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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Nike Candy Shoes

Nike WMNS Blazer Mid 09 ‘Candy Pack’

Like sneaker line PASTRY from socialites Vanessa and Angela Simmons, Nike has created for this season their candy shoes for women. I found this delicious picture on Sneaker News and these Nike Women's Blazer shoes come in 'Toffee' and 'Cotton Candy.' I know y'all know which one is which flavor. These shoes are $88 and can be found at

Detroiters, you can probably check out these flyy Blazers or the same in a different colorway at Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique in Royal Oak, MI. Fist bump to them there!

NIKE BLAZERS are hott, affrodable, and come in so many different colorways! A must have this season!


Wassup in the "D" and everywhere else, everyone! Today is Haute Couture Saturday. Every Saturday is when a runway fashion show is displayed here, in video, featuring women and menswear from lines like Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Balenciaga, and more. These labels can be found in local boutiques and in the Detroit area's Somerset Collection in Troy, MI. Below are latest videos from Luciano Burgos video collections:

WOMEN: Yves Saint Laurent Winter 2010 & Gianfranco Ferre Spring/Summer 2011

Men: Salvatore Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011 & Vivienne Westwood Spring/ Summer 2011


SWIZZ BEATZ: How To Tie A Bow-Tie

At times, I still struggle to tie a bow tie. I can tie a normal necktie, but a bowtie is that EXTRA SPECIAL thing that we guys have to master. Watch Swizz Beatz teach us how to tie a bowtie.

BLACK WINTER (Women's Edition)

Vanderau Platform Fur Boot by Aldo - $110
Hey Ladies, lovely ladies of all shapes, sizes and color, whether you're young or young-at-heart, I've done my best on this mild-for-November Friday to bring you some all-black winter clothes at nearly Black Friday prices.

Well, it depends on how you look at it. Maybe my way of finding stuff for you to wear on your lovely bodies is less-than-perfect or may be too pricey for you-- I don't know too much about the mind of a stylish woman. This is the...semi-BEST I can do from a male perspective.

It's my goal, as I pick, to bring a woman to her ultimate sexy appeal. A woman's essence is something to be savoured, nourished. And you girls can do just that as the outside temperatures drops but you're sure heating it up with your all-black ensemble *smirk*. Check out my pick below:   

Gregg Coat   Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote   Wink Fiona Dress
Guess Shoes, Islelin Rainboots
1) Gregg Wool Coat - $159
2) Deena & Ozzy Chain Tote - $58
3) Wink Fiona Dress - $198
All 3 from Urban Outfitters

4) Guess Insulated Boot - $49
from Macy's 


Friday, November 12, 2010

Rihanna Oozes Fashion Craze in Latest Video

Just swung this post in as soon as I saw one of the music videos of Rihanna's upcoming album "LOUD." This music video, "What's My Name," is a steamy, flirty, lovey-dovey duet with Rihanna and Drake. FYI, this song rocketed from #60 to #1 song on the Billboard charts. I bet Drake is thrilled for this moment with Rihanna since he actually REALLY wanted her.

Rihanna is very LOUD walking down the streets of New York in such a crazy outfit that dares to attract attention. It's commanding, wacky, in-your-face, WOW!! Topped off with flowing red locks, Rihanna trots around town and cozies up in an apartment with Drake, a NIIIICE couples' moment.

Check out the music video "What's My Name" below. It's a real nice video; nice to see somebody in bright and good spirits.

See you in the next post. Comment!! Rate!! I'm talking about my site and how I'm doing so far!! Representin' Detroit with fashion!


OMG, Affordable Comparisons!! (1)

OMG, this right here... is just my style. Dawg, this is spot-on, laid-back BOSS style. L.A. Dodgers' Matt Kemp was in Paris wearing '2 FINE 'Ls' : Louis Vuitton and Lanvin.

Both the hat and the glasses (Beanie Cap/ Attitude Sunglasses) are by Louis Vuitton, $465 and $530, and the hightops by LANVIN, $760. You can kinda tell that I'm a big fan of LANVIN; I talk about it often. I'll get some of that one day; I'm not in a hurry.

In the meantime, DUDE, check the Matt Kemp photo and then check my 'AFFORDABLE' fashion picks where you don't have to break the bank to get the gear, but still look cool. 'K Detroit? 

My 'AFFORDABLE' Comparisons:

OBEY Trademark Beanie    Carrera Sunglasses, Master 2 Aviator Sunglasses 

Left: OBEY beanie hat from Urban Outfitters - $28
Middle: CARRERA Aviator Sunglasses - $120
Right: Pro-Keds Leather Hightops - MSRP $100; sales as low as $35

Guess you might wanna cop the cheaper styles if you'd like... You know I got your back with these deals...

