Note: The following pics do not necessarily reflect the views of The Only Jaiden; this is STRICTLY from a 'fashion' perspective.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

RELAX & SLEEP In Style and Luxury

Shimera Short Silk RobeWe all like to sit and chill around the house in whatever we don't really want the outside world to know about: ratty old jeans or shorts, a worn-out, stretched-out T-shirt, and houseshoes on the brink of ruin. One of these days, I think we all need the luxury to feel pampered while we relax and/or sleep.

Picture this: Imagine a crisp, cold winter night and the moonlight is softly peeking through the snow clouds, tree limbs lightly swaying in the wind. You're looking out the window of your hotel room, a bustling city before your eyes, a nice mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top, and you're wearing the softest touch: a cashmere/cotton blend nightrobe, silk pajamas, and the softest memory-foam slippers. 

It's nice to feel swaddled in luxury. Save your money to splurge on these night items I found, for both MEN and WOMEN: 

Top left: Shimera Silk Robe - $98 from Neiman Marcus

Polo Ralph Lauren Contrast Collar Velour RobeBurberry Check Pajama Pants

1) Polo Ralph Lauren Terry Cloth Robe - $110 from Nordstrom
2) Burberry check cotton pants - $95 from Nordstrom

Q&A Image  

1) Ralph Lauren Purple Label Slippers - $300- $600 (online or in-store)

Tory Burch Coley Shearling Slipper Gucci Leather Slipper

1) Tory Burch Pink Women's Slippers - $128 from Neiman Marcus
2) Gucci Men's Slippers - $390.00 from Neiman Marcus

Top your luxury and comfort off with a cashmere throw blanket or fur blanket at your local furrier, and delight all your senses into a realm of relaxation!!

NELLY Keeps It Classy With Louis Vuitton

Hello everyone, I caught Nelly on a fashion website with this really smooth, cool gear.

You know, you would think that most or all rappers like to wear baggy jeans, tall tees (LOL remember those?? They ain't fashion no more; it's just for BASKETBALL or lounging), and just whatever thug look.

Nelly has a great, BOSS look (i.e. "BOSS" means no need to overdo a look with gobs of jewelry and other flashy accessories) wearing almost all LOUIS VUITTON accessories.

Let's go over what he was wearing. A leather panel cardigan, denim jeans, Louis Vuitton damier canvas belt ($420) and Louis Vuitton Discovery Ankle Boots ($990).

Nelly has really evolved in his looks from the past that were, of course, rapper-like. He has lately taken on a more relaxed, mature look that takes him to a whole 'nother level beyond just the music and shows off more his true talent as businessman than rapper.

An expensive look without the gaudiness. 'LESS IS MORE' is key, people!!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

STYLE REVIEW: Fonzworth Bentley & Kanye West

 There are so many people of style in this world, but I had to make a hard choice as to who should go onto my blog posts. The reason is because THIS WEEKEND, I AM MAKING POSTS OF NOTABLE PEOPLE OF STYLE THIS YEAR. So I just picked  a few people, only eight people in the mix--music artists, bloggers, models, etc.-- who really stood out:

  • Fonzworth Bentley & Kanye West
  • Benjamin Bixby (Andre 3000) & Rihanna
  • Joshua Kissi & Travis Gumbs of Street Etiquette
  • Alicia Keys & Halle Berry 

Let's do a brief intro of each, along with pics of them in different outfits:

Fonzworth Bentley, former host of "From Gs to Gents," has an "OMG" contagious style I just can't stop following. The style is always spot-on. I was trying to find more pictures, but Bentley kind of went off the radar for a minute. Did the best though... see the pics and video from GIANT Magazine photo shoot below:


Kanye West

I'm not going to get into the music and all that, just straight-up fashion. Kanye West the so-called "douche bag" has been highlighting fashion blogs, print, media, and fashion shows for years now. He has a penchant for high-end clothes, collaborating with other designers, and showing off without care. His pioneering style goes far beyond just his music, and is copied by fashionistas worldwide; Kanye's style is hott, though. It's otherwordly, another realm of time, a cross between futuristic and Harlem Renaissance times. Take a look at the following pics.

GUYS, HAVE YOU ONCE OR CURRENTLY DRESS LIKE THIS? Odds are your style is straight from Kanye.


That's it for now... next "STYLE REVIEW" will be Benjamin Bixby & Rihanna.

...And Finally A "W" for Omarion

In recent weeks, former B2K singer Omarion has been struggling in his direction of style. His choice of picking out certain items weren't too shabby, but when they came together as an outfit, it led to my "FASH, CRASH, AND BURN" posts-- TWICE.

I found Omarion today on Upscale Hype. Yay for Omarion because this outfit works a whole lot better than his other ones that have this kind of Kanye vibe to it. It doesn't look good on EVERYBODY; just Kanye and a select few. However, I'm borderline about the Louis Vuitton monogram mink scarf ($2,260). The scarf is fine to me; it's just the placement of it across his chest. Maybe it could look better as an unexpected play...on the waist.

