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Saturday, January 22, 2011

MONICA Got Married! Congrats!! (WHAAT?! WHEN??!!)

The "Everything To Me" singer MONICA indeed had a secret "intimate" wedding to ex-Michigan State Spartans and current Lakers b-ball player SHANNON BROWN and the pics were JUST RELEASED. (Monica is 30 and Shannon is 25). Turns out that they did get married.... NOVEMBER 22, 2010!! reported that there will be a second wedding, a public one planned for June, in which Monica's and Shannon's fans will participate and be able to see the somewhat "FAKE" pics of this staged June wedding.

But heyy, congrats to them. If they're liking it, I'M LOVIN' IT like Mickey D's!!!

Shannon Brown in B-Ball action

Shannon Brown playing for the Spartans

Source: NecoleB****hie

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