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Saturday, April 9, 2011

TATYANA ALI's Sequined Party Dress Is Muy Fabuloso!!!

Ladies, wanna look HOTT on a night out with your girls?
Guys, want your lady in this dress?

Yess, sequined dresses are making an entrance in 2011. Not so much last year because women had their own kind of style that shyed far away from the GLITZ, but definitive trends are really shaping up around one material: SEQUINS. There are dresses, shoes, jackets that we have yet to see, but for one, check out Tatyana Ali (from "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air") in her sequined dress.

When I see this dress, I can't help but to speak Spanish....

Pic: YBF


In every country, there's a certain woman of recognition and power who is looked upon as a staple of the nation. For the United States, it's first lady Michelle Obama. For the newest royal couple soon to be wed, it's Kate Middleton.

Her royal style is often notable for being not too 'traditional' but just right for any occasion, kind of like Mrs. Obama. So I just want to briefly show you a few selections of Kate Middleton's wardrobe that I found to be nice; I will use this for my upcoming WOMEN's LOOKBOOK:

These are simple, on-the-go, can't-go-wrong looks fit for women around the world.

When a lady steps out, she must turn heads with her smile, her subtle curves, her free-flowing dress that flatters her body and renders her a mysterious, sexy princess *Nice play on words, JAIDEN -LoL-*

Now, just waiting to see what else she's wearing on the days leading up to the Royal Wedding at Westminster Abbey on April 29, 2011... THE ONLY JAIDEN will keep you updated the Only Jaiden way.


The Kardashians are always being spotted just walking around town; that alone is news and fetches thousands of dollars for photos. Well, if I caught a photo of one of them myself, you can be sure it would be sold so I can pay some bills *LoL*

Well here's Kourtney Kardashian lookin' hott, but just slightly "off-center" with her high contrast Christian Louboutin "Change of the Guard" Platform sandals for a smidge over $1,660. Kourtney's whole outfit would look even better if she had paired her bright blue Louboutins with a fringed blazer that's the same color and vibe as the shoes (to balance it out), and wear simply all-black (no patterns/print designs) to keep the focus flowing from top to bottom.

Ladies, How would YOU rock this?

Pic: UpscaleHype

Friday, April 8, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Look-Alike Contest Gone Wrong!!! Eww....

All of these women don't even come close enough for a look-alike contest. Why is it that a lot of BIG GIRLS always feel the need to look like their idols and instead of paying homage to their favorite star, they actually MOCK them and themselves??

Ladies and gentlemen around the world, I say that it was just a mess in this picture. You can CLEARLY see who's the real NICKI MINAJ.

The only ones that looks OK is the 3RD FROM THE LEFT and maybe, just maybe the 2ND FROM THE RIGHT. The one in the blue's body is tight (looks great) but she doesn't look like Nicki...

...And HEEEEERE's Nicki!!!!

Pic: NecoleB***hie


GRRR... and I missed; I didn't even know that Brandon Jennings and Teyana Taylor were in town in metro Detroit shopping for shoes at sneakerhead store REVIVE in Birmingham, MI. This was apparently news for Birmingham, news for Detroit sneakerheads, and news for me since I spotted the above picture.

I might pay REVIVE a visit and see what's up...

But check out the hot shoes both of them were wearing (WAIT-- I thought they broke up?? Maybe they're just friends now). Brandon Jennings was wearing Christian Louboutin suede studded sneakers for $1,095! Mmm... gotta have a pair--when they go on sale, and yes, these high-end labels DO go on sale. And Teyana Taylor was in the classic Air Jordan 3 Sneakers for about $150.


Man, it's gettin' warmer, and I'm not just talkin' about Spring's warm air front (finally reaching 70 degrees this weekend!).

Pic: UpscaleHype

Sneaker of the Day: Adidas Original x Jeremy Scott Sequined Sneakers

adidas Originals Metro Attitude Logo   Black   White   Sequins

This is decidely a feminine take on the Jeremy Scott sneaker. This hott line of sneakers have been making new colorways back to back and I have to say that these are pretty cool; sequins almost never go out of style, depending on which clothing item it's placed on. 

And I strongly believe that guys will wear these; I guess SEQUINS are not only for girls.

Check out more views of these sneakers:

adidas Originals Metro Attitude Logo   Black   White   Sequins 
adidas Originals Metro Attitude Logo   Black   White   Sequins

Pic: Sneaker News

Style Warp: An Interesting Twist On the Classic Denim Shirt

Selectism - goodhood-r-newbold-denim-overshirt-01

The label GOODHOOD released their denim shirt in collaborations with R. Newbold. Check out the detailed dots all over. INTERESTING. PURE ART.

