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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ludacris and Red-Hott Wife EUDOXIE At 'New Year's Eve' Movie Premiere

Haven't seen Ludacris in the spotlight too much, maybe because he has been tending to his beautiful wife, Eudoxie. No, Eudoxie isn't a former groupie, she happens to be an established medical student (not sure if she's still one now) and that reminds me of B.E.T.'s hott show 'The Game'.

Does 'Melanie Barnett-Davis' or 'Med School' ring a bell?

But anyway, Eudoxie rocked her red-hott dress that certainly accentuated her super curves, and her red bottoms Louboutins matched perfectly. Ludacris dressed 'GQ-ready' in his gray wool suit. The shoes could have reached its full potential if the pants were a little shorter and cuffed.

Pic: MTO

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