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Saturday, December 25, 2010

He's So HOOD -- Really: Gucci Mane Spotted With $200K Diamond Bracelet (Unnecessary Excess!)

WHY DO SOME RAPPERS DO THIS??!! They load up on the jewelry, up to about $1.5 million worth, and don't have any savings!! I would understand the super-rich spending big money for big houses, exotic cars and business deals, even buying up stakes in sports teams and opening foundations.

But I never really got the bling-bling everywhere. It's all up in the ears and on the wrists and it should serve better purpose or a rapper like GUCCI MANE can get more bang for his buck. 

$200K For a custom-made GUCCI MANE diamond bracelet? I don't care how much money and how nice it looks, it still don't make sense....

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