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Saturday, January 8, 2011

U-G-L-Y: Some of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Spring 2011 Men's Shoes

Christian Louboutin is indeed a HIT for women around the world, and even a joy when one can afford to buy a pair.... OR TWO... OR TEN. Whoo... TEN? That's like $7,000 worth of shoes. Anyway, the heels that Louboutin has created for women are so sensational and sexy...maaaan.

NOW men can share in on the fun. The men's collection from Louboutin has swagged out men's feet with uniqueness...and astronomical price (like SWIZZ BEAT's $10,000 version) for a few seasons, and now the line is releasing their Spring 2011 collection. The trend is obviously that spiked look that many of you have been seeing from rockstars or people wanting to be rockstars.

Most of the shoes that have been released from the men's line is *Drumroll*..... No bueno.
The picture at the top is ABSOLUTELY NO BUENO.

Let me show you the ones I don't like, and the ones that I do like. It will be "No bueno" for "Not Good" and "Bueno" for "Good."




Y'all know I know how to pick shoes!! I found the BEST of the collection, though...

The Amazing Transformation of Raven Symone!!

I'm very sure that by now you have heard the stories of Raven- Symone's weight loss. I just wanted to put up my own post of her :-) . I've watched her practically all my life, all the way back from the "Cosby Show" when she was Olivia. Then she went to the Wonderful World of Disney being "thick in the waist, but cute in the face." Now, Raven bounces back for I think the first time ever in her very successful Disney career which includes 'That's So Raven' (her brand is worth tens of millions of dollars).

I'm really proud of Raven's effort to lose close to 40 pounds, just for herself, not because of some trend (people actually follow trends to lose weight SMH). She was spotted at CBS's People's Choice Awards a few days ago looking amazing in all black wearing a designer ruffled jacket with exposed cleavage, with a belt accentuating her new small waist (to deter the 'NUH-UH' from people who think she's still fat under her clothes). Her high-heeled boots finish the hott look.

BOTTOM LINE: homegirl looks great. I'm proud of her. LISTEN: Effort speaks volumes.
See more pics:

Raven-Symone Actress Raven-Symone arrives at the 2011 People's Choice Awards at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on January 5, 2011 in Los Angeles, California.

A comparison from NOW and 2009/2010

PRADA Allows 'Made To Order' Varsity-Block Lettering On Men's Accessories

This spring is shaping up to release a lot of new, never-done-before designs from many fashion houses. PRADA recently announced that large monograms will be made to order on several bags, trolley, and other travel accessories on and will be available in only 12 PRADA boutiques worldwide, starting January 15th. This will be available for the men first, giving men the opportunity to be even more PRADA fashion-forward than the women for at least a season.

This. Is. Sweet.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: JANET JACKSON's 'Masculine' Outfit

We all know about the masculine look that we see women doing; it CAN be cute, depending highly on SKILL to not look 'mannish.' There are several items out there in shopping malls that are 'masculine' for women but still is nice-looking on the figure. For example, BOYFRIEND JACKETS, BOYFRIEND BLAZERS, BOYFRIEND SHORTS are the look to go after (See examples below) indefinitely in this category.

Unfortunately, it was very obvious that Janet Jackson (Ms. Jackson if you're nasty LOL) was trying too hard and ended up on my infamous 'FASH, CRASH, AND BURN' posts. She literally made herself look like a "Men in Black" in Louboutins. She was seen attending the second trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, accused of killing the late Michael Jackson with an overdose of Propofol. However the ITEMS she picked--not the whole outfit, just piece by piece--was pretty nice.

She wore Tom Ford "Whiney" sunglasses valued at $380, an Alexander McQueen skull print tie for $175, and Christian Louboutin stilettos for $700+. She also carried a tan Hermes bag. Check out some more pics of her.

Aww, Janet, don't overdo it. It's already enough that your hair is short and now you're putting on a suit!!!

NIKE Women's Dunk High 'AMOR' Sneakers Are In time for Valentine's Day; These sneakers= LOVE!

Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Amor’ – Valentine’s Day 2011

These sneakers are indeed right on time. I KNOW that this is a Nike project that many ladies will love. It's like that vivid reminder when doodling on the back of a notebook was the entertainment during grade school, and now Nike revives the memories with the design 'AMOR' accompanied by the doodling on the shoes. I think it's hott and I look forward to a lovely and cool lady putting these on...

Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Amor’ – Valentine’s Day 2011

Nike WMNS Dunk High ‘Amor’ – Valentine’s Day 2011
Credit: Kix-files

This is one of the nicest and unprecedented designs on Nike that I've seen in a while. 

