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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Weekend Pics: JUSTIN BIEBER & SELENA GOMEZ's Steamy Paparazzi Shot and Miley Cyrus & 50 Cent #FAIL Pic

Well, well... they are a couple, though. I'm talking about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, who was seen this past weekend in a compromising position.

I don't even have to say too much; just look at the above picture. It could be that Selena's reaching over Justin for something, or Justin's getting ready to do somethin'...

And meanwhile, check out this awkward photo of Miley Cyrus and 50 Cent (Fiddy or G-Unit) at the American Giving Awards. By the way, it's so beautiful to be giving back this time of year. I do it every Christmas donating to shelters to local organizations.

Spotted: Miley Cyrus and 50 Cent Backstage at the American Giving Awards

It's a nice effort they're putting forth, but EFFORT was not applied in making this picture the best. First of all, 50 Cent has an unflattering facial pose. I don't know what it is, but it just ain't right. I had an awkward camera moment before, so I asked the photographer to do another shot to get it right.

And Miley... while her dress and earrings may be nice, please sweetie... don't ever bare your EARS like that again. JUST... NO. *Polite smile*

Pic: Zimbio/ Google

FlashBACK: Tom Ford 2011 Fashion Show Vid Featuring Beyonce and Chanel Iman

Hey readers, I was looking at fashion show videos on YouTube, and I came across a couple of classic ones. One of which is the TOM FORD Spring 2011 fashion featuring Chanel Iman, Beyonce, Julianne Moore, and more.

Take a look and enjoy what I've seen...

Fash, Crash, and Burn: FERGIE's 'Felix The Cat' Dress (Excerpt from Yahoo's OMG!)

Fergie HFPA In Style Part …


Check out Yahoo's OMG! excerpt on Fergie's dress (below). I call it my Fash, Crash, and Burn category.

Fergie -- who typically rocks every mini she squeezes into -- looked far from fergalicious upon arriving at an InStyle soiree on Thursday night in a bow-adorned Jean-Charles de Castelbajac bomb, complete with a Felix the Cat graphic. In addition to her lackluster frock, the Black Eyed Peas frontwoman also sported limp locks and a splotchy spray tan. (12/8/2011)

Pic: Yahoo!

AMBER ROSE Exudes Sexiness In Latest Afro-inspired Photo Shoot

AMBER ROSE was looking very Afro-centric with a hint of Madonna.

I'm liking the whole sultry princess vibe (above). I'm also liking the accessories too, as well as the diamond-shaped metal pieces on the lower bodice that complements Amber's claw-like nails. Pretty good photo shoot (New York).

Amber Rose Shares New Photo Shoot On Whosay

HMM... 'CURVES and THICK-ums'... nothin' wrong with that.

Looks like Amber has grown her hair out a bit. I'll stay updated on that...

Pic: MTO / Necole B***hie

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's Wrong With This Pic: JENNIFER HUDSON and DAVID OTUNGA

NICE COUPLE (singer Jennifer Hudson and wrestler David Otunga) but what's wrong with the pic?

Let me tell you...

Is it HOT or COLD outside??

Pic: MTO

SOLANGE KNOWLES In New Photo Shoot; Looks GREAT... From The Forehead Down...

Check out SOLANGE KNOWLES in this picture. I think she looks graceful and like a natural-born princess with her cerulean sequined gown and leopard Louboutins, but I really don't know what is that on her head.


Pic: MTO

Thursday, December 8, 2011

New Music Video: WILLOW SMITH ft. Nicki Minaj in 'Fireball'

WILLOW SMITH is baaaaaaack.

She dropped a new music video recently, called 'Fireball.' In Willow's video, she is seen dropping from the sky as a meteorite, and from there spits out freestyle lyrics and choreography while wearing a military-inspired jumpsuit with stars and GOLD-GOLD everywhere.

And of course, Nicki wouldn't be NICKI if she didn't wear what she's wearing in the above picture. No explanation necessary. You can see for yourself.

Fireball Video

Pic: Necole B***hie

Collection of Past Men's Fashion Trends (early 2011+) ; Male Celebs Included

Welcome to the collection of past men's fashion trends (which may come alive again in the near future).

I'm certain that you will find something that you'll like for THIS season. Nothing wrong with wearing something from the previous season or 2 or 3, as long as it's done in TASTE.

Hidetoshi Nakata attends the Dior Homme fashion show as part of Paris Menswear Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011-2012 on January 22, 2011 in Paris, France.

Hidetoshi Nakata in Dior Homme Fall/Winter 2011-12
You can't go wrong with a neutral-colored (not khaki) jacket like this.

Left: BALMAIN Fall 2011 Look (no skinny jeans PLEASE; no baggy ones either!)
Right: BALMAIN Spring 2011 Look (You CAN rock boots with shorts!)

The Wood Wood Collection (Abstract print shirts) Fall 2011

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

KRISTIN CHENOWETH In Ridiculous Booty Pads!!!

Kristin Chenoweth.

American Country Awards.

Pullin' a NICKI MINAJ.


Even funnier that she looks more KIM KARDASHIAN than Nicki Minaj, and that there are usually FLAT BOOTYS at the Country Awards.

Pic: MTO

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ludacris and Red-Hott Wife EUDOXIE At 'New Year's Eve' Movie Premiere

Haven't seen Ludacris in the spotlight too much, maybe because he has been tending to his beautiful wife, Eudoxie. No, Eudoxie isn't a former groupie, she happens to be an established medical student (not sure if she's still one now) and that reminds me of B.E.T.'s hott show 'The Game'.

Does 'Melanie Barnett-Davis' or 'Med School' ring a bell?

But anyway, Eudoxie rocked her red-hott dress that certainly accentuated her super curves, and her red bottoms Louboutins matched perfectly. Ludacris dressed 'GQ-ready' in his gray wool suit. The shoes could have reached its full potential if the pants were a little shorter and cuffed.

Pic: MTO

Less Is More: DAVID BECKHAM Plays Down Simple T-Shirt, Jeans, and Low-Key LANVIN Sneakers in Australia

Footballer DAVID BECKHAM visited a Melbourne, Australia children's hospital to show his support in a very toned-down look. Can you say LESS IS MORE?

The items David wore was still of an 'impressive' label: His jeans were by Dior Homme for $610 and his sneakers were by LANVIN for $675.

Pic: Upscale Hype

Monday, December 5, 2011

CHRIS BROWN Spotted Out With A Classic Whip: '70s Orangesicle Impala on 24s!!

CHRIS BROWN is always spotted on SWAG, bro' knows how to keep it rolling!! Check him out, along with a bunch of his other friends and GF Karrauche in his classic ORANGESICLE color '70s Chevy Impala on 24-inch rims.

I see a lot of these types of cars in Detroit during the summer season. HOTT!

Very trendy style, by the way. I like the whole look Chris is wearing.

Pic: MTO

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