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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Rihanna Inks Her 17th Tattoo! I Like Tats, Just Not That Many...

If she keeps this up, she may be inked EVERYWHERE! I wonder what Nivea has to say about that, but as Rihanna says, 'I'm just going do whatever I want to do.'

Rihanna has a new tattoo of an eagle, in the shape of a GUN, on her right ankle. Pretty cool... she went to the same guy she's been going to for all her tattoos.

Eudoxie, aka 'Med School', Reaps Benefits Of Being Luda's Woman By Getting Brand-New Porsche!!

Ludacris' fiance EUDOXIE, yes, that lovely girl who postponed medical school to support Ludacris, has seemed to reap the rewards of her support: a brand-new Porsche 911 with red interior, all-white couture outfit, and Chanel purse.

Get it, E!!!

Pic: MTO

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stop the Violence: Drake's Entourage Busts Chris Brown w/ A Champagne Bottle! (Off-Color Issue)

These feuds really got to stop. The only feuds I want to see is Steve Harvey hosting 'Family Feud.' Check this out, I know that I'm supposed to post on fashion, but once in a while, these little moments come up. Chris Brown was reportedly hit in the face with a champagne bottle by Drake's entourage. Drake was reportedly not involved in the scuffle, but he DID have something to do with how the entire scuffle started in the first place...

And there's the big gash that had to be sewn up last night...


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cool Summer Looks On Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes As They Stroll Down Street...

Eva Mendes Clothes

This wasn't even a fashion show, yet these two people walking hand-in-hand are wearing a hott summer look. Ryan Gosling is wearing the distressed jeans with a relaxed button-down shirt, distressed summer boots, slicked-back hair. Hmm, nice lil' thing to put together.

And Eva Mendes, pretty as ever, rocks a red knit sweater (a lil' on the warm side but it could work on a cool summer day), black linen pants, and strapped ankle wedges.

Nice lil' COUPLE ALERT going on here...

Eva Mendes Shoes

Pic: Style Bistro

Charlize Theron Goes Completely Shaven... Find Out WHERE!

There's something a lot of people haven't noticed: who this woman was. Well... it's none other than CHARLIZE THERON. Her hair's completely shaven. Yup... she pulled a WILLOW (Willow Smith). But the cut is actually for a role, MAD MAX 4, in which she really wants to take in the persona of character.

Wow, bold move Charlize. I know one thing: BLACK WOMEN CAN'T EVER DO THIS.

Charlize Theron Hair Shaved

Pic: People, Google

Rihanna's Styles of The Week

Jet-setting from London to Ne York, Rihanna carries her fun, daring, American-ish and Barbados-ish flavor everywhere with her. She sports a tube top here, flowing ruffled skirt there, and I'm loving how she sports a girly skirt with tomboy Chuck Taylors.

Check out some more styles...

Pic: Rihanna Daily

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