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Friday, April 13, 2012

Justin Bieber SWAG On 1,000%: Steps Out Of CHROME Fisker Karma In Balenciaga Sneakers!

Justin Bieber was definitely aiming to be 'never overlooked'. He stepped out of his chrome--yes, ALL-CHROME Fisker Karma car. And if that isn't attention enough, check out the Balenciaga patchwork sneakers, for $595, that he wore to match his Atari-inspired T-shirt.

I thought the look was real hott... but gotta say... CAR's HOTTER! Sorry Justin...

Pic: upscale hype

Sneaker of the Day: Louis Vuitton 'Fastball' Hightop Sneakers, DOPENESS

This sneaker, the Louis Vuitton Fastball, was designed paying homage to the American tradition of leather varsity jackets and cloth patches. And it looks very much so with the 'LV' patch, sueded leather, leather cap toe, and an old-world/new-world feel. It's for a staggering $720. 'Staggering' as in, 'I can find sneakers like that for hundreds of dollars less.'

These can definitely be rocked with a great pair of denim jeans, whether crisp and worn-in, with a nice varsity jacket or vest!

Pic: Upscale Hype

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nicki Minaj Rocks A Runway Doused In COLOR... She Looks Like A Walking Black BARBIE!!

The blonde hair, the almost PERFECT face, and the custom coat including tons of COLOR in her other items (including the multi-colored Adidas hightop sneakers).... Nicki Minaj may be pressing to be a REAL-LIFE Barbie.

While the colors are nice and very NICKI, she may be borderline clown-ish with all of this makeup and such-such... the world doesn't need another Lil' Kim.

Pic: MTO

Rihanna On Her 3rd ELLE Magazine Cover In Yellow Rocker Dress! *Video Inside*

Well, Rihanna in on yet another magazine cover... it's becoming ROUTINE *LoL* But nevertheless, she always looks beautiful. This yellow perforated/embroidered leather jacket/skirt combo is HOTTER than HOT.

The hair, the makeup, the intense pose... YUP. Got that rocker FIYAHH! See more pics and video:


Rihanna' 3RD 'ELLE' Cover

Pic: ELLE, TheTurnMag, Vimeo

Print Models In ELLE Magazine and VOGUE Japan In Interesting Garments

Just wanted to show some interesting garments that two print models wore in both ELLE Mexico Magazine and VOGUE Japan Magazine. The above one is from VOGUE Japan. I like the darkened mood, the curly hair, the somewhat 'Addams Family' and 'Coraline' vibe coming from the picture.

Below is from ELLE Mexico. Liking the edginess of the Giorgio Armani blazer, as well as the background mood. See more pics...

Ah, just a few high-fashion pics...

Pic: Elle Magazine, Vogue Magazine, Tumblr

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Random/LookBack: Video Of RIHANNA Riding The Tube in London; Cool Travel Clothes, No Sloppiness...

Rihanna In All-Black, Promoting 'Battleship' Movie In Australia

Rihanna definitely looks great in that ALL-BLACK look. She was in Sydney, Australia promoting her movie 'Battleship.' Seriously people, you cannot go wrong with wearing all black. Just make sure your all-black attire is fun-looking, fitted, or flowy. You definitely don't want to dress like you just got out of a funeral.
Also positive notes on Rihanna's side-swept black hair, bold red lipstick, and just-right makeup. Simple yet sophisicated and sexy.

Pic: Rihanna Daily

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneaker of the Day: STUPID IN LOVE with these LANVIN Python Sneakers!!

I've got STUPID LOVE for these shoes I saw on BILLIDOLLARBABY on Tumblr. These are LANVIN python sneakers for $740. This can be worn with wax denim jeans and a white tee, or white jeans with a black tee.

Maaaan, if only SNEAKERS were food... just DELICIOUS!!

Pic: BilliDollarBaby Tumblr

Singer/Actress BRANDY sPotted Outside Of 'Good morning America' In Updo, 'Trash' Louboutins, and Giant Celine Bag

That is SEXY.

Check out actress/singer Brandy entering and exiting 'Good Morning America' wearing three key looks, a prominent black updo with EDGE, 'Trash' Louboutins-- at a not-so-trashy price: $1,375 , and a large Celine bag.

This homegirl could be runway-ready, don't you think?

(Sorry for my post delays, been busy working on my new website for my tie collection, Vintage Ties by Jaiden )

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