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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The GAME's New Red Mohawk + Vanessa and Angela Simmons' Interview/Photo Shoot

Rapper THE GAME shocked his fans on Twitter by changing his hair up. A change in hair is a change in fashion; HAIR is a part of fashion. THE GAME dyed his new mohawk red for his new upcoming album.

I guess the CHRIS BROWN effect is taking ahold of a few people; I dyed my goatee caramel brown. Oh well *LoL*.

angela simmons and vanessa simmons.

And in other news, Vanessa and Angela Simmons, offspring young women of the famous Simmons family (i.e. Rev. Run and Russell Simmons), had an interview with Fearless Magazine. They looked beautiful and very professional; thumbs up to these beautiful young women for keeping a straight head on their shoulders in business.

Check out the excerpt below from their interview with Fearless Magazine:

Vanessa on the success she hopes to reach
There are so many different steps I feel like I want to take in my life. It started with Pastry and Angela and I building a brand. Taking that from zero to where the brand is now. And of course, there is acting which I don’t feel like I have hit the top of the iceberg of where it is headed. I also want to be a hotelier. Me and my sister want to open a hotel. Angela and I also just started a production company called Simmons2 for quality TV programming. There are so many levels to where I want to go reach my successes, one day at a time.

Angela on gaining confidence as she grows older
The world was viewing me at the age of 17. So you have to imagine from 17 to 23 you are going to grow up. It’s a matter of me becoming more of a woman, which is still a process that’s happening. I’ve grown in relationships and work. Everyday is a learning experience. I’ve changed since coming to LA. Health wise, I am more aware and really trying to get in touch with myself. I am learning to love myself first.

Update of Angela Simmons (Media Takeout):

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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