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Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Highly Anticipated KANYE WEST Womenswear Collection

This is one for the fashion books.

KANYE WEST dropped his new womenswear collection, something that is highly anticipated, especially coming from a music artist, better yet, a music artist who is very strong on FASHION. 

Many stars and supermodels were in attendance, including  The show was packed with fashionistas, designers and celebrities such as Alexander Wang, Joseph Altuzarrra, Dean and Dan Caton of Dsquared, Jeremy Scott, Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Jared Leto, Ciara, Lindsday Lohan, Anna Wintour, Tameka Raymond, Terry Richardson, and many more (Upscale Hype).

Chanel Iman was one of Kanye's models. Check out more pics of his show. He looks so nervous LOL. I would be too if I had a fashion show.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Friday, September 30, 2011

Joshua Kissi of 'Street Etiquette' and his African Tribal Paint Shirt

According to Joshua Kissi of popular style blog STREET ETIQUETTE, African Tribal Paint shirts are cyclical, appearing on the runway every couple of years. But it's definitely showing up now. Check out what Joshua Kissi has to say:

If the wrist accouterments and tribal rings weren’t evidence enough, my Ghanaian heritage heavily influences my style. That influence is also evident with print shirts such as the one featured below. There’s a subtle distinction between traditional African fabric originating from the continent and the type manufactured out of inspiration. The latter may discourage some people, but it is still a catalyst in creating awareness of these history-rich prints and designs.

Pic: Street Etiquette 

Ciara At Paris Fashion Week (Barbara Bui Fash Show)

Fashion Week is very important to stylists, designers, fashionistas, and the like. It takes place all over the world as fashion is celebrated. It's also a star-studded, global event, and speaking of that, check out artist/dancer Ciara in ALL-BLACK at the Barbara Bui Spring/Summer 2012 fash show in Paris.

I like the whole CATWOMAN vibe; very daring in a 'field of flowers.' And check out the long, blonde ponytail.

Pic: Necole B***hie

Beyonce & The Baby Bump Strolls Thru NYC

Just can't wait for JAYONCE to come into the world. Beyonce was spotted stepping out of a custom luxury conversion van to attend an undisclosed meeting. She looked so graceful in her sturdy-looking pumps (she's walking for TWO) and her plaid dress that has a subtle belt at the waist. The orange purse may or may not be from Hermes (I'll keep you posted).

BEY's look comes together quite nicely; she just looks so alluring for a pregnant woman. A theme song for her right here would be 'Halo'.

Pic: Google/ YBF

FLOYD MAYWEATHER's All-White Car Collection... Worth $2M!!

Check out Money Mayweather flaunting his winnings (about $40 MILLION after the fight with Victor Ortiz). Of course, this is not ALL from his winnings but an accumulation of hundreds of millions of dollars over the years.

Check the all-white collection (I love white cars myself) worth about $2 million.

From left to right: Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Maybach 57, Mercedes-Benz S600, Ferrari 458 Italia, Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, September 29, 2011

PICS Of Rihanna's 'We Found Love' Music Vid Bleached Denim Look

RIHANNA is usually known for her risque outfits and notable 'COUTURE' not 'CUSTOM MADE' get-ups like Lady GaGa and other artists. Not sure yet what label Rihanna's wearing on the set of her new music video ft. Calvin Harris, We Found Love, but it's quite nice.

Location: Belfast, Ireland

Rihanna is seen in an updo, bleached denim skirt and bra, ripped stockings, crazy platform shoes, and sitting then escaping from a muscle car, all reminiscent of the '60s. The look is also a lil' throwback to Rihanna's RATED R days. Can't wait to see the whole COMIC BOOK/OLD FASHIONED MOVIE concept of this video.

Update: Denim outfit is by Jeremy Scott.

More pics:

Likin' the look. Different, Edgy, Original, Crazy, Cool!

Pic: Google/ Rihanna Daily

Janet Jackson.... Illuminati....Really?? Janet Wears 'The Eye' To Conrad Murray Trial

As many of you know, the Dr. Conrad Murray trial started Tuesday, and had every news coverage there. Since I cover the fashion part, I must say how beautiful Janet Jackson looks with her all-black attire, sunglasses, and relaxed, pinned-up hair.

But one thing cameramen took notice of was the necklace Janet wore around her neck. It was a necklace with an EYE on it. It's usually known as an ILLUMINATI symbol. Now, I don't know what's going on with that and I don't want to judge what she's wearing it for but whoo... some folks really need to understand that ILLUMINATI MESS.


Pic: Google/ MTO

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Car of the Day: 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera

Wow, check out this hott car. It's 2012, it's a Porsche... and it's RED.

The redesigned 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera has evolved over 48 years, becoming more and more sleeker and sophiscicated. Not to mention sporty, too.

