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Friday, June 1, 2012

Giorgio Armani and How He Built His BILLION-DOLLAR Brand Around The World; Very Inspiring!


*Read about Giorgio Armani's story and how he solidified a BILLION-DOLLAR brand* (via WSJ)

It was Giorgio Armani's obsession with health that led to his brush with death. For 10 days in May 2009, Armani, one of the most influential fashion designers and entrepreneurs of our time, lay in a hospital bed with what he describes as "a very serious" case of hepatitis. The cause of his illness wasn't the stress that comes from juggling a global empire of clothes, accessories, furniture, cosmetics and real estate. It was the supplements. Then 75 years old, he was drinking them every morning in a small glass as he hit the gym. "My doctor told me: Get rid of all this shit you're drinking," Armani recalls.

Armani won't say exactly what he was taking, only that the substance poisoned his liver. Why he was taking it, however, is clear: The house Armani has built is a reflection of himself—the trim, toned, tanned and T-shirted figure that is synonymous with the brand—and he wants to secure a long life for both.

Giorgio Armani Fashion Designer Giorgio Armani seen walking down Milan's most famous street for shopping, Montenapoleone Street, Milan, Italy.

Terrence J and Rocsi, Hosts of Popular BET Show 106 & Park, Announce their Departure

I've enjoyed watching Terrence and Rocsi host the popular countdown show 106 & Park. Their work transcend beyond their platform as they continue to uplift and support the young black community. On the fashion side of things, sometimes I would just turn on the show just to see what they were wearing! they are truly some of the best dressers I've seen. God bless them in their endeavors.

We’ve had the opportunity to connect with BET hosts Rocsi and Terrence through our television screens over the last seven years and now they have officially confirmed that they will be moving on from ’106 and Park’ through an announcement that was televised during yesterday’s show. It an emotional five minute speech, Terrence and Rocsi not only announced that they would be leaving the show, but also detailed the moment they first received the call from BET’s Stephen Hill with the news that they would be the new hosts of the show. At the time Terrence had just lost his job in corporate america and Rocsi was a struggling radio hosts. It’s stories and moments such as these that gave Terrence and Rocsi an undeniable bond with their audience. From Rocsi sharing her personal struggles with an eating disorder with young girls and helping to rebuild schools in New Orleans after the Katrina disaster to Terrence spending days in Haiti after the earthquake feeding families and organizing a road trip across the country to get 100,000 students registered to vote, those little personal touches and the ability to inspire and keep their audience informed beyond the 106 and Park stage was what made them special.
It’s no denying the energy that they’ve brought to that stage every single day, coupled with their ability to not only connect but inspire millions of kids across the nation that made them great and unforgettable hosts and they will truly be missed.

Read more: [Video] Terrence And Rocsi Announce Their Departure From BET’s 106 And Park | Necole B***

Kelly Rowland And Trey Songz Heats Up EBONY Magazine Cover (via Necole B***hie)

*This is a great cover for summer 2012. After all, these are some of the hottest people out right now. Their fashion game is tight, they know their labels, and fashion designers are always looking to dress them for a photo shoot. See the excerpt from Necole B***hie...*

Guess who’s bringing their on-screen chemistry straight to the cover of a magazine?
Ebony Magazine has released their Annual Sexy Issue and what better duo to heat up the cover than Kelly Rowland and Trey Songz, who recently starred together in Trey Songz’ new video ‘Heart Attack’. The two are showing off their sexy abs for the July Issue which also features the likes of Beyonce, Lenny Kravitz and Rihanna.
In a recent interview, Trey was asked to rate Kelly over her BFF Beyonce and Trey said without hesitation, ‘Kelly you my baby, you got it! YUUUP!’ He also said, ‘She’s just a light of sunshine. She makes the room glow every time she steps in and she’s been a great friend for awhile now. I’m very appreciative of you, Ms. Kelly Rowland.”

Read more: Kelly Rowland & Trey Songz Heat Up The Cover Of Ebony’s Sexy Issue | Necole B***

Rihanna On 'Tastefully Done' ESQUIRE UK Magazine Cover


ESQUIRE UK Magazine had recently released a smoldering picture of Rihanna on the cover. It was very tastefully done, instead of TASTELESS. Check the behind-the-scenes video to get the whole essence of the shoot.

Pic: Idolator

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Model GISELLE BUNDCHEN Strollin' Her Son in The Stroller, Dressed Down...

gisele bundchen park benjamin 01

I like moments like this...

Away from living the BIG LIFE and all the glitz 'n' glamour, here's a picture of the world's highest-earning supermodel, Giselle Bundchen. She was spotted in a downtime moment pushing her son in the stroller... just dressing down. It's interesting to see how models dress on their days off... and believe me, they dress like any regular person.

The black sweater, black linen pants, flats, and a colored scarf... a nice touch to the otherwise bland outfit. Who knows, the whole look could be $2,000! Hey... we're talking about GISELLE.

She looks beautiful, too...

gisele bundchen park benjamin 02

Pic: Just Jared

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beyonce's Performance Outfits At The 'REVEL' Over Memorial Day Weekend

There were a lot of FRENZY FANS and blogs ablaze about King Bey's (Beyonce) comeback in Atlantic City, which was her first major performance since giving birth to Blue Ivy. She really seemed to wow the crowd, including celebs, one of whom was The Dream, who compared her to MJ (Michael Jackson).

Take a few looks at her amazing outfits; she sets that bar high...


Beyonce on stage


Pic: Necole B***hie

Kelly Rowland In Her Latest All-Black Wear; Hott And Sophisicated!

*Just a fly-by* Kelly Rowland was seen in her latest ALL-BLACK wear, which consisted of a knit sweater-like outfit, and sideswept bangs. This is quite the subdued and sophisicated, yet borderline sexy look in which there are some see-throughs in the sleeves and on the hips.

Hmm... so many places to wear such an outfit like this. Just NOT in hot weather.

Pic: Facebook

Trey Songz's New Haircut-- Close-Cropped (Like Mine)

Trey Songz has a new look, kinda like mine. I keep my hair close-cropped (see my profile pic on the top-right corner). I like the CLOSE CROP, the T-shirt, jewelry,red jacket with epaulets. I would definitely rock that look out...

Pic: MTO

Rapper/Model LOLA MONROE In Hott '90s Throwback Look

Lola Monroe was on the cover of 'SOURCE' Magazine with the likes of Wiz Khalifa, and she looked on her VINTAGE game with her '90s throwback shorts and her nice lil' '70s tunic. Her stilettos are present-day, though.

Like the whole look, it shows off her personal look and swagger; a NICKI MINAJ in the budding?

Pic: Fashion Bomb Daily

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