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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Who is the Best 'JUSTIN'???


I found this interesting post on Celebuzz, and I wanna aim this towards the ladies.

Here's a pic of all the JUSTINs: Justin Bieber, Justin Timberalke, Justin Long, and Justin Bartha. As far as style BIEBER and TIMBERLAKE has it ON LOCK.

Pic: Google

Friday, June 24, 2011

FLASHBACK: 2009 Rihanna 'Rated R' Looks!! She A Bad Mutha....

Rihanna Shoes

As many of you can state the obvious, I'm a big RIHANNA fan.

She's one sexy thang in anything she wears; she can even make a TRASH BAG look good. Seriously. No jokes. So I was just strolling through the internet for RIHANNA photos and was bombarded by memories of Rihanna's coming out after the CHRIS BROWN thing that some people can't seem to stop talking about (I'm not talkin' 'bout it; I'm just sayin'...)

So check out some pics at Rihanna's baddest in the 2009-2010 season; time really flies!!

Rihanna ShoesRihanna Shoes
Rihanna ShoesRihanna Shoes

*SMH*--- in a good way...

Thursday, June 23, 2011

PYNK Magazine Features LALA VASQUEZ As 1st Lady of New York (via MTO)

Yes, I have a big old picture of LaLa Vasquez featuredin PYNK Magazine, and it's bigger than the other pictures I post up. After all, looking at this picture should be 'FASHION' enough for your eyes.

Beyond beautiful. Everything in the picture is brought together nicely. Exquisite. Alluring. Content. WOW.

Pic: Media Takeout

TEYANA TAYLOR In New Video Shoot 'Her Room'; On "Chill" Mode

Once again, THE ONLY JAIDEN focuses on the magic in fashion that interprets itself in many ways, especially through music. So check out rapper TEYANA TAYLOR in a more personal kind of setting, in her video with Omarion. 

Look at this mood she's putting on; it's the classic emotion of a girl longing after her man, and the clothes Teyana wears are once again personal and the norm of what to wear when one is in "chill mode." What do YOU interpret about the pictures?


Pic: Global Grind

SADE: Dipped In The Fountain of Youth!!

I was stunned by the picture... I'm actually attracted to SADE, and here's the kicker:

She is 52 YEARS OLD.

And no... she's not wearing all-black (which is a nice outfit BTW) just to look young... just look at her... she's already better looking than most 35-year-olds!!

Pic: Google/ MTO

MARLO HAMPTON (New 'Atlanta' Housewive) In New Photo Shoot

After circulation of Marlo Hampton's leaked rap sheet for 'ASSAULT/GREAT BODILY HARM', people (including me) have been anticipating Marlo's debut on 'Real Housewives of Atlanta.'

But anyway she did a photo shoot, featured on YBF. She looks great and looks well-pampered surrounded by Chanel boxes and jewelry. HMM... SEXY.

Check it out:

Dat's wassup...
Pic: YBF

LADY GAGA In Green: The Color of Money and Freshness, that is...

The crazy interesting LADY GAGA continues to stun her little monsters and even her non-monsters with what she wears. Instead of all the crazy stuff we usually see Lady GaGa wear, this look above is extremely understated by GAGA STANDARDS. This is a MONEY look, meaning that everything about her look is expensive in all categories.

After all, she IS wearing the color of money.

She wore an interesting, Nicki Minaj-ish teal wig which fades to black at the roots to compliment the black glasses, a Valentino leather trench coat, and the formidable CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN 'DAFFODIL' PUMPS for $995. Only GaGa.

Pic: UpscaleHype

DWYANE WADE Is Also A Fashion Buff; Attends Fashion Show In Milan!

Check out Dwyane Wade looking on top of his style game, even more so since he attended the DSquared Fashion Show in Milan. I found his looks on UpscaleHype, and may I say that it looks so... so... ME.

D. Wade was wearing a DSquared2 poplin blazer for about $1,200, as well as the jeans for about $500, and the cherry on top is the YSL sneakers for $410.

I happen to know that D. Wade is quite the good dresser... he needs to be featured more in fashion blogs and websites, especially in the OFF-SEASON. Thumbs up to Wade!!

Pic: UpscaleHype

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

NBA Baller Dwight Howard Brings Out The 'Rihanna' In Him, But Looks More Like Serena *LOL*!!

Dwight Howard appeared on a show to do a parody of Rihanna with her red wig. Funny, funny, funny when I saw that this morning. But no matter how much harder I look at the pic, Dwight looks more like tennis superstar Serena Williams!

Check it out below:

Serena Williams Tennis player Serena Williams attends the Vera Wang Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center on September 14, 2010 in New York City.

See what I mean? 'Jaiden' doesn't lie...

Pic: Google/ MediaTakeout

Mesmerized by Baldness: LADY GAGA Stuns Crowd The Other Day W/ Bald Head!

It can't be... is LADY GAGA really bald??!!

I doubt it. That's probably a well-designed flesh cap on her head. Heyy... is it just me or does LADY GAGA look like AMBER ROSE in the above picture?

Amber Rose Jewelry

Pic: Google

BEYONCE Aims To Become A Classic In New Photo Shoots (Pt. 1)

BEYONCE recently did an interview in which she said that she wanted to make songs that are classics, songs that she will sing when she's 40 and even 60. So check out her photo above from TIME Magazine.

Much too hot, isn't it? I think it's cool that at her age (29), she does not feel the initial need to be on top of the world, but she sure does want to make a lasting impression and be a staple in the history of music.

Check out a few more pics of Queen Bey in the next few posts.

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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