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Saturday, February 11, 2012

R.I.P. Whitney Houston : 1963-2012

Just speechless. One of the greatest to grace a microphone.

I'm expecting a GRAMMY TRIBUTE.

This is Whitney the night before she died. Waiting to see what happened to her...

Pic: MTO / Google

Black History Month Edition: CLAIRE from 'Fashion Bomb Daily' and Necole from 'Necole B***hie' Blogs

One of the inspirations for my fashion blog (there is a big difference between INSPIRATION and COPY; I am inspired by and don't copy other blogs-- Newsflash :-) )

So check out photos of Claire from Fashion Bomb Daily and Necole from the Necole B***hie blog, in honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH:



Pic: Google

The COLOR-BLOCKING Nicki Minaj: Photo Shoot for PAPER Magazine

Color-blocking is a fashion term used for when a person wears clothing items in contrasting colors that usually have no business being together, but somehow it WORKS. It takes a true skill to pull that off, and Nicki Minaj does have that skill (or her stylist does) in this PAPER Magazine photo shoot.

Take a look at some of the interestingly-colored pics ... see the ART in all of this, put on your fashionista cap :-) :

Pic: PaperMag / FBD

JAIDEN Likes: JASON WU Fall 2012 Collection, Including Collection for Target Stores

Jason Wu

Right around this time is the highly-anticipated NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, where thousands upon thousands, if not millions of people are coming from all around the world, just to see what the best designs of the U.S. have to offer. Hundreds of designers are churning out their best designs, in hopes of getting selected by a buyer.

Here is JASON WU's Fall Collection that's just crazy good. Great use, fit-and-finish of otherwise simple materials. Take a look:

Jason Wu

Jason Wu

And the JASON WU collection is currently on racks at Target stores (not this exact collection, but something similar).

... and while the following pic is not from the Jason Wu collection, it still stirs up something comical about fashion to me. check out this KATE SPADE ensemble:

Kate Spade

Pic: CBS / Jason DeCrow / Getty

First Photo of BLUE IVY CARTER, via HelloBlueIvyCarter @ Tumblr

Wow, that's one beautiful and wealthy baby... congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z for Blue Ivy Carter (b. Jan. 7, 2012). This baby is already on the way to become a fashion brand because both parents have filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademarks company to preserve the Blue Ivy name, speculating that they may release a line of baby products and Blue Ivy products.

BALLIN' BABY!! See Beyonce's amazing figure just one month after giving birth:

Pic: CBS

Friday, February 10, 2012

LaLa Vasquez: Great Dress, Not-So-Great Makeup

LaLa Vasquez was spotted at a charity event looking beautiful and trim with this one-shouldered deep orange gown... but the MAKEUP was all wrong! Usually her makeup is done right to lessen the rather low eyelids and upper lip that LaLa has, which may make her appear slight seductive or just plain sleepy.

Bare and/or colored makeup around the eyes help lift up and brighten up the face, NOT THE SMOKY EYE for LaLa's kind of eyes; clear lip gloss is a nice touch too.

Less is MORE, ladies! By the way, I hope that LaLa gets a 'face coach' for photos, just for someone to help her utilize a more radiant facial expression for the cameras.

Pic: MTO

Black History Month Edition: ANTM/Supermodel Eva Marcille

(Above: Most recent pic at time of post; pumps are encrusted in Swarovski crystals by Louboutin for $6,000)

In honor of Black History Month, I'm going over many of the black supermodels, actors, actresses, entertainers, singers, activists, etc. One of the many who graces my blog is supermodel 'Eva Marcille' (or Eva Pigford). She won America's Next Top Model several years ago, and she's been doing great ever since, winning photographers' hearts as well as winning spots on magazine covers.

Check out some of her pics below, and bask in Eva's beauty:

(with Lance Gross)

Pic: Google / Various

BODY ART: Adam Levine of Maroon 5 and 'The Voice' (Tattoos)

Photoshoot: Terry Richardson

Found more tattoos AKA 'body art', this time from Adam Levine, the top guy of Maroon 5 and judge on hit show 'The Voice.' Check it out:

BTW, 'jailhouse tats' are NOT body art; there's a difference #justsaying .

Pic: Celebuzz

KYLIE and KENDALL JENNER In New Nick Saglimbeni Photo Shoot / Instagram Pics

Wow, these two youngest Kardashian girls, Kylie and Kendall, are looking to become more than reality stars, they are actually making a brand... as MODELS!

They have the look and body for it. The above photo is from a new shoot with Kardashian photographer Nick Saglimbeni. The facial structure, poses, long and lean arms, hair, dresses are ON-POINT!

Also see some INSTAGRAM photos:

Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Instagram Photos

Kendall and Kylie Jenner's Instagram Photos

Pic: Celebuzz

Thursday, February 9, 2012

CHRIS BROWN's On His 'Grown Man': New Suit and New Twitter Pic

This pic was Chris Brown's default pic on Twitter. Sharp, sharp, sharp suit! This is going in my lookbook.

