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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Actress MEAGAN GOOD Continues To Look Alluring In Black

Actress Meagan good has been starring in more movies, and while that is occurring, her style has continued to evolve from a girly-girl or sometimes tomboy-ish look to a more alluring look.

I must say that Ms. Good.... looks REAL GOOD in her black lace dress.. She's coming into her own pretty well.

VANESSA SIMMONS Goes Rihanna-ish In See-Thru Blouse!

I like this...of course. It's not tooooo showy but it does add a bit of mystery and sensuality, especially with the lace bra in view. This would make Rihanna blush.

Whaddaya think?

DRAKE & MAXWELL Chillin' At a Game! Good Casual Style the Stylish Man Should Follow

Despite what suggested about Drake & Maxwell, their style is still very nice and makes sense...

DIDDY Shows Off His Fresh "Rosewood/ Harlem-ish" Style On YouTube

DIDDY was showing off what he was wearing in a YouTube video, which was very free-ee-ss-ss-hhh!!! Fresh to me means that something is hott, right to the point, no copies, all haters, just right.

In his latest album "Last Train To Paris," Diddy has been doing a lot of out-of-the-box stuff, like he's breaking into a new era, I think it's just flyy in terms of style and where he's trying to go. here's what he was wearing as stated by UpscaleHype:

Anticipating yesterday’s release of the Dirty Money album, Last Train To Paris, Diddy put out a vlog showing us how he’s fresh from head to toe. In the video Diddy is wearing Carrera Machu Sunglasses ($95), a fur collared coat, Rolex watch, YSL logo belt ($395), with a pair of Adidas DB Gazelle Mid sneakers (approx. $212).

Check out the video; see more pics later.


Friday, December 17, 2010

ALIFE x G-SHOCK Collaboration: Available In Time For Christmas!


A lot of you guys will really like this. REALLY. Some of you know probably by now that these on the way to a WRIST ON YOU. Limited to just 200 pieces, they will only be available, by both in-store and on-line, between December 27, 2010 and January 10, 2011.

 Get it fast; it's available at ALIFE stores and exclusive stores that carry that brand. 

The Black Blazer To Spark All Emotions...

This Raf Simons jacket is OHHH SO FRESH! This Raf Simons jacket is made from 100% wool and is $1,185. I found this on UpscaleHype and it is sure the jacket to turn heads and draw attraction and high interest without looking ostentatious. Creative, maybe. But not over-the-top. The ideal place to wear this is on a night out with friends or an upscale party.

You just gotta be MAN or WOMAN enough to rock this ISH out!!!!!

KID CUDI Stylish in GQ Magazine (Spring 2011)

Z Zegna Jacket, Dior Homme Jeans

Whaddaya think about Kid Cudi's style in GQ Magazine? It's always been my dream to be n a photo shoot for GQ. One day, one day... I'm confident of it!! Check out more pics!!

(BTW, I'm typing to you from Chicago!!! I'm out visiting a friend and will be back to Detroit in a few days.)

A different move comin' from this skinny kid LOL, but it's a cool look.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fash, Crash, and Burn: 'Housewives of Atlanta" KANDI BURUSS's Odd-Looking Booty

She was on BET's 106 & Park, showing off her new...implants...

Don't touch; it might leak....

MARC JACOBS Suede & Leather Sneakers! Guys, Heads Up...

I like these hightops, it's very simple, understated, yet makes a profound statement in itself: Timelessness and class. These are Marc Jacobs sneakers, available in high-end retail stores for $447. It's also available in blue.

Cop these!!!

Ladies, Introducing Your New FAVORITE SHOES. Turn Heads & Make Even LADY GAGA Stare!!!

Lady Gaga's got her P-P-P-Poker Face, and she's ready to snatch these Miu Miu's from you!!

97098 bk dl MiuMiu Glitter And Crystal Brogues

OMG... I think I did find your favorite shoes. It's so shiny, sparkly, glittery, crystaly, so girly-girl. Women will envy you. Men will be lining up to ask you out on a date or do flattering cat calls at you.

These shoes might make you...bring out your inner MICHAEL JACKSON. I'm thinkin' "Billie Jean".... If MJ was still here, he'd be gushing about these!

These BOLD shoes are in very limited quantities and are made by Miu Miu and are "glitter and crystal brogues." You knoooooow it's gonna be expensive. But if you don't want to break your piggy bank, you can always find a "quality imitation" (BRAND NAME shoes with similar design for less; NO KNOCKOFFS).