 I just love seeing new brands all the time; there's just an ENDLESS LABYRINTH of labels and collabos that are yet to be discovered, and I'll keep discovering for you.... and for my own good, too!

Selectism - goodhood-r-newbold-denim-overshirt-02

Pic: Selectism

Lady Delight, or ENVY: MASHONDA In Body-Baring Sequined Dress + A Woman's Colorful Nails

Mashonda was spotted out with friends wearing a revealing purple and gold sequined dress with sheer cutouts on the sides. It was WAYY HOTT and had mothers covering their little boys' eyes when she was seen on the streets. The dress was done up RIGHT, RIGHT, RIGHT with gold platform pumps.

I bet SWIZZ BEATZ had a little side eye; I don't know, though. Alicia Keys is HOTTER than HOTT when she's in her game mode.

See more MASHONDA....

MaShonda Dress 2

Also, these are some BOMB-ish fingernails (not Mashonda's nails) straight outta the '80s. Gotta love 'em, ladies. Man, I just love a beautiful woman and any woman who loves herself enough to stay beautiful...

Pic: NecoleB***hie

Thursday, April 7, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Does High-Fashion Shoot For ELLE's Music Issue!!

This woman never, EVER ceases to amaze me. It's just one photo shoot after another. Photographers can really admire NICKI MINAJ's tenacity, her natural beauty and funniness of how she portrays herself. When she's into her character of high-rise wigs and hip-hugging bodysuits, you can't help but to feel bubbly inside, like watching cartoons.

On the other hand, when NICKI MINAJ goes into her serious and graceful mode, like the one above.... Bet you lost track of what I was sayin'.... 

Check out more pics of the AMAZINGLY TALENTED Nicki Minaj in ELLE Magazine:

Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 2Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 5

Nicki Minaj Elle Magazine 6

Maaaan, such beauty and talent...

RENEE ZELLWEGER Rocks A Bold Red Trench Coat! It Takes Spunk and Know-How...

Like red lipstick returning, the bold look of RED is making a swift return to America. Bright colors once entered the market heavily in the '80s when women of all shades wore red lipstick (yes, I remember my mom and grandma doing the same thing). Now, here is actress Renee Zellweger who rocked a trench coat to an event in affiliation with Tommy Hilfiger.

This is quite the TOMMY HILFIGER look. Remember those days?? Aww... I remember my TOMMY days.

But anyway, I have to give a THUMBS UP to Renee because she pulled it off well. Even though the coat is bright red, it's simplistic in design and never is over-the-top. When you have something this bold, there's no need to add anything more; just make sure your other colors are near neutral (i.e. RED COAT w/ tan pants or jeans, shoes, accessories).

Pic: Celebuzz

Fashion House Shake-Up: Christophe Decarnin of BALMAIN Is Dropped!!

Christophe Decarnin, chief designer for BALMAIN

You ever hear of this brand that charges $1,600 for jeans, $11,000 for blazers, and upwards of $21,000 for trashy-looking gowns???

Only BALMAIN can do this, with very few luxury fashion houses following closely behind.

Guess what? Ever since John Galliano (designer) got fired from Christian [DIOR] recently for making an anti-Semitic remarks, star designers like Christophe Decarnin (BALMAIN) started getting dropped from fashion houses like DOMINOES; it's not clear why, but I'll look more into it. 

So what does it mean for BALMAIN in general?? Well the general population can't afford BALMAIN, but the popularity of the astronomical costs of the collection keep the fashion label on the radar, as well as its pricey clothes gracing celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Jay-Z, Sir Elton John, the late Michael Jackson, and especially Kanye West. It'll be interesting to see where BALMAIN goes.

Check out the BALMAIN 2011 collections (WAYY HOTT):

(Right) Rihanna in quilted BALMAIN jacket: $10,000+ !!!

Kanye in red BALMAIN jacket

Pic: Various

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

More Pregnant Celeb Mamas (P!NK and Mariah Carey) In Style!!!

A Very Pregnant Pink Steps Out for Breakfast

Their buns in the oven are about to POP!

Just a quick post here before I go to workout: P!NK and Mariah Carey are about to give birth anytime soon; they're also keeping their beauty and fashion game on lock. There's no excuse to be in RAGS just to be comfortable while pregnant. A pregnant woman can still have style, and BEAUTY, just like Mariah below when she took her bare belly pic for Life & Style Magazine.

Pic: Celebuzz

RAVEN-SYMONE's New... and SUPER-HOTT... Punk Rock Look!!

There's a lot of people going PUNK and ROCKISH these days.

