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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

KANYE WEST In All Red BALMAIN, In Lollapalooza (Chile)

So, Kanye West reportedly brought down the house and then lit it up by performing "All Of The Lights" in his bright red BALMAIN leather jacket and matching red jeans, and suede Louis Vuitton sneakers. He also brightened the look even more so by adding about 10 pounds of gold jewelry on his neck.

OMG, this man's fashion sense is THROUGH THE ROOF!

Me. Like. Too. Much.

Well, he was in Chile, sounds just about right to be wearing "red." Whenever I think about the nation of Chile, I think about chili peppers *LoL*. Check out some more views of Kanye's outfit in the 2011 Lollapalooza in Chile.

Kanye West

Pic: RapUp


Arthur Davila said...

Those aren't LVS shoes
but probably common projects, ALIFES, and or Claes.

Hue and Jaiden said...

Ok, I'll look into that...

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