I can already smell a trend of glittery shoes among YOU and the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and many other fashionistas!
See more pics...

Who Rocked The Dress Better-- KEYSHIA COLE or NICKI MINAJ?

Found this on MediaTakeout. Who do you think looks better and wore the dress very, very well?
I say it's somewhat a TIE. Nicki's got the booty, and Keyshia's got the 'booties' LoL...

Ladies, Don't You EVER Spend Hundreds of Dollars On Something So PLAIN-LOOKING!!!

What were they thinking??? This partial collection is from T FOR ALEXANDER WANG. You know one item is gonna cost you. But don't spend your money this way, especially on something that looks like you would wear to bed.

The only way I will let this one slide is if it's LOUNGEWEAR, other than that: Umm....

Aww... every designer misses the mark once in a while.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

FALL Season FLASHback: GIRA x Undercover F6C05 Bookbag-- Look Your Most Illest, Even Into 2011!!

"I. LIKE. THIS. BAG." - Me... And you, too.

See the info on this bag as described from Style Engine. It might be for Fall 2010, but there are items GOOD enough to wear all year round. FA-SHO. :

Together with Undercover, GIRA has put out this new backpack for the Fall, dubbed the F6C05 bag. Meant to be a multi-purpose bag, the backpack could easily go from the hills to the hallways of your local school. With tons of pockets seen throughout, the bag is crafted out of nylon, making it both weather durable and functional. With the addition of a removable strap, it doubles as a backpack and a shoulder bag.

RUSSELL BRAND Lookin' Suave (When does that ever happen?) In Rick Owens Winter Jacket

Just a quick fly-by, check out Russell Brand's sheepskin jacket by Rick Owens Sheepskin Jacket (price not available). It looks cool to me; it has a high collar and asymmetrical front zipper--has a different, futuristic vibe about it. I would rock it...

Uhh.. I know this is supposed to be FASHION, but what's with the DUDE in my aunt's snakeskin boots??!

Take A Look @ PHARRELL WILLIAMS' Miami Apartment-- It's Like Being In A Comic Book! Wow!!!

Check this out....

Check out pics that I found on UpscaleHype... Pharrell Williams' apartment. I knew that the N.E.R.D. singer was a very artful and elaborate person, but DEF not like this. Peep his style and find the man out.... Whoa I feel so a good way!

He's killin' em!!!!! :-)

JESSICA ALBA On "Jimmy Fallon Show" With Upgraded Hair And Outfit-- Spot-On!

                       jessica alba jimmy fallon 04

I found this picture of Jessica Alba, who was being interviewed on the "Jimmy Fallon Show" and she was lookin' just right, fair lady-like, Kate Middleton "aura"-like (You get the point) with a flattering white dress by Narciso Rodriguez, jewels by Lavande, and Christian Louboutin pumps. SO SEXY, SO RIGHT... *LoL*

Ladies, I guarantee you that you can find a great look like Alba, just find local discount stores or outlets (In my hometown of Detroit, a good place to go would be Nordstrom Rack in Troy, a suburb of Detroit).

jessica alba jimmy fallon 03
jessica alba jimmy fallon 09

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DRAKE And RIHANNA Together?? Fashionista & Swooner Unite...

So whaddaya think about RIHANNA and DRAKE hooking up? I know it's not really my business and my business on this blog is fashion, but this could possibly mean big things for the sexy fashionista and the lady swooner. Matt Kemp... well.... he's his own person but he might be a little out of his league for Rihanna--just a thought.

But in this picture swings Drake next to Rihanna's side. "Rihanna and Drake" or "Drake and Rihanna" has really captivated the media world ever since Rihanna's release of 2010 song "What's My Name?" The music video really gave people a glimpse into "what could be" of Rihanna and Drake. See the video and keep onnnnnn reading.....

For those of you who can't see how Drake could measure up to Rihanna over Matt Kemp, just see a brief note about his accomplishments below: 

Drake is the highest-earning newcomer on the [Forbes] list. He banked $9 million over the past 12 months, thanks to a new record deal, an advertising pact with Sprite and an agreement with Virgin America that plasters his likeness onto the sides of airplanes. Another good decision: recruiting Lil Wayne and Jay-Z to appear on his debut album, Thank Me Later, which sold 447,000 copies in its first week.

Rihanna earns roughly $15 million from all similar ventures.

