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Saturday, January 22, 2011

SHAKIRA Glams It Up At NRJ Awards; Others Stars, Too...

shakira nrj awards 04
Wearing Alaia dress, Christian Louboutin clutch purse, Sergio Rossi pumps,
and Lorraine Schwarz jewelry

I know that there are a lot of Shakira fans out there, so I just thought I'd post some pictures that I found from JustJared. She was spotted at the 2011 NRJ Awards at the Palais de Festivals et des Congres in Cannes, France.

Shakira looks awesome in that dress, and Usher... I don't know if that outfit is considered for red carpet, but off that, it looks cool and can be rocked in any informal setting.

Other celebs were also present...

shakira nrj awards 03shakira nrj awards 13

Dat's wassup....

MONICA Got Married! Congrats!! (WHAAT?! WHEN??!!)

The "Everything To Me" singer MONICA indeed had a secret "intimate" wedding to ex-Michigan State Spartans and current Lakers b-ball player SHANNON BROWN and the pics were JUST RELEASED. (Monica is 30 and Shannon is 25). Turns out that they did get married.... NOVEMBER 22, 2010!! reported that there will be a second wedding, a public one planned for June, in which Monica's and Shannon's fans will participate and be able to see the somewhat "FAKE" pics of this staged June wedding.

But heyy, congrats to them. If they're liking it, I'M LOVIN' IT like Mickey D's!!!

Shannon Brown in B-Ball action

Shannon Brown playing for the Spartans

Source: NecoleB****hie

JASON STATHAM On Swag Mode Promoting "Mechanic" Movie

Jason Statham: Aston Martin Man

I was looking up JustJared and found a pic of Jason Statham driving around Beverly Hills in his ILL Aston Martin DBS Volante. His movie "The Mechanic" is out and he has been making several promos. Even though this might be Statham's "chill mode" clothes, he looks quite the off-duty mechanic with the beard, jeans, and crisp white sneakers (mechanics tend to do that, to show that they're not always wearing dirty boots) ; Heyy... he's around a car, too.

See more pics:

jason statham aston martin man 03

jason statham aston martin man 04

A white man on 'swag': Always speaks volumes. *LoL*

NICKI MINAJ Kicks Off Weekend Signing Women's... Boobage


Nicki Minaj sports yet another look,  A BLONDE CAMOUFLAGE WIG and signing women's boobage (as she usually does) in London while promoting her album "Pink Friday." I wonder if this woman in the above picture will wash that spot on her boob... or take it as an "impression" down to the tattoo shop (some people do that)!!


Ronald Fenty Talks About His Daughter RIHANNA Selling Hats As a Kid

Do some of you know that feeling that when you're trying to move on and be peaceful, and love everybody, including your parents, somebody will pop up from the past and try to get back in your life? I know this situation all too well.

I don't know how my girl RIHANNA's relationship is with her father but I do know that it's less than ideal and more on a civil manner. So Ronald Fenty was talking to THE SUN tabloid about his daughter's past trying to sell hats and other clothes (he currently sells clothes out of his car too). See the brief interview:
On Rihanna’s singing ability
The first time I heard her sing she was three years old, lying on her bed with a hairbrush for a microphone. Then, when she was seven, I heard her singing with our neighbor and I was amazed. She was doing the Aladdin song A Whole New World – it was so pretty I couldn’t believe it. I made sure she went to school and did well. She liked to dance and had natural rhythm but she wasn’t doing all the school productions and stuff. So her success came a bit out of the blue. She was the youngest girl to take part in a talent pageant at her high school. All the other girls were 17, but she won. Shortly afterwards she was discovered and the rest is history.
How Rihanna would make money as a kid
She used to sell stuff on the side of the street like I did. She’d come outside of the store and put up a rack and sell hats and belts and scarves. She would also buy sweets, put them in packages and take them to school to sell to her friends for a profit.
Rihanna is the total package
Robyn has special charisma. She’s charming, smart and witty – she’s a complete package. They didn’t have to do anything to her. She didn’t have to get no fake boobs or nothing
On Chris Brown
It was really tough seeing the pictures of her beaten up. But I have forgiven him. He has lost so much from one stupid mistake. So me making him feel even worse makes no sense. I feel sorry for him now.
On his drug addiction
I did have a drug problem and Robyn did walk in and see me taking drugs in our house. She was just a little kid and it made her look at me, and other things, differently. Around the same time we were walking down the street with the kids and there was a guy sleeping on the sidewalk. Her mother said to Robyn, ‘Your dad is going to end up like that. I did not want my children to see me sleeping on the sidewalk so I started making the changes. I had to give up drugs for my family. I still kind of lost them, I split up with my wife. But I still had to do it for myself and eventually I beat it.

