kanye would be a DIVO and stop wearing McQueen's clothes.

*Sidenote: Someone at the McQueen camp gave in and let Kanye in through the side door.

Well.... attending high-end fashion shows uninvited is characteristic of a DIVO or DIVA. Maybe this will humble Kanye to just pick up the phone and give someone the HEADS UP.

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