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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fantasia and Chaka Khan in Catsuits? MEOOOWW... (via Yahoo!)

Fantasia Barrino Vs. Chaka Khan: ‘American Idol’ Catsuit Battle

*My take on this: FANTASIA... *sigh* Girl, why?? Your voice is outstanding... you don't need all that. Chaka Khan: More SPANX... but GET IT, CHAKA!*
Me-ow. "The finale of "American Idol" was awfully catty. The season 3 winner wore a skintight body suit with  leg cut-outs. The "Idol" alum appeared on stage to sing with Joshua Ledet. Then fur was flying when pop idol Chaka Khan showed up in a chocolate-colored sparkly catsuit to perform "I’m Every Woman." But few women could pull off the outfits of these two.


The ‘American Idol’ finale was more than just about crowning a winner on May 23 it was a catsuit battle, and has the details and wants YOUR vote!
Fans weren’t only focused on who would win American Idol during the show, they were debating who wore the better skin-tight catsuit! Twitter caught fire when season three winner Fantasia Barrino showed up in a super tight leg baring get up and then Chaka Khan wore a curve hugging brown bodysuit — MEOW!
Fantasia was there to sing with Joshua Ledet and fans say that she was even making up lyrics to Elton John‘s “Take Me To The Pilot.”
But it appears dressing like cat woman is trendy these days because when Chaka showed up to sing the hit “I’m Every Woman,” she was in the tightest sequined getup ever on American Idol!
Then she caused another stir on the red carpet when she said she’d love to take J.Lo’s spot if she doesn’t return to American Idol: “They could use a little bit of truth, honesty. I’d like that.”
— Chloe Melas

-The Hollywood Life, OMG

Allen Iverson Returns To Philly; Cool Clothes... For The Early 2000s

Now, I'm not one to speak TRASH of anyone...well... no, I'll just leave it at 'anyone.' But when it comes to things fashion-wise, I got to say something.

First, I'll say WELCOME to Allen Iverson, who arrived with a standing ovation prior to the start of the Sixers game. I hope that this look was just his GAME LOOK... I have a feeling it's not. He was spotted wearing this kind of look several times this year.

Been overseas too long, IVO'? (No offense to those overseas)

Pic: Jasmine Brand

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Cassie In ROBERTO CAVALLI Gown At Cannes Film Festival; Accompanied By Diddy

Cannes Film Festival Celebrity Sightings - Day 7

Cassie was looking every bit good in BLACK as she wore this Roberto Cavalli number to the Cannes Film Festival. Accompanied by Diddy, she wow-ed the crowd with her side-shaved/flowing locks that just produced a look so good and daring that you can't help but stare.

Cassie wearing Roberto Cavalli at Cannes 2

Pic: Necole B***hie

Amber Rose... With Another Tattoo? Please Don't Be Like Ur Hubby Wiz!!

Amber Rose was spotted out after the 2012 Billboard Music Awards, with her hubby Wiz Khalifa. While she was wearing a flowy white dress, sky blue Chuck Taylors, and her signature blonde haircut, she sports a LUCKY LEAF on her right shoulder. I do hope that it's temporary.. if it isn't, not that I really care, but it would ruin the FLOWERS already on her arm.

I just hate it when people screw up their already-nice tats with some WHACKISH mess.


Pic: Necole B***hie

The Mini Cooper Works GP, HOTT and FAST! (via HighSnobiety)

Mini John Cooper Works GP 01 Mini Cooper Works GP

*This is an excerpt from HighSnobiety. I really like this car. MINI has really matured and grown up with its line-up of just... well... MINI Cooper type cars. I'm kinda torn between this and a FIAT 500 Abarth or Gucci. But either way, just lookin' at another ride so I can finally get out of my semi-hooptie I'm driving LOL.*

The Mini car brand have unveiled their rather sporting Mini Cooper Works GP, which they claim to be the fastest Mini ever produced. Although it’s still under testing process, this new model’s already reported to have completed the lap of Nürburgring’s Nordschleife circuit in 8 min and 23 seconds — an improved 19 seconds than its predecessor. The engine capacity has not yet been confirmed, but it’s rumoured that the car will be powered by a 214+ horsepower.

The Mini Cooper Works GP’s body has many aerodynamic changes to meet extreme driving situations, side skirts and a bespoke roof spoiler, completely redeveloped rear diffuser to optimize airflow around the underbody and large front and rear aprons includes in notable features. Mini will produce only 2,000 units of the John Cooper Works GP and price is still unannounced.

Pic: High Snobiety

JOHN LEGEND Goes Low-Key In High-Quality Items Like His LANVIN Sneakers!

Check out singer/crooner John Legend, spotted at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. He dressed lowkey in gray-and-black, wearing Dita eyeglasses with LANVIN leather/suede zip sneakers for $975. I'm such a big fan of accessories; it can really make somethin' that looks 'somewhat'... POP!

Hmm... good look.

Pic: Upscale Hype

TWINS: Rihanna and Rita Ora Photo'ed Together

Just a pic of Rihanna and Rita Ora together...

Just because. They could pass for sisters.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

USHER Wears Turquoise Bottega Veneta Suit To 2012 Billboard Awards

Usher wore this deep turquoise Bottega Veneta suit to the 2012 Billboard Music Awards. THOUGHTS??

It's a bold move indeed, I call it courageous in Usher's part. I also like how toned-down the suit looks with Usher's chambray shirt and like-color gray shoes. 

Would I wear it? No... 'cuz it isn't for EVERYBODY.

Pic: Upscale Hype 

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