Pic: Google / Twitter

BODY ART: The Story Behind NY Giants' Devin Thomas's Tattoos

Devin Thomas tattoo body

It's always so cool and interesting to see a story behind a tattoo or tattoos. In New York Giants' Devin Thomas's case, his BODY ART is a book! See below to see what they mean, in Devin's words:

The tats include a spartan, a Wolverine (name of the college team in his hometown of Ann Arbor, Michigan) , a prayer that use to be located on his mom’s wall (he had it inked after she passed away) and a scene from ancient Egypt. He also had a Broken Heart and HK (Heartbreak kid) inked behind his ear after his heart was broken by a girl during his second year in the NFL, a cartoon warrior name Goku on his back (to protect him) as well as the words ‘Love, Live Life’ (to represent his key to happiness: “Love and then you’ll be able to live life”).
“Obviously, being in D.C., it was very stressful. After the season, I was ready to get to a needle.” He’s now, with the Giants team, happier than he’s ever been, he said, and so “I don’t have to express my anger so much.” The tattooing has slowed and is more subtle, but that’s not a precursor to the complete end of his inking.

-Wall Street Journal, via Necole B***hie

Devin Thomas of the Giants Inked Up

Pic: Necole B***hie

JAIDEN TRENDS: RED and FUR Are INNNNN For Men For Fall/Winter 2012-13 !!


Red and Fur.

Now FUR wasn't in for almost all of 2011 (for both genders). It made sporadic appearances on some celebs and on some runway shows, but it's coming back big time. Here's the kicker: FUR will not be so much popular in animal colors, but FUR in COLOR will be!!'s for MEN!

The whole vibe is... FUR is going to be incorporated into very bold colors, whether paired in accessories, clothing, or the actual fur DYED.

See the VERSACE Runway video above pics below, just to see what I mean:

(Spring collection from Versace, but carried over to FALL)

Kudos to Ms. Donatella Versace for this collection...

Pic: Google / Versace

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Behind-The-Scenes of Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2012 Men's Fashion Show (VIDEO)

Check out this quick video of DOLCE & GABBANA, one of the design inspirations for my necktie line, Vintage Ties by JAIDEN Detroit. It's a behind-the-scenes look for a men's runway show.

Fashionistas and Fashionistos, COME ALIVE!!!!

video: YouTube

Black History Month Edition: Model CHANEL IMAN (Photos)

Sometimes models need no introduction. After all, when they do photo shoots and strut down the runway, they're usually not talking, and they're actually showing people THEIR language through their walk and the clothes they wear.

So take a look at CHANEL IMAN's 'language;' this young, tall, slender model speaks it in various ways, for she's versatile in her style:

Pic: Google /

Black History Month Edition: DOROTHY DANDRIDGE

Dorothy Dandridge was such a beautiful black woman with style, elegance, and enough pull to get her to sing before white audiences, which was unprecedented in her time. For more detail about Dorothy, check out the movie Halle Berry played starring the lustrous singer a couple years ago. Check out her style...

Gorgeous... and gone so soon at her young age.

Pic: Google

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

#BeyonceIsBack After Giving Birth To Blue Ivy, Seen In Curve-Flattering Red Dress

Beyonce is back in the spotlight after giving birth to baby Blue Ivy Carter. In the meantime, no more stories about Bey's alleged fake baby bump and all that, just be excited that Bey and Jay are now parents.

Anyways, Beyonce sure rocked her first night out in support of Jay-Z (who sang 'Glory' in honor of Baby Blue). She wore an Alice Temperly dress, Alexander McQueen sequined clutch, and jeweled and embroidered Christian Louboutin stilettos. Look closely at the BOLD BLUE nails below; I know it's to honor her new baby.

Beyonce in Christian Louboutin

Pic: Necole B***hie

Polarizing Looks: Rihanna's Rocker Look w/ $750 Chanel Biker Hat + Katy Perry In Cotton-Candy Look With Versus Dress and Louboutins

Polarizing looks.

Rihanna and Katy Perry are shown worlds apart in their style. Rihanna has been maintaining that ROCKER look wearing her $740 Chanel biker hat while Katy Perry stays steady with the blue-hair, cotton candy look with her Versus by Versace dress and new Louboutins.

Pic: Upscale Hype

Monday, February 6, 2012

Chrysler's New 'Halftime In America' Superbowl Ad

Last year, Detroit made its initial comeback and rocked the nation with Chrysler's groundbreaking 'Imported from Detroit' Superbowl commercial. It featured Detroit native and strong supporter EMINEM and iconic Detroit buildings and sceneries (see below). This time around, the United States of America is included in the picture.

I think this year made more sense because we have Detroiters and people outside of Michigan boundaries who manufacture cars for Chrysler, and wanted to be included in the Motor City comeback but felt left out. Well, Clint Eastwood brought America all together, just to pay homage to Detroit's comeback. That's called 'HALFTIME IN AMERICA.'

Beautiful and LASTING video not just made for the Superbowl XLVI.

See last year's video:

Video: YouTube / Chrysler

TREY SONGZ's Tattoos In VMan Magazine Photo Shoot

I like tattoos. I. WANT. MORE. But I actually can't have too many because I'm a model. I have seven, which is all I need, but I need an EIGHTH one. Check out Trey Songz tattoos in the latest VMAN Magazine photo shoot (above).

I like the symmetrical design of the two ladies on Trey's back, and the nature coming forth through leaves and feathers on Trey's shoulders; there's also the signature scripture on Trey's left pec as well as various other tats. His facial expression and structure is very serene and at the same time speaks volumes. The half-wing medallion ties in very well with the symmetrical back tattoo. Accessories are simplistic.

Great job to the photographer and amazing aura this gives off.


Pic: Necole B***hie / Google / The Only Jaiden

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