Placing the fur scarf around the waist in place of a belt is very different but will bring much more attention to the subtlety of the gray blazer and black bowtie, while still showing off a "playful" and European side. Also, the fur scarf being placed around Omarion's waist will resonate an opera kind of vibe, like those orchestra musicians who wear those belt-thingies around their waist.

Sidebar: Another idea in using the mink scarf, but in a very stately manner rather than "playful," would be to simply take the full length of the scarf and drape it over the left shoulder; he would definitely look like he belongs in the royal court.

It (scarf on a man's waist) might look strange, but it'll get easy on the eyes. Fashion is all about adapting and trying new methods to otherwise simple materials.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christian Louboutins: A Woman's Delight

I won't say too much about Louboutins because they are an item, a great Christmas gift (which may make a man's wallet nervous), and a hot commodity that even the most genteel women will fight over if it was the last color and size available at the boutique. Check 'em out, then check out some similar ones:

Christian Louboutin Lassagi Patent Pace-Up Pump   Christian Louboutin Maggie Chain-Toe Platform Pump

1) Lassagi Patent Pace-Up Pump by Christian Louboutin (CL) - $895.00
2) Maggi Chain-Toe Platform Pump (CL) - $895.00

Christian Louboutin Pigalle Glittered  Pump   Christian Louboutin Deroba Denim Wedge

1) Pigalle Glittered Pump (CL) - $595.00
2) Deroba Denim Wedge (CL) - $595.00

Now for similar ones with affordable prices:

1) CARRLY from Steve Madden - $99.95
2) PROSPRUS from Steve Madden - $149.95

Don't I know what looks good on a fine woman or what?!

YOUNG CELEBS (from Bow Wow to Bey) In High-End Labels

Kdia in Chanel Vintage Baseball Jacket- $950; earrings and eyeglasses also
by Chanel
We young people have a style all our own. When we do it right, we get plenty of turned heads. Seeing the pictures of young celebs below in their hott, high-end 'couture' labels is just the aim many of us fashionistas go for. Remember, our look doesn't have to be expensive to "prove a 'fashion' point." It is all about fit, finish, color, and how we rock it. For example, a girl may rock a pair of form-fitting $12 jeans better than another girl with $300 ones.

Whoever is your style guide and icon, from Rihanna and Beyonce to Fonzworth Bentley and Pharrell, rock the look out well as well as make it your own

Anyway, just in case you wanted to purchase some high-end designer labels or to get a similar design (please no KNOCK-OFFS; you make one wrong move and the whole thing rips apart), check out examples of all the celebs below:

Bow Wow in YSL Tee - $265; Ray-Ban sunglasses

Pharrell - Coat by Marc Jacobs; Sweater by 3.1 Phillip Lim

Ciara - 'FLY' bag by Walter Van Beirendonck -  ~$140

Cassie in Sessilee Dress by LaQuan Smith
 The BEST bet of where you can find these amazing clothes for less is if you go to urban boutiques in your local area, or urban chains like H&M, Urban Outfitters, or even your local Target. Remember to match up inexpensive clothes with one or two quality items (one quality item MUST BE SHOES). And guys and gals, double up on accessories when it comes to inexpensive clothing; you'll be one hot ticket out there...

JORDAN XIII's for Christmas, Anyone??

Jordan Brand December/Holiday 2010 Releases   UpdateChristmas is coming up very soon, like TOMORROW, well...month and a half. What I mean by tomorrow is that somebody better be saving their money NOW in order to pick up these hott new Jordans that will be released in different December 2010 timeframes. Some have reportedly, according to FreshnessMag, been delayed by a few days. Even though that may not seem too much of a big deal, to an authentic SNEAKERHEAD, it's catastrophe.

Why is a simple delay by a few days a catastrophe? 'Cuz. For example, there's a cool swag event on a certain day, and a true sneakerhead knows that they would SHUT. IT. DOWN. with a crisp pair of juuuuuuust-released Jordans or whatever kicks are hott. These shoes sure are hott; the crave just can't stop.

Here's a list of dates that the above colorways will be released (not all are listed):

  • Air Jordan 1s Armor Series and Altitude Green/Black - December 11th
  • Air Jordan XIII Black/Altitude Green - December 11th
  • Air Jordan XI Cool Grey - December 23rd
SNEAKERHEADS and Christmas shoppers, wake up!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Big Sean Picks Up A Trend

Trends, trends, trends...they're everywhere. A trend can even become more fun, more daring, out-of-the-box, more YOU if you can change up on a current trend to make it your own. If you follow a trend exactly, you're just gonna be drowned out in this fashion world. Make a style your own, just like Big Sean did.