BLACK WINTER (Men's Edition)

Against the beautiful backdrop of crisp white SNOW, SNOW, SNOW, stand out in an all-black ensemble that you just can't go wrong in. Make it your own but try these examples--JAIDEN knows what he's talkin' about. PLUS--- it's affordable!! Check it out now:

Left: Canvas Rucksack $38 - Urban Outfitters
Right: OBEY Rapture Bomber Jacket $128 - Urban Outfitters

Polo Ralph Lauren Ranger Boots - $149 or SALE (Found in many shoe stores)

Nixon Black Glossy Watch $60 - Urban Outfitters

There's more I want to show you, but posting pictures today on here--acting a little stubborn. But hope you guys get the idea! Urban Outfitters, for those of you metro Detroiters who don't know, is located at the Somerset Collection North, 3rd floor. Another great store is Jimmy Jazz , the urban clothing and shoe stores which provides affordable and different shoes than the usual sneakers you find at Foot Locker. Jimmy Jazz has shoes like custom Air Force 1s, Creative Recreation, Pastry, Coogi, CAVI, and much more! See website for locations: and . 

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Welcome To My World

Thank you for joining in on seeing "The Only Jaiden." I'm very excited and optimistic about this project. Notice that if you have been following the developments of this whole 'JAIDEN' thing, you would have noticed that in such a project, there would be more promos and such. I decided to let that increase over time as the popularity of this blog and project grows.

This blog takes on a "comic-book" feel, a page-turner like a good book. My persona, JAIDEN, is described as a SUPERHERO--not fictional, people--an actual fashion superhero who CAPTURES the hottest clothes for men and women, in the 18-35 age sector. If you're not too keen on finding the hottest styles or just not into the fad like that, this blog will really just be like a guidance counselor, a blog that never bases itself on TREND ('cuz trend doesn't last) but rather bringing out the FASHIONISTA IN YOU. Everybody is a fashionista; you are a fashionista whether you got on a ratty sweatsuit going down to the corner store for a minute, or going to the ball in haute couture. We all just need to properly make our style our own, while at the same time not looking a hot mess.

Okay now, let me briefly tell you about the lineup of this blog: I will post the items of the week at least twice a week, and random flyy people just about every other day to everyday. I'll try to keep the ones I find, in Detroit. There will be pics from my camera, and some from the internet that catch my eyes, and once in a while, I may piece the items to form one complete look. Some pieces may be expensive, but I'll do my very best to find inexpensive items for the everyday person. :-)

Without further ado, let me showcase the items of the week that caught my eyes as I had on my "cape," flying around the city *lol*

Esco777 Nike Air Max 1
Air Max 1 Custom - Courtesy of Complex Mag via Twitter

We're in the cold season where shoes of the norm are Timberlands, Polo Ralph Lauren boots, TOMS (love 'em!!), and other boots like it. A good direction to go in when you're stepping in from the snow is changing into some red-hot shoes like these Air Max 1s above. I saw this in Complex Magazine, but these kinds of shoes can be found in stores like Burn Rubber Sneaker Boutique Detroit (Royal Oak, MI) or in limited stores like Jimmy Jazz.

Usher, Courtesy of Complex Mag
Pair those red-hot Nikes with accessories that have RED in them or COMPLEMENTS the red, like this denim ensemble Usher was seen wearing a couple weeks ago. This is a very cool outfit, so wear it well. Because the red shoes are eye-popping and loud, there's no need for the outfit to be loud as well. When you're stepping out, just change into some rugged boots that can be found anywhere. Personally Aldo, Underground Station, and even Wal-Mart have those kinds of boots; I would go there to look for them. They are affordable (obviously Usher's gear costs more)! Speaking of affordable, you can easily rock Usher's entire look at Target or Wal-Mart. You can be guaranteed to find this entire look for under $100!


Cheetah Print Oxford from Forever21 - $20

Leopard prints really seem to be the go-to for the winter months. While animal prints are considered to be a bit of controversy among fashionistas and the general public, the major problem is most people do not know HOW to apply those animal prints.

Listen... DO NOT wear an entire ensemble of animal prints: Blouse/Dress, scarf, purse, shoes, earrings, etc... YOU LOOK LIKE TARZAN'S WIFE. Wear one piece of animal print (LEOPARD is the way to go) and wear it with something cool yet understated; usually a dark color or denim will go well with it.

Ratkovich from Aldo Shoes - $120

Suggestions: Dark blue or black denim jacket, black T-shirt or blouse with graphics with warm, earth tones, black fitted jeans (like Dereon, Apple Bottoms, or any stretch jeans) or black leggings, black leg warmers (for a twist LOL), and the EYE-POPPING leopard shoes. If the leopard shoes is still not working for you, try earth-tone heeled boots.
Check the peeptoes. Your toes might get cold so keep them warm with--DRUMROLL--glitter socks. Yup baby.
Well, that's it for right now. I'll be right back. Let me retire back to my "bat-cave" and I'll come back with some more interesting stuff. God is love.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Uhhh... $600 Converses??? Oook.