Rihanna and her dad

So whaddaya think about that?? I think it's nice of him to talk fondly of his daughter, but at the same time... SMH.

Source: NecoleB***hie

Friday, January 21, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Storms Thru 3 Looks In 24 HRS... She BAAAAD....

Nicki Minaj OUT OF THIS WORLD! Nicki Minaj wears a striking solar system dress as she leaves her London hotel. She headed to Oceana nighclub for a special guest appearance after which she tweeted, "Had a blast, Oceana!". The US rapper was then prevented from entering a nightclub called Runway after there was security issues.
Nicki Minaj in form-fitting Solar System dress. Revolve around her. HOTT!

This beautiful, talented, creative rapper, NICKI MINAJ, has blazed through several looks in a short amount of time. Remember her huge PINK SKYSCRAPER 'FRO?? Well.. she bombarded us with two more looks in 24 HOURS!! See below:

LOOK #1 (after PINK FRO)

Nicki Minaj: The Center of the Universe!

nicki minaj planets dress dorchester 03
The Solar System revolves around Nicki! *LoL*


Nicki Minaj - Nicki Minaj Leaving Her Hotel In London

"How do you do that ISH? How do you, how do you, how do you..."

Wow! The LOUDEST Adidas Hightops I've Ever Seen!

I visited Highsnobiety and came across the loudest--to me-- Adidas sneaker to date. It's called the M ATTITUDE LOGO. It's a bold, catch-your-attention kind of sneaker. The whole design accompanied with the strange colorway would make this sneaker a "hate it-love it" relationship.

These are one of those shoes where you can tell your own story...


This could come to be. After all, Swizz Beatz is indeed putting his mark on everything just like Donald Trump marks buildings of all kinds. As I told you before, LEOPARD is really the trend, the WHAT THE??, the "pink tie" moment for men, for 2011. 

Swizz Beatz introduced this jacket by Twitpic, raving about this. This was a dead giveaway because Christian Louboutin has all the ingredients in this jacket: The leopard, the red interior lining, the gold studs and zippers. This is fresh for real; it's more of an... acquired taste, something to get used tolooking at.

I wonder how long will this leopard for men style stay in?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Sports Yet Another Hairdo! She's killin' the game!!!

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj Leaves the Dorchester Hotel

You just gotta love Nicki Minaj, the Harajaku Barbie. The "Right Through Me" rapper snaps neck with her new high-rise pink wig and Jeremy Scott-ish jumpsuit exposing her goodies behind her *smirk*.

I follow this woman all the time because her style is just so bold, electric, attention-commanding, EVERYTHING.

Ya Like??? See more pics:

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is all smiles as she is seen at BBC radio 1 in a purple patterned lycra cat suit signing autographs for waiting fans.

Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj is all smiles as she is seen at BBC radio 1 in a purple patterned lycra cat suit signing autographs for waiting fans.

"In Ur FACE!!!!"

Vanessa & Angela Simmons Hott Photoshoot With FASHIZBLACK Magazine

Wow, these PASTRY footwear designers and "Run's House" (MTV) socialites are internationally known. Check out Vanessa & Angela Simmons' latest photo shoot for FASHIZBLACK Magazine. 



These hott young women are heating up my blog.... WHEW.... 