CREATIVE RECREATION Shoes Get More Creative With Spring 2011 Collection

Creative Recreation Spring 2011

Creative Recreation is a brand that many sneakerheads know about, and I want you to know about it too if you're not aware. I have several pairs of Creative Recreation sneakers; they come in many different textures and colorways and are very unique by their trademark strap across the front and dual-tones all over the shoes.

Check out their latest collection below:

Ya like?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Detroit's BIG SEAN 'Hometown Heroes' Concert and Movie Preview

(Scroll down for text and videos)

G.O.O.D. Music artist BIG SEAN ("slave name" *lol* Sean Anderson) has been touring north, south, east, and west bringing fun, catchy, uplifting music to a lot of fans nationwide. His music style is not the only thing fans see; it's also his fashion sense, which is very urban and laid-back, never too thuggish or over-the-top.

 He's doing his thing at his young age, but when the studio lights are off, when he steps away from the mike, when he takes his custom jewelry off, when he chills on the couch and just thinks, HE'S ALL DETROIT. He's one of the select heroes from Detroit who never forget where they came from.

Big Sean visited REVIVE, a sneakerhead/clothing shop in Birmingham, Michigan on December 26th, with Teyana Taylor and TI$A. WOW... DAT'S WASSUP!! He announced a 'Hometown Heroes' concert and short film/movie that will be coming soon. Stay tuned and get more info by visiting his website: .

See Recent Interview:

This Video Qualifies For A "HOARDERS" Show: 'A Couple w/ No Style Sense And Has 3,000 ROLLS OF TOILET PAPER!!'

I usually don't post up stuff like this, but once in a while, I may post something "off-color" from my usual fashion genre (This is considered a fly-by). Well... I can say something about this. This is one funny, perhaps loving couple, who shares no style sense or dignity as they tumble further down the rabbit hole revealing their problem: COLLECTING TOILET PAPER!!

What's wrong with that? Well this is no 'Buy 36 Rolls In A Pack.' They literally collect and collect until it nearly consumes their entire house-- 3,000 rolls!!!

On the brighter side, KUDOS to them for revealing their problem. And after they get some help for that, get some help on the clothes while you're at it...


LINDSAY LOHAN Appears "Clean" and In Good Spirits, Lookin' Stylish & Drinking ROCKSTAR

Lindsay Lohan was seen shopping at Black Orchid with friends in Beverly Hills, California. She looks healthy and clean due to being fresh out of rehab and working out in the gym. She was drinking ROCKSTAR energy drink (Let's just hope nothing was added to the drink *smirk*) and looking stylish with a BURBERRY Studded Bowling Bag for $1,895.

Her style was spot-on today, a nice trend for ladies to do; let's just hope the REHAB is spot-on in her mind to keep her from USING.

Credit: UpscaleHype

50 Cent Releases SLEEK AUDIO Headphones To Compete With Dr. Dre's BEATS

By now, many of you readers have heard about the wildly popular "BEATS by Dr. Dre" headphones that has taken the music world--in all genres--by storm. Many headphone companies have also followed suit to creating flagship models of headphones that give the listeners BIG SOUND and BIG BASS.

The SLEEK AUDIO headphones by 50 Cent will be released later this year. What do you think about all these artists releasing their own headphones? Will this headphone industry become crowded? Personally, I think people will have a preference to go with the one with more brand recognition, but you never know. I also think Gospel artists need to pump out some of their own stuff.

I do hope that 50 Cent's latest effort with these headphones take off as a measure to revive the declining "G-UNIT" record company.

Update: Barbie-- I mean NICKI MINAJ-- Goes Platinum In "Pink Friday" Sales

It's done, NICKI MINAJ is now one of the most recognizable, most sought-after, the lifeline of many artists' song successes in duets (Think Trey Songz, Kanye West, Rihanna, Drake, and many more artists). She is also all good within herself for being known as the Black Barbie of the industry and portraying it through her often times outlandish but sensual/sexy outfits that accentuates her curves and especially her 3D behind *smirk,* her catchy beats, infectious voice and lyrics.

2 days ago, Nicki Minaj has been certified PLATINUM in the United States (selling over 1,000,000 records) and counting for her latest and first album release, Pink Friday. Even though this was just released, the numbers already reached that level apparently DAYS after Pink Friday came out! Check out the "Right Thru Me" artist's CRAZY yet sensual clothing over the recent months:

Link to previous article:

nicki minaj troops 02

Nicki Minaj Singer Nicki Minaj hosts BET's Rip The Runway 2010 at the Hammerstein Ballroom on February 27, 2010 in New York City.