Yeah, you sure saw it right, guys. $600 USD Converses. But hey... these aren't your average Chuck Taylors that you rock over at your BFF's house. These are proper-named SAK FOR CONVERSE STAR TECH HIGH TOP SNEAKERS.

For you sneakerheads in Detroit, I'm sure these may be available at a boutique near you, but for right now it's only going to be exclusively at John Varvatos in New York, Aloha Rags, Concepts and Blends. I don't even know the latter two stores. Yup, I still gotta know all the stores and labels. So many stores and lables, so little time.

Still wondering why it's $600? Well just read the press release below:

Hiruma’s story is unique. Born in Japan, he has been pursuing age-old Italian craftsmanship in Florence, Italy for nearly a decade. Choosing to immerse himself in the historical home where Renaissance and industrial design have converged for centuries, Hiruma’s unique and modern sensibility blends with his unmistakable skill and artistry.
Creating coveted versions of Converse’s most recognizable styles, Hiruma has carefully replicated the silhouette of the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, One Star –and now the Star Tech shoe. A basketball shoe from decades past, Hiruma artfully crafts the details of the Star Tech shoe using old-world construction techniques. Each individual shoe features beautiful, supple leathers –all hand-stitched from upper and rand to insole. Hiruma gives each shoe leather soles that echo finely made dress shoes, yet with ink-printed logos and trademark detail that give them a playful, comfortable feeling. The sak for Converse Star Tech shoe comes in natural shades of tan and black leather with hand cut logos and detailing for the shoes uppers. The attention to detail includes elegant hand-stitched leather rands and toe bumpers and charming touches such as a hand-cut star cut out gracing the ends of each shoe’s leather laces.
As a part of Converse First String, Converse’s high-level product program that celebrates craftsmanship, authenticity and pure expression, these are truly works of art, with only 64 pairs in each style available worldwide.
What y'all think? Would you cop these, or still rock out some Chuck leather? Man, imagine how many Chuck Taylors in all different colorways you can get for $600... 

Anticipation of Affordability: Lanvin for H&M

Dapper guys who don't want to spend a lot of money on some flyy evening wear but at the same time want to look A-List, Lanvin has collaborated with H&M to produce a more affordable line of day and evening wear for men and women.

For all of you fashion-forward people probably already know about this but in case you don't, now would be the time to get the word that people can look good just for the hey of it.

Expect to see this new line debut in H&M stores toward the end of November. It's going to be PRICE RELIEF for both men and women. How much of a price relief, you ask? Well for women, where an original LANVIN evening dress averages upward of $1,000, the LANVIN dress by H&M will be reasonably priced at around $200-250!! Quality of fit & finish is NOT SACRIFICED; just as good as the haute couture LANVIN people crave for.

So guys, check out the pieces that caught my eye from H&M Lanvin below (pricing not available at this time):

Do you like 'em? Let me know by dropping me a comment on Facebook, Twitter, or this blog! Let's rep Detroit in style, y'all!

The Only Jaiden: "Hott Picks" from a Detroit fashionista

The Only Jaiden: "Hott Picks" from a Detroit fashionista: "This is a pre-opening test post. Nothing but pictures and... ADMIRATION and DROOL over the following items you know you want to be seen wearing i..."

Omarion: Fash, Crash, and Burn (1)

Check out Omarion at his 26th BDAY BASH in Hollywood. While I'm not the kind of person to "BASH" too hard on people's fashion sense, I will say this-- Some people may not agree/like certain Kanye-esque accessories, but I thought they were cool. Now we're looking from top to.... bottom. Ouch-- the shoes just ruined the whole thing, made erry'thang look worse.

With such a risky outfit, you have to make sure the shoes are on-point!!! He would have looked much better if he had paired the outfit with some classic black Timbs or Polo boots with the tongue out, Or.... some black-on-black Air Force 1s with custom gold laces to complement and repeat on the heavy gold jewelry Omarion was wearing... Hmm... SMH.

"Hott Picks" from a Detroit fashionista

This is a pre-opening post. Nothing but pictures and... ADMIRATION and DROOL over the following items you know you want to be seen wearing in the "D":

Ladies, the "MILITARY" look is still hott, still going strong. This cotton Rag & Bone Leigh jacket was recently seen on Barbadian star Rihanna. this retails for $475. Similar, more affordable looks of this jacket can be achieved at Old Navy, Gap, and H&M.
Guys, the "MILITARY" look is still strong for us too!
This is a William Rast leather jacket seen on Justin Timberlake on a cool night out. It retails for $565. Due to versatility, this can be worn with anything from a fitted graphic T to a nice shirt and loosened tie. Also more affordable jackets with this style can be easily be found in your local department store. C'mon guys, let's look HOTT, especially in the "D!!" Let's represent!

Pics from Upscale Hype


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