MICHELLE OBAMA Has Got to Be The Hottest First Lady Ever! Spotted in fiery Alexander McQueen gown..

 Michelle Obama In Alexander McQueen Gown

No wonder there is a Michelle Obama Stylebook coming out soon. Mrs. Obama is truly a regal fashionista and she knows what captures attention, what's just right. (btw there's slightly odd body language between the two. Did they have a lil' disagreement before they came out, or they must be conservative for the cameras?)

She wore a fiery red ALEXANDER McQUEEN (late) for a China state dinner alongside her husband President Obama. Wow... that's a nice dress, pushes the envelope in FIRST LADY status.

Four Artists/Designers As "The Golden Girls"; CLASSIC...

girl golden girls series decks Girl Golden Girls Series

I know it's supposed to be "Sneaker Fetish Thursdays" but this is mad funny and caught my eyes.. I just had to pass this on. I saw this on Radcollector and basically these are a bunch of designers (I don't really know them, maybe you do) who portray themselves as "The Golden Girls." Man...


BOOTS: Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn for Fall 2011; Dope and a Must-Cop

Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn Fall/Winter 2011

Guys, these are the kind of boots where you feel like you want to buy right away before the warm months start coming in. These are boots by Yuketen for Nigel Cabourn. I like this colorway because it has that Native, homely vibe to it.

These hott boots (not talking about temperature) and can be worn smart in a pair of Dockers or the urban Dickies tucked inside of the boot. For style, you can also let one pant leg out haphazardly and don't make it look "staged" like LL Cool J used to do back-in-the-day *LoL*

Whaddaya think?

Adidas x Jeremy Scott "Panda" Sneakers for Fall 2011

adidas Originals by Originals Jeremy Scott 'Panda' Sneakers

I'm opening up a new segment called "Sneaker Fetish Thursdays." This is the Thursday where I make posts almost all day about SNEAKERS, SNEAKERS, SNEAKERS. well, not all sneakers; ILL boots ad shoes that fit my list of hott picks will go onto one of the posts as well.

Check out the first shoes I posted from Highsnobiety. These are Adidas x Jeremy Scott "Panda" sneakers for Fall 2011. Jeremy Scott is known for the crazy, never-thought-of ideas for clothing. So... they let the "panda" out of the bag pretty early LoL. I just had to say that... You like it? I wouldn't wear it everyday or even in public (of sorts) but I definitely could rock this out in a photo shoot.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

*Chokes on my pop* DIDDY hiding a Louis Vuitton clutch purse under his jacket?? SUSPECT..

I found this on .... HUH? I understand "travel comfortably" but HUHH??!! 
They took the words right out of my mouth:
"Ummm...moving right along...."

What do you make of this?
(Posted to my "Fash, Crash, and Burn post)

BRIA, Eddie Murphy's Daughter, the new face of Dark & Lovely!

Well there I was looking up one of my fav media sits,, and I came across Bria Murphy, Eddie Murphy's daughter, and she has become the new face of Dark & Lovely. That's an extraordinary accomplishment for a young woman, especially one who is just getting into the whole modeling and endorsement thing on her own (well I'm sure Eddie had the advantage with this).

Congrats to BRIA MURPHY for that; she looks H-O-T-T...
(By the way... leopard is really a trend for ladies this year. Check out the below pic)

Izzye x Dr. Martens Men's Studded Boots; ROCKSTAR!!!

Dr Martens x Izzue Boots 05 izzue x Dr Martens Studded Boots

Hong Kong retailer Izzue have collaborated with Dr. Martens to create this out of the box, stunning, ROCKSTAR boots. It has a wraparound pyramid studded belt going around the boot that can be detached. I really like these with some black wax jeans. COOOOLLLLDDDD!!!! 

CHRIS BROWN In His Latest Webisode; Talks Nothin' but Style.

I was flipping through UpscaleHype when I came across Chris Brown and his latest webisode which included Swizz Beatz, Big Sean, and Tyga... and they talked nothing but style. They had plenty of swagger in it, too. Chris Brown was featured wearing a Burberry tumbled leather double-breasted biker jacket for $2,795. He also wore a 10 Deep "Gun Club" camo shirt, some sah-weeet red Converses, and a studded MCM Backpack.