Hmm.... we'll see how all this will play out. Should make a cute couple....


Hip Hop Royalty + TV Queen = BAAAMMMM!!!!! Guess Who...

For a special evening, Hip Hop King/ Avid businessman JAY-Z was featured as a guest on the "Oprah Winfrey Show," which was filmed at the Sydney Opera House (Australia). whenever these two people meet, it's always a "must-watch" (If you missed the episode, just visit ).

If you wanted to know why Oprah was so far away, she was filming an special "Australian Outback Adventure" for her show. This project is a tie-in with Winfrey's soon-coming network, Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN).

But BOTTOM LINE folks, check out Jay-Z's sneakers; I saw this on UpscaleHype. He always likes to keep it classy and understated...what can I say.... LESS IS CERTAINLY MORE. The sneakers were by Balenciaga for $525. See close-up below...

KERI HILSON's "Pretty Girl Rock" Video Shows Fashion Thru The Years

If you haven't already, check out Keri Hilson's very, very dainty music video "Pretty Girl Rock" that has a different chime when compared to Beyonce's "Single Ladies," but the anthem is all the same-- A FINE TRIBUTE TO THE LADIES.

I saw this music video on BET's 106 & Park and what caught my eyes about the video was its seamless rolling through fashion wardrobes throughout the years.

Take a look at the beginning with the 1920s era's flowing dresses and headpieces, then a more sleeker version of it, then an America-themed tribute that reminisces "American Bandstand," then MY FAVORITE WAS THE TLC LOOK !! Talk about a flashback!!! Then there were more looks!

Check out the music video... I liked it...

Monday, December 13, 2010

CIARA Releases Fashion Promo Pics For Upcoming Album


CIARA's got a style all her own. She tends to have this hood girl swag, showing off how baaaaad she is. CD sale predictions suggest that her album may not do well because of lack of promotion but hope her latest photo shoot gives it a bit of a boost.

cici_bi_promo (2)

KERI HILSON's Red-Hot Photo Shoot!!


I visited one of my favorite sites,, and here goes Keri Hilson in a NAUGHTY and tomboy-ish new photo shoot.

It's a nice look on her. She has the Daisy Dukes, combat boots, showin' extra skin. She looking like she about to get down to business; SHE MEANS IT, from what I can tell, since her past photo shoot have been just NORMAL. Looks good... *smirk*

I know what I like, I like what I like, THIS IS WHAT I LIKE... Only @ "THE ONLY JAIDEN."


Sunday, December 12, 2010

RIHANNA Shows Her Real Hair Briefly; Looks Great!!

NO, this is not an old post from "Good Girl Gone Bad" days. This is pre-2011 "LOUD" days. Your girl RIHANNA briefly removed her fiery red wig for rehearsing for her role in the upcoming movie "Battleship." She's not too shabby in the short, dark hair...

WILLOW SMITH's New Haircut!!! It's...Umm... So She...Err...

The "Whip My Hair" 9-year-old singer Willow Smith has gotten heavy airplay and she has good style sense for a girl her age.... Look at her nice leopard leather coat.

It's the hair I have a problem with. I can tell she's trying to be Rihanna "Rated R," but NO BABY NO. I'm not talkin' bad about Willow, I want the best for this little girl, but Will and Jada need to put their foot down and address this HAIRY BOWL on Willow's head. Sorry Willow, but this belongs in my "Fash, Crash, and Burn" posts.

ROB DYRDEK DC Royal Shoes: Could Be Record-Breaking; See Why....

Rob Dyrdek x DC Shoes Royal – Holiday 2010 Colorways

Most of us know about Rob Dyrdek mostly from the popular MTV reality show "Rob & Big" and if we know him, we know the many feats he has accomplished over the years, earning him several accolades for his sneaker and skateboarding projects.

(Remember the Guinness Record for "world's largest skateboard??")

Now here's the release of Dyrdek's latest sneaker upgrade, the DC Royal, which just may grab a 22nd record for him as the sneakers with the thickest padding around the ankles. THE ANKLE SUPPORTS ARE JUST SIIICK!! These were especially made to protect the ankles from impact. these are available at select DC stockists. See more pics:

Rob Dyrdek x DC Shoes Royal – Holiday 2010 Colorways

Rob Dyrdek x DC Shoes Royal – Holiday 2010 Colorways

These are what I call FRESH!!!! These are one of "Jaiden's Picks."

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