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Saturday, December 25, 2010

JAY-Z's Mug Is Quite... BREATHTAKING, But He Shops At Lavish Stores... YUP!!

Jay-Z is known as Camel Face, and whatever name people give him, but his business hustle is on-point. I mean, $63 MILLION in earnings is definitely not laughable. And he sure spent it at Hermes, one of the most luxurious stores IN THE WORLD, where $300 silk scarves and $10,000 bags are the absolute norm.

I wonder what he got Beyonce....

SONY PIIQ x SUPRA Skytop Sneakers -- Matches Headphones..

Sony PIIQ x Supra Skytop II Sneakers

These are an excellent collaborations: something to match something else. I have red and black headphones to match my silver/black Joshua Davis backpack w/ red interior, and all-red Alife sneakers.


These are real nice for real... Supra Skytop many colorways... OWWW!!!

NIKE BASKETBALL "STOPLIGHT" PACK!! Control traffic as an ILLLLL pedestrian...

Nike Zoom KD III, Zoom Kobe VI & LeBron 8 V2 "Stoplight" for Christmas Day

Ya' like??! Would you cop 'em?
Is it for me? Nah.
Why did I post it? IDK.

CHANNING TATUM In Hott Diesel Sneakers


Channing Tatum was spotted wearing Diesel Clawstrap Sneakers for $120. I think these sneakers are sweet. How 'bout you?

He's So HOOD -- Really: Gucci Mane Spotted With $200K Diamond Bracelet (Unnecessary Excess!)

WHY DO SOME RAPPERS DO THIS??!! They load up on the jewelry, up to about $1.5 million worth, and don't have any savings!! I would understand the super-rich spending big money for big houses, exotic cars and business deals, even buying up stakes in sports teams and opening foundations.

But I never really got the bling-bling everywhere. It's all up in the ears and on the wrists and it should serve better purpose or a rapper like GUCCI MANE can get more bang for his buck. 

$200K For a custom-made GUCCI MANE diamond bracelet? I don't care how much money and how nice it looks, it still don't make sense....

Friday, December 24, 2010

EMINEM In Gucci Nylon/Leather Jacket (Detroit Style)

Check out Detroit rapper Eminem's Gucci jacket when he was performing in Saturday Night Live. I thought the "Love The Way You Lie" "rapstress" wore this jacket pretty well (he doesn't have a lot of put-on swag, he's just all cool within himself like that).

The jacket's design is cool, although I wished there was more leather than nylon, and if there is more nylon than leather, the coat should be more affordable than the $1,390 price tag.

Check out more pics of the jacket:

More TRINA Photos 4 Ur Pleasure: Red Hair And Recent Sightings

I'm just doing a fly-by and I wanted to focus on a post about hair, and what better than Trina (after all, there's a pretty high search list on my blog for "Trina" so I decided to give you that)? She do look good in red hair as of late, goes with the "fire eyes" anyway...

See more pics of Trina...


Some photos may not be TOO RECENT, but they sure ain't outta sight either...

New And Updated Promo Pics For "The Only Jaiden" Blog

Location: My bedroom, Detroit area

Take a look at my promo pics for this fashion blog. They're very nice, daring, calm, all wrapped in a ball of fun. Check 'em out...

Location: Chicago

Location: Chicago

So there you have it, your author "Jaiden" can take some pretty good pics, huh?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

MILEY CYRUS All Grown Up!! She Ain't Hannah Montana No More!!

miley cyrus undercover set 11

The world, including me, hasn't really fathomed the concept that Miley Cyrus is a big girl now because of course, everyone still sees her as Disney's "Hannah Montana." The 18-year-old star has been in trouble several times for racy and not-thought-out pics taken by both her and paparazzi. She has tried to be fashionable, but apparently it made parents and other fashionistas say "No-no" and "HUH?"

Y'all know what I'm talkin' about....

If she wants to inspire kids, she really has to be careful when she's in the public eye... It's hard, but she can do it if she tries...

See more pics:

miley cyrus pampered mom 01
miley cyrus undercover set 02

ZAC EFRON: Beanies Are Still Popular...

zac efron subway 02

Zac Efron was spotted getting a sandwich in rainy, rainy, rainy L.A. He was wearing a beanie, which is still popular for guys and gals alike, in all races, from the skateboard white boy to the rapper black girl. His laid-back style with the roughed-up shirt is rugged and cool...

UPDATE: Zac was wearing $1,550 Balmain denim jeans.

Check out more pics of Zac Efron...

zac efron subway 03
zac efron subway 01

Dat's wassup.....

Solebox x Reebok Omnizone Pump Sneakers-- A slingshot back to the '80s...

Solebox x Reebok Omnizone Pump Sneakers

It's so "Back To the Future"-ish, 1980s, LA Gear times where every step you take, the shoes blink. Here's the 2011 version. It's the SOLEBOX x REEBOK OMNIZONE PUMP SNEAKERS. These will be available in February/ March 2011.

Don't worry, the company based in Berlin knows about how people feel about the lights. They are able to be turned on and off, and do not blink with each step but rather stay on for a nice light show, especially at night.