If you say you don't like this--and you're a guy-- you're #NOBUENO. *LoL j/k*

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

NEW 2011 Nike Air Force One's In Colors Matching New York Yankees

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

These Air Force One's have been in for sooooo long and remains popular, since the stomping grounds of 1982. Brand perception is sky-high due to the comfort, quality, and never-changing style, just colorways.

Now entering the New Year is Nike releasing their special Air Force One's in Obsidian and White, inspired by the New York Yankees. I bet JAY-Z and other New York civilians are grinning from ear to ear. Also, this is a great colorway to go with virtually ANY urban clothes you put on. you can just rock the look right away, in any city you're in. Detroit--- we know how to rock it out!! :-)

Some may say, "Wait a minute, I've seen those colors before" but these are brand new colorways/arrangements, though. See more pics and get ready to buy..

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

Nike Air Force 1 High – Obsidian – White

Another AIR FORCE ONE is cleared for takeoff!!

Ladies, Leopard Print Finds Another Celeb: JESSICA SIMPSON

jessica simpson leopard print bag nyc 04

Leopard is really in, y'all!! I told you ladies to look out for these a few months ago. Leopard finds another celeb: Jessica Simpson. Check out the bag she was carrying as she was leaving her hotel for a business meeting. Ladies, you can start to find leopard accessories everywhere, whether expensive/quality or inexpensive. 

One brand I know of that bleeds the designs of leopard is BETSEY JOHNSON. Check out the website or see one of the department stores that carry the brand. check out other brands too..

LANVIN T-Shirts; 4 Different Designs!!! Well Worth The Money!

I "HEART" LANVIN. Remember when I posted about the YSL logo tee that was $200?! It was a simple white Tee with "YSL" plastered on the front; anybody can do that at home. Now LANVIN pumped out something better: a gray print tee with 4 different designs (dog, sneaker, spider, pixellated dog) and the price range is $175-$262. Sidenote: LANVIN pronounced "Lahn-vahn."

It might be steep for some, but think about this: Invest in a comfy, quality, luxurious T-shirt that you can wear for years to come. Personally, I like the "DOG" T-shirt because it shows off the LANVIN dog tag....

New Butter-Soft and Colorful Leather LANVIN Hightops for Spring!!!

Lanvin High Top Sneakers Spring/Summer 2011

I'm so excited about these men's sneakers. To some, they may seem plain or whatever, but it takes a good fashion eye to see the art and overall essence behind it. Look closely and observe; see what road LANVIN leads you down :-) .

KANYE's Uber-Lush and Uber-Expensive Fur Coat: PETA Cries 'Wolf!' --- Literally.

Where'd you get that coat?! Kanye's fur looks like it cost a fortune

PETA might as well get on me, too because I'm a HUGE LOVER OF FUR. I declare it to all the world!!! But... I don't get them like crazy, I get them in moderation. I mean.. I have a rabbit/mink blend fur coat, 2 fur hats, and a fur scarf. I think I'm pretty decent.

Kanye had on a very THICK fur coat walking around NYC, now I know those THI-III-IICK ones cost a fortune. It's safe to say that a coat of that magnitude and caliber is above $30,000. MINIMUM. And check out the premium snakeskin bag that he's carrying. No wonder PETA, Pink, and Paul McCartney doesn't like him.


Don't tell PETA! Kanye West was snapped proudly wearing a massiDon't tell PETA! Kanye West was snapped proudly wearing a massive fur coat yesterday around New York

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

GOURMET Releases Their Quadici Duck Boots and Uno Canvas Sneakers

These are some FRESH boots from GOURMET and its full name is "Quadici Duck Boots". The others (below) is "Uno Canvas Sneakers." So the first is basically a duck boot set on top of sneaker bottoms as you can CLEARLY see. The canvas sneakers are nice, too. I like the black duck boots best, but not the leopard. The leopard is really becoming a trend. I could see it being a nice look on women, but this is a men's design so for a man to wear it....uhhh.....

The "hybrid" design of the shoes is ILL--- I'm not feeling that leopard colorway, though. *Shrug*
Coming in February 2011.

KANYE Behind-The-Scenes Photo Shoot for Vogue Italia

Check out KANYE WEST, ever so fresh, doing his photo shoot exclusively for VOGUE ITALIA, and my post comes with a video of the behind-the-scenes photo shoot. He was seen walking with his friend and personal stylist Cassius Clay, later followed by ballerinas in those really stiff skirts from the music video "Runaway."