If you followed/read a previous article that I posted on Usher and what he was wearing (denim jeans/jacket), and in the picture, you can see that Usher was wearing a handkerchief ; Detroit artist Big Sean was spotted wearing a handkerchief---in the pocket of a regular T-shirt. Wow...never thought of that. Hmm...interesting.

I smell a following...a trend of people adding their own mix of kerchiefs to whatever-- make sure it makes sense, please. Don't forget to visit me at Twitter and Facebook.

Gospel Artists With Style

Hello everyone. I wanted you to check out some great gospel music artists who have distinguished style in the music industry. There are many of them singing the Good News all across our great nation and overseas and some featured in pics down below. I don't know if some of you noticed, but people of Gospel tend to have a "hot-to-the-touch," unmatched style and they wear it with no problem, and that's VERY DIFFERENT from secular music, whereas people in that sector just have some...WHAT ARE YOU WEARING??!! Anyway, view below..

Tye Tribbett
Mary Mary (Erica and Tina)

Kirk Franklin

Rev. Jamal Bryant (Pastor; shaaaarp suits)

There are, again, many more gospel artists with excellent fashion sense. But check each of these artists out; you'll see what I'm talking about.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fash, Crash, and Burn (2)

This is purely coincidental. I have absolutely nothing against Omarion. I came across this picture of him on MediaTakeout, and what's he wearing...just.... OMARION....bro-bro....just stop. Really. Doesn't look good on EVERYBODY.

FLYY STYLE, even in Traveling

 Just doing a fly-by; check out Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers, representing the best way he can, even in travel. We know people like to wear lounge clothes or something decent but comfortable for travel.

But this dude... he brings out all the stops as he sports nearly head-to-toe Louis Vuitton: a brown Louis Vuitton hoodie ($1,060), printed shirt ($400) and Punchy sneaker boots ($545). ON POINT! No lie, no hate. Don't think the get-up is hott? You must not know fashion *smirk*. Also Kemp sports a Junya Watanabe camo scarf. Maaaaan... I could rock that look anywhere, for CHEAP too (NO, I DON'T BUY KNOCK-OFFS).  

Represent the "D", or wherever you are, in MAAAAD style :-) !!

RIHANNA Does It Again With Fashion

Colourful costume: The singer wore an unusual ensemble on stageDespite what some people may say about what her supposed religious whatever-it-is, Illuminati-something (I'm not getting into this mess, just the fashion bit), I've always watched and admittedly sometimes drooled Rihanna's ever-changing sexy style. She is like the epitome of fashion sense, complete range, and FREEDOM. She just commands it.

Don't think so? Look at the many girls around America and overseas. They rock the "SHAVED HAIRDO" or the "Rihanna" mohawk. Whatever she does, they do. It's a trend, a crazy trend the girls just can't seem to get enough of. Now, since the black girls have cut their hair to be like RIHANNA (knowing BLACK GIRL HAIR don't grow back fast), sly girl switches it up to red-hot hair; this time changes it a lot. It grew 2 feet overnight to LOOOOOONG RED HAIR LoL. Gotta love it.

Rihanna is seen wearing this eye-catching shoulder-padded jacket that reminisces the heydays of hip-hop MTV '80s, black bodice and "yellow underwear" *lol* and vicious black boots. Look at 'em legs...

She was performing "What's My Name" for MTV's SEVEN, a new show following 7 performers, and also performing as part of promotion of her newest album. Her album LOUD comes out today, November 16th.

Whatever your style is, ladies, wear it PROUD and wear it WELL! Don't let the clothes 'make' you; YOU 'make' the clothes with your sheer swag, your confidence no matter what shape and size you are, and ROCK IT OUT... LOUD!!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010


Now, I posted the 'COOL TEES' earlier today; that was for the men. But Ladies, don't think I'll leave you out. You got your part here too. Check out these tees that'll have you lookin' cool digs and HOTT this cold season.

Sparkle & Fade Sheer Sleeve Oversized Top Pins and Needles Watercolor Chiffon Blouse Truly Madly Deeply C'est La Vie Pocket Tee

Truly Madly Deeply Good as Gold Tee Product Image License Juniors Lacey Bodice Tee - Romantic Rose

Product Image Paul Frank for Target® Juniors Balloon Julius Tee - Purple Product Image License Juniors Mario Tee - White

Blouses/Shirts 1-4 from Urban Outfitters - $14.99 to $39.99, down from $30 to $79
Tees 5-7 from Target - $9.99 to $19.99, down from $16.99 to $38


Looking for a shirt that signifies who you are? Are you mysterious? Are you a ball of fun? Are you reserved? Are you just plain CRAZY (there's a difference between "fun" and "crazy")? Check out the T-shirts from Urban Outfitters and from other places, too. The shirts below range from $9.99 to $12.99, down from about $28. Will post more later; just doing a "fly-by!"

Dr. Dre Tee Homage Harvard Yale Tee Altru Striped Tee
SP 10 BDG V-Neck Mac Tee Kramer The Pimp Tee 

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