Check out the webisode and other things the other artists were talking about.


CASSIUS CLAY, Kanye's "Extravagant" Personal Stylist

Cassius Clay is apparently the man behind Kanye's lofty, eloquent, [a bougie-sounding word] fashion. He is a young stylist headed for his goals in college when Kanye approached him about his style. Honored when Kanye welcomed him aboard his team, Cassius stepped up the name of the game.

Just simply check out Cassius's style; notice that Kanye wears a lot of similar pieces. I'm a little surprised by the pearl sleeves and certain accessories which scream "Liberace," but hey... oh.. feelin' that Hermes watch and that studded sweater, by the way...

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

KANYE Hems Up On The Media; Rants On Twitter!

All Kanye wants to do is be number 1. He just can't see to stand the sight of someone at the top of the rung. Britney had a song that reached #1 recently, and Kanye joked that his and Jay-Z's song was still the best of all time. Britney's fans and the media hemmed up on Kanye, and Kanye HEMMMMMMED right back via Twitter:

Just saw that MSNBC said I tried to start a twitter war with Brittany.This s**t takes the air out my lungs sometimes from blogs to news reports… enough already!!! All I do is focus on my work.There’s a new lie everyday… a new media spin… I never got a watch with my face on it!!! A company tried to give that to me 9 yrs ago!
I’m one of the most considerate people in real life. Maybe over considerate. Over caring. Overly real. There is no astronaut training for celebrity… even though this whole life is so outer space! I was actually surprised that a record as raw as H*A*M could make it to #2 on Itunes. How can u “let” someone be number one??!! That was the whole joke!!! I know intelligent people know this so bear with me. When I said the comment about Brittney I was giving her props for being #1 not dissing her at all! But stop making it seem that my aim is to hurt or down people! That’s just not my style!
As pop stars we’re all in this s**t together! We on the inside of the TV! If the media wants to make a story … just say I have atrocious spelling and terrible grammar…
If you don’t give em a story they just make one up. I’m just trying to focus & stay creative! Keep bringing dope s**t to the world! Once again thank you to all my fans who made MBDTF certified platinum!
You all give me the power and I never take it for granted. I am an extension of my listeners. I won’t always say the right thing but my heart is always in the right place.

Was Kanye being sincere about his thoughts?
(Oh by the way, Kanye's outfit looks nice; I would rock it..)
Source: NecoleB****hie

WILLOW SMITH's Latest Photo Shoot & Talks of Releasing More Music

This little girl... SMH... I'm still like, "she's 9 YEARS OLD?!!" All I wanted to do was ride my bike and eat junk food when I was 9 years old. Anyway, she did her latest photo shoot for Vanity Fair (YEAH... the VANITY FAIR) and she talked about how great it was to have Jay-Z for a boss, and more. Here's what she said:

“It is very cool, because Jay really welcomes me and makes me feel like the record label is a place where I can have fun and talk about my career. He and his people make me feel like I’m a part of something. And I love BeyoncĂ© — she’s awesome!”

She's 9!!!!!! And she gets to chill all day with Beyonce, and Beyonce's not even her momma! *LOL SMH* But heyy... WILLOW, the instant star of "Whip My Hair," will release more music soon, and has an album coming out in March. She has already been nominated for 2 NAACP awards.

Willow Smith for Vanity Fair

Willow Smith Vanity Fair Shoot
Source: Necole B***hie


JUSTIN BIEBER Turning Boys His Age Green w/ Envy In D&G and LANVIN

Starting off this week right with JUSTIN BIEBER. Many of you may have seen him at the Golden Globes looking dapper with a skinny 3-piece suit by Dolce & Gabbana and LANVIN suede peeptoe sneakers to pair up for $495 (which seemed to look a little too big on him--or the pants were too short).

Bieber also rocked a new set of bangs far away from the Bieber Cut. 

Do you like his look?

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