His other stylist, Jonathan Pavlick, goes through Kanye's clothes on the rack pointing out Kanye's favorite brands, in which Lanvin and Tom Ford sits on the top tier of favorites. Check out pics and video below.


VIVICA FOX Gets Engaged To Party Promoter Omar "Slim" White!

Ghetto wedding bells are in place *lol* just playing, let me start over. Wedding bells will be ringing soon for vivacious, curvaceous 46-year-old actor Vivica Fox and her 27-year-old party/concert promoter boyfriend Omar "Slim" White.

They have been dating on-and-off, and went steady in recent months. Vivica and White have been talking about having babies, and Fox hopes to be pregnant in 2011 despite what other people may think about her age. "I'm very fertile, so I'm not worrying about that."

Congrats to both of them! I said 'ghetto' because Fox plays a lot of those kinds of sassy, slap-a-man movies so who knows how the wedding will turn out LOL. Naw.... it should be nice....

What the.... A $2000-$3000 CASHMERE SWEATSHIRT?? It don't even look like it....

Lo and behold, a lot of things are just getting way too outrageously expensive. I'm telling you, people are paying for the name.... Take a good look at the "POP" Sweatshirt by Lucien Pellat. It's supposed to be made of one of, if not the finest cashmere IN THE WORLD. I still don't think that justifies its price. Again, the sweatshirt you're looking at is a smidge over $2,000. This just falls in Men's BALMAIN category (if y'all know what I'm talking about).


Monday, January 3, 2011

NICKI MINAJ and DRAKE Party On New Years' -- A Lil' Too Closely for Nicki's Fiance's Comfort

I'm just doing a fly-by on this. Nicki was with her boo and fiance, Safaree, and then flipped the script when Drake arrived late to the party. She was all over Drake, making Safaree uncomfortable. Heyy, I know any guy would be uncomfortable seeing his woman all hee-hee and ha-ha with another man present when she don't really act that way with her own man.

Her fiance left the party early. Sounds like nothing, right? Well, Nicki was surprised, reportedly looking around the club for her fiance. 

But is what is. Other people also reported that their [Nicki and Drake] behavior was just a tad suspicious. Guess, we just wait and see... Yup.

LIL' KIM, Stop With The Plastic Surgery! You're Turning Into A Jackson!!!!

Lil Kim Celebrates Her New Year With A Bang! [PICS]

I spotted Lil' Kim on Vlad TV. It said she posted a couple of pics on Twitter wishing everybody a Happy New Year. But that's not what I'm concerned about. I'm concerned about why she continues to keep altering her face with plastic surgery??! She looked just fine before, but you see all the changes she made: nose job, cheek lift, chin job, eye job, and skin bleaching (WHAT?! Be proud to be black!!)

Of course I'm minding my own business (it's my business to blog about these things--- I CAAARE for the good welfare of people. Lil' Kim doesn't need the plastic surgery...honestly. I don't think she realizes that she's turning into one of the Jackson family members.

She could blend right in. See more close-up pics of her in recent weeks...

YIKES!!!!!! This is what she looked like before she did all that (Look below):

A Twist On Popular "Jesus Pieces": "Celeb Faces As Pendants"

I was browsing different websites and I came across an article about "Jesus Pieces" and how one company was switching the game up by crafting celeb heads and placing them on rosaries. ROSARIES? I hope they mean CHAINS or ball-chain because placing a celeb head pendant on a rosary piece and replacing Jesus or the cross would be blasphemy *LoL*. I'm not being overly religious; I'm just callin' it out as it is.

But I'm hoping they mean on chains because that would be FRESH, like the pieces in the above picture. These come from the company Nous Sommes--French for "We Are"-- in Paris, and they make celebs like the late Michael Jackson, Karl Lagerfeld, Spike Lee, Grace Jones, Lady Gaga and more!!

SWEET.... I like the Michael Jackson one.

They are available in gold, black, and old silver for roughly $220-$290. Want one??

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HUMANITARIAN: "Brangelina" Donates $2 MILLION To Wildlife Sanctuary

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Donate $2 Million to Wildlife Sanctuary

This just warms my heart, y'all, when people give back, which is why I do what I do. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, and the Jolie-Pitt kids visited the Naankuse Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia, Africa.

Their purpose of donating $2 MILLION was to support the non-excinction of animals in Africa, and also to support those caring for and nursing sick animals back to health. Wow, it truly is better to give than to receive.

Giving warms the heart...

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