I think these could be popular in urban areas like my hometown Detroit.

Ya like??

JAY-Z Wears A "Jesus Is Lord" T-Shirt; Hmm... Has He Gotten A Revelation?

Jay-Z was spotted a few days ago wearing a Givenchy "Jesus Is Lord" t-shirt for $195. And while I should be happy that this hip-hop king is representing the kingdom of God, I come to find it a little skeptical.

Kanye West wore this shirt before Jay-Z did, and then now Jay-Z wears one. Both of these guys were accused of being in the Illuminati so apparently there's this sudden different direction that they've taken by representation of this shirt. 

I wonder what's their motive... if they're actually, really representing Jesus in their own kinda way, I guess I have to put out a lil' "Amen!"


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Air Jordan Cool Greys To Be Released At Midnite! Cop 'Em!!

Reminder: Air Jordan XI Cool Grey   Starts Midnight Tonight
Reminder: Air Jordan XI Cool Grey   Starts Midnight Tonight

Enough said. These are up for grabs first at the Niketown locations in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco.

RIHANNA Spotted In Saks Doin' Christmas Shopping -- Gosh, She's So Beautiful...

By now, you guys should know that I'm a fan of Rihanna, I've just always looked at her evolving fashion sense and I love how she wears the clothes; it just accentuates and speaks a language about the beauty of a woman's body. So then, I was glad when I found these pics of her shopping at Saks In Beverly Hills, wearing Christian Louboutin suede boots and Proenza Schouler toggle coat ($1,855). 

Check out more pics of Rihanna shopping:

Proenza Schouler Toggle Coat

A Plain $200 YSL Logo T-Shirt Is One U Won't See In My Closet...

There are some people who appreciate style, and then there are some who are just "label whores." WHO IN THEIR RIGHT MIND WOULD SPEND $200 ON A PLAIN T-SHIRT WITH A YSL LOGO SLAPPED ON THE FRONT OF IT??!

Ironing on "YSL" is something I could probably do at home *LoL*

BOTTEGA VENETA Introduces Line Of Intrecciato Leather & Suede Sneakers


These shoes are what I call versatile. These can be worn with anything ( NEW denim jeans as it will stain this colorway in the above picture) like your favorite jeans and to complement a like-colored dinner jacket. The sneakers you see are by BOTTEGA VENETA, and retails for $490. Ya like???

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

STEVE HARVEY and Wife Marjorie Vacation in Aspen Draped In Furs-- Can U Say SWAG??!!

I found Comedian Steve Harvey and his wife on MediaTakeout. They were vacationing in Aspen, Colorado. They were looking SHAA-AA-RRRP, especially Harvey's wife Marjorie. Check her out in that fur coat, buckled boots, and Hermes Birkin bag under a PLASTIC COVER.

Hey Marjorie, gotta do what ya gotta do to protect your ish...

And I'm not paying attention to what negative comments MTO had about Steve and Marjorie, they looked just fine to me!!

USHER Lookin' Casual, Then Flips Da Script With Bright Red Sneakers..

USHER spotted lookin' casual. Shoes are from Raf Simons. Ya like? He also wears his fav sunglasses by Dita for $400.

LADY GAGA's Latest Wear, Wearing Elegant But Unique Pearly Outfit And Glasses

Only LADY GAGA can do this. She's so hott, so unique, so beyond her time and age with her fashion sense. She looked quite the epitome of "outlandish elegance" with her pearly beige dress with accentuated shoulders and Mykita Jane sunglasses for $525. I found her on UpscaleHype. 

Reeeeeeallll niiiiceee.... 

RIHANNA's Smokin' Hot In Recent Kodak Shoot And Other Pics...

I visited Rihanna's fan website, and there were numerous gorgeous pictures of RIHANNA in her latest photo shoot, the most recent with Kodak as part of a promotional project for the same camera that Pitbull, Trey Songz, and Drake have been promoting.

Rihanna has been doing a lot and looks so sensual and sensational (well to me 'cuz I like her).

SEE MORE PICS OF RIHANNA lovin' the camera back...

"Isn't she lovely..." - Stevie Wonder

Monday, December 20, 2010

T.I.'s Wife "Tiny" Shows Off Her Million-Dollar Jewelry Collection!

She don't look bad at all... PHOTO-SHOP sure works wonders!!

KATY PERRY Red-Hott In Red Dress

This photo is from a couple weeks ago but I'd thought I post it up. Heyy... a red gown doesn't get old anyway....

ANGELINA JOLIE Sparkles The Crowd In Swarovski-Encrusted Dress

angelina jolie brad pitt tourist premiere madrid 02
Swarovski-encrusted top w/ pleated velvet skirt, from Atelier Versace
*Scoff* And Angelina says, "I don't know why I'm THAT popular..."

Sweetie, this is one of the reasons why. She stays up on her game. She's always been looking hot, but even more so since she's been promoting "The Tourist."

angelina jolie brad pitt tourist premiere madrid 05

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