Here's some excerpts and pics below from and Porsche press release mentioning this awesome car:

At 48, the Porsche 911 Carrera is younger than ever. The completely redesigned seventh-generation sports car icon is stepping into the limelight with its sleek and stretched silhouette, exciting contours and precisely designed features. Yet from every angle it is unmistakably a 911, holding true to the Porsche 911 Carrera ‘evolution, not revolution’ design philosophy...

To complement the modern exterior design, Porsche designers created an interior reminiscent of the Carrera GT. The driver is now even more closely integrated within the cockpit thanks to the rising center console and high-mounted shift lever or gear selector located close to the steering wheel. As with the exterior, classic Porsche elements abound inside. Present is the instrument cluster with five round gauges – one of them a high resolution multifunction screen, and of course the central tachometer and the ignition lock to the left of the steering wheel...

At the same time there are performance improvements in both models. The 911 Carrera S with PDK accelerates from 0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds. Using the Launch Control function of the optional Sport Chrono Package cuts that to 3.9 seconds. The 911 Carrera with PDK needs only 4.4 seconds to sprint from a standing start to 60 mph (4.2 seconds when using the optional Sport Chrono Package’s Launch Control function). Top-track speed for the 911 Carrera S and 911 Carrera is 188 mph and 179 mph, respectively...

The first new 911 models will arrive in U.S. dealerships beginning in February of 2012. The new 911 Carrera Coupe will have a base MSRP of $82,100, while the 911 Carrera S Coupe’s base MSRP will be $96,400 (excluding destination). Both models will include substantial additional equipment when compared to the previous models...

Pic: Serious Wheels

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Angela Simmons Goes Semi-Nude and Vegan for PETA; Uncle Rush Thrilled!

Check out Angela Simmons looking like the black Eve. She posed nude, not in a scantily kind of way, but for PETA, which is known for having celebs to pose 'in their own skin' in lieu of animals.

Angela apparently has gone VEGGIE-terian. More power to her. I don't know about you, but I'm a meat-lover.

Pic: Google/ BET

Off-Color: LIL' KIM + Plastic Surgery= HOOOTTT Mess!

Lil' Kim no longer looks like Lil' Kim...

She looks like SNOOKI from Jersey Shore!

Please Lil' Kim... do one more surgery... TO GET YOUR FACE BACK!!!

Pic: Google/ Necole B***hie

Nicole Richie In Hott & Cropped Couture Biker Jacket

Nicole Richie (where she been??) was spotted leaving a fitness center wearing a Simone Studded Motorcycle jacket for $1,295. I think it's a hott look for women in this fall season. Nothing like a good girl lookin' like a bad tomboy *LoL*

Great with: Fitted jeans or leggings with ankle/knee-length heeled boots... OR THIS LOOK BELOW...

Pic: Upscale Hype

Jay-Z Announces Name Change Of New Jersey Nets To 'Brooklyn Nets' ... In Tom Ford Suit

Not so often do I see mogul Jay-Z wearing a suit, but when he does, he does it WELL. Check out Jay-Z in his suit by Tom Ford as he announces an official name-change of New Jersey Nets to BROOKLYN NETS.

Wow, the power to change a team name went pretty well with that power suit (GRAY IS AN EXCELLENT COLOR CHOICE FOR A POWER SUIT).

Pic: Upscale Hype

J. COLE's Best Jordan Sneakers- The Collection

On Sneaker Watch, there was a post about J. Cole's strong collection of Jordan sneakers. One of the most formidable models is the 'Concord,' the black and white colorway (shown above) that will be making its RE-DEBUT in the latter part of 2011.

Celebrity Sneaker Watch - Best of J. Cole

Check out Sneaker Watch for more details.

KID CUDI Wearing Nike Mag 'Back 2 the Future' Sneakers

WOW, those are some futuristic sneakers from the year 2023. Literally. Check out KID CUDI wearing the Nike Mag sneakers, the sneakers that light up in shades of blue and yellow and just puts you on a whole new pedestal of 'COOL', not L.A. GEAR 'silly'.

The sneakers run for I DON'T KNOW because it's a limited edition and was won by Kid Cudi in an auction, it seems.


Pic: Upscale Hype

Sunday, September 25, 2011

NICKI MINAJ Wears A 'Colored' Chicken Wing Around Her Neck As JEWELRY!!

What kind of....
We know that NICKI MINAJ can be outlandish, but wearing FOOD is a lil' much. Check out Nicki wearing what appears to be a fuchsia-colored fried chicken wing around her neck. Though it may be toned down from Lady Gaga's MEAT DRESS, it's still very noticeable!

Pic: MTO

Natural Black Beauty of the Day: MARY J. BLIGE

This past weekend, all eyes were on Mary J. Blige with her new blonde cut, shimmering brown skin, and captivating, alluring yet conservative red dress to go with the background of the POWER OF WOMEN event.

So, I named Mary a natural black beauty of the day. To me, that smells like:


Pic: MTO

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