Check out Raven-Symone in her new PUNK ROCK look from the photo shoot she did recently. I found these pics on Media Takeout. Love'em, love 'em. She sure changed it up from that awful look she had when she was doing a fundraiser for Disney a few weeks ago (she looked 20 years OLDER!!!!).


But now... she is on her GAAAAAME!!!

She got that Beyonce / Jordin Sparks vibe....

Pic: Media Takeout

Nicki Minaj's KING-SIZED Donk + Willow Smith In ELLE Magazine

I, THE ONLY JAIDEN, love me some Nicki Minaj purely for her "artisical creativisimal ability (that didn't even make sense, but you know what I mean)." And while I admire her, I can't help but to notice that her already impressive backside has grown a little bit. Maybe she did a few squats or something... or maybe it's the bright outfit that gives off the illusion.

...In other news....

Willow Smith, the 10-year-old "Whip My Hair" and "21st Century Girl" singer, is featured in ELLE Magazine looking tough and cute at the same time. This whole ambiance of the photo is interesting, especially in black and white, including the contrast between the tutu and the punching bag. The issue is due in stands SOON. Check her out if you haven't.

Maaaan, this lil' girl is taking ova'......

Pic: Various

BIG SEAN In Vintage Cartier Eyeglasses

Now I KNOW that Cartier eyeglasses are the pinnacle of eyewear, especially in city of Detroit. They are highly prized, as well as highly DANGEROUS in this town as well as others. It is still nice to see these glasses in the raw, especially on an artist like Big Sean, who is from Detroit.

He was in L.A. with Tyga and other artists carrying tremendous SWAG as he turned heads wearing vintage Cartier eyeglasses with diamonds on the temples and nose bridge. FRESH! He also wore a Nudie jacket with YSL pins (turn them right side up, Big Sean!! *LoL*)

(Would I wear Cartier's?? I own a pair (yay!) but not those kinds-- I'm SCARED OF THEM.)

Pic: UpscaleHype

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The GAME's New Red Mohawk + Vanessa and Angela Simmons' Interview/Photo Shoot

Rapper THE GAME shocked his fans on Twitter by changing his hair up. A change in hair is a change in fashion; HAIR is a part of fashion. THE GAME dyed his new mohawk red for his new upcoming album.

I guess the CHRIS BROWN effect is taking ahold of a few people; I dyed my goatee caramel brown. Oh well *LoL*.

angela simmons and vanessa simmons.

And in other news, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, offspring young women of the famous Simmons family (i.e. Rev. Run and Russell Simmons), had an interview with Fearless Magazine. They looked beautiful and very professional; thumbs up to these beautiful young women for keeping a straight head on their shoulders in business.

Check out the excerpt below from their interview with Fearless Magazine:

Vanessa on the success she hopes to reach
There are so many different steps I feel like I want to take in my life. It started with Pastry and Angela and I building a brand. Taking that from zero to where the brand is now. And of course, there is acting which I don’t feel like I have hit the top of the iceberg of where it is headed. I also want to be a hotelier. Me and my sister want to open a hotel. Angela and I also just started a production company called Simmons2 for quality TV programming. There are so many levels to where I want to go reach my successes, one day at a time.

Angela on gaining confidence as she grows older
The world was viewing me at the age of 17. So you have to imagine from 17 to 23 you are going to grow up. It’s a matter of me becoming more of a woman, which is still a process that’s happening. I’ve grown in relationships and work. Everyday is a learning experience. I’ve changed since coming to LA. Health wise, I am more aware and really trying to get in touch with myself. I am learning to love myself first.

Update of Angela Simmons (Media Takeout):

Pic: NecoleB***hie

KANYE WEST In All Red BALMAIN, In Lollapalooza (Chile)

So, Kanye West reportedly brought down the house and then lit it up by performing "All Of The Lights" in his bright red BALMAIN leather jacket and matching red jeans, and suede Louis Vuitton sneakers. He also brightened the look even more so by adding about 10 pounds of gold jewelry on his neck.

OMG, this man's fashion sense is THROUGH THE ROOF!

Me. Like. Too. Much.

Well, he was in Chile, sounds just about right to be wearing "red." Whenever I think about the nation of Chile, I think about chili peppers *LoL*. Check out some more views of Kanye's outfit in the 2011 Lollapalooza in Chile.

Kanye West

Pic: RapUp

TEYANA TAYLOR Poses For Vibe Photo Shoot With A Tribal Aura

Rapper/model Teyana Taylor did a very beautiful photo shoot for VIBE Magazine in which she wore some beautiful African tribal clothes; she looked like a young Nubian princess---with swag and attitude. Teyana's hair was perfect and free-flowing to complement the vibrant mood of her outfits and alluring body language.

Check out a few more shots and video of Teyana:

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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