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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sneaker of the Day: Nike AIR PRESTO Makes Explosive Return to Shelves

Nike Air Presto   Summer 2011 Colorways @ NikeStore

Does anybody remember when these first came out?? Talk about early 2000s nostalgia. Check out the return of the NIKE PRESTO. They are described as sturdy in construction, yet very flexible and CRAZY COMFORTABLE... I would know, I had navy blue PRESTOs when I kickin' it in middle school (8th grade).

Nice to see this back...

'WERK IT" Factor: EVA MARCELLE In Stunning, Head-Turning Blue Mini-Dress!!


Too many HOTT SUPERMODELS, more than I can handle *LoL*. Anyhoo, check out model/actress Eva Marcelle Pigford out on the town with friends wearing a NECK-SNAPPING blue minidress, matching heels, a sequined clutch, and a wonderful complexion to play up her fun twist of a blonde haircut.

It's a hott look, but I wish she'd do something different to her toning down the blonde to more of a honey blonde mixed with brown... or somethin' like that.

Now to the FASHIONISTA (who wants to know exactly what Eva's items were): Eva wore a Naven silk party dress for $420, it has 'broad shoulders,' a full back opening, and an elastic hem. She also had a PRADA sequin clutch in her hand for $1,100 (remember what I said about SEQUINS comin' into style hard in 2011), and Christian Louboutin Mago Platform Pumps for $795.

BOSS, BOSS, BOSS!!!! I want EVA on my arms *LoL*  

OH LAWD... look who it is on the left... it's that heels-wearing stylist Derek J from 'Housewives of ATL'

Pic: UpscaleHype

Some Beauties Are A Rare Gem... Like Actress JURNEE SMOLLETT

I came across actress Jurnee Smollett, of whom I had a serious crush on when I was younger (she played on Eve's Bayou back in the day, now 'Friday Night Lights'). She had a photo shoot and interview with Complex Magazine, wearing a HOTT HOTT HOTT 'zebra-inspired' dress matched up with her long locks (above). Jurnee is quite the talented actress and she's never too interested in being the 'IT' girl, but just more of an inspiration to others.

See more of her recent pics and an excerpt from Complex Magazine:

Jurnee Smollett

Jurnee is also married to musician Josiah Bell! I didn't even know that until I visited his sister's (who I'm friends with) Facebook page. Congrats to a beautiful couple!!!

See the COMPLEX MAG interview below:

I’d rather have critical acclaim than commercial success.

But actually, I just want to do performances that move people. So I don’t know if I care to have critical acclaim either, ’cause that’s just a bunch of critics. I try to give each performance my own soul, to bring a truth to my character. Hopefully, when I bring that much truth to a character, it resonates with somebody and it sparks some kind of emotion in them. I don’t really think about the critics or the commercial success.

I’d rather tell my partner my most intimate secrets than keep anything secret.

Honesty is the best policy. I tell my partner [her musician husband, Josiah Bell] everything. He knows me inside and out—whether I’m ashamed of it or proud of it. Everyone has a past, but I try not to let that affect the way I see them; I want to get to know who they are today.

Friday, April 15, 2011

RIHANNA Performs "California King Bed' In Sultry Sophisication on American Idol

RIHANNA... boy... when she's in this kind of element (her subtle yet sensual dress) that contrasts beautifully with her fiery hair, she is almost UNREAL. Her beauty is staggering.

I usually have my say... but for right now, I'm at a loss for words. WOW.

She performed Thursday night (4/14/11) at the American Idol show. The whole ambiance was just breathtaking. See Rihanna's velvety, nude-colored outfit (also worn with nude-colored Louboutins) in different views:

Show secrets: Rihanna told Ryan that her upcoming tour was going to be interactive and fans can actually be in the show

WOW... quite a long way from this:

(From NY Post)

Pic: Various

More Pics of Beautiful Women of Fashion; A CAN'T-MISS...

Today, I just want to reflect on the beautiful women who are CEOs, fashion designers, actresses and/or models who have a great sense of style. So ladies, take note.

First up is the above pic of Kimora Lee Simmons, who has lost a lot of weight this year, sparking controversy on whether she was on an unhealthy diet but it was quickly shunned. Kimora was wearing this gorgeous pale pink draped short dress worn PERFECT with silver heels. 



Next is LaLa Vasquez, wife of Carmelo Anthony and reality star who, too, wore a draped tan-grey skirt that complimented her smooth-lookin' top. It is adjoined beautifully in the middle by a tan belt. Check out the platform heels. Got to give a girl her props; note how she stands for the pictures to show off a beautiful hourglass figure leading down to her legs...


...Singer Kelly Rowland and Model Jessica White
...UMM... what are they... *Sideways look*... movin' on....


...And WHOA!!!! The Rihanna look-alike TIKA SUMPTER in this HOTT purple jumpsuit with those delicious and sultry black boots. DAAAANG, givin' my girl Rihanna a run for her money...

And there's more! Wanna see it in entirety. Visit Necole B***hie for more.

Pic: NecoleB***hie

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Releases Unisex 'Alfred Flats' Shoes; One Word: CLASSIC!


Many of us already know the 'red bottom' company CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN, who creates highly sought-after and formidable shoes for majorily women (now MEN are grateful to join in on 'LOUBOU LOVE' with sneakers and dress shoes). So this morning, I visited one of my fav websites, UpscaleHype, and found these...

These are unisex Christian Louboutin Alfred Flats for $795. Much too dope. Much too classic. Much too me to like *LoL*.

Do you like it too, ladies and gents??
Check out the other colors (I don't really like the bottom ones. They look more like tap-dancing shoes).

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kim Kardashian Buries Hatchet With Cosmopolitan Magazine's Turkish Division; Find out WHY..


According to TMZ, Kim Kardashian got mad at Cosmopolitan Magazine because they used her image (above) for the Turkish division of their magazine--without her permission. It's a sexy image and Kim has a great relationship with Cosmo Mag, so why be mad?

Here's the KICKER--

Kim takes her Armenian heritage seriously. The Turks committed genocide against her culture several decades ago so she doesn't feel right about 'helping boost sales' for Cosmopolitan's Turkish division. So... both sides talked it out and now all is well.


Pic: TMZ

Sneaker of the Day: AHHHH!!!! FRESH!!!!! The YSL Spring/Summer 2011 Sneaker Collection


I like the work that YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) is putting in on their material. It's a breath of fresh air, it's rugged, it's earthy.... It's just plain COOL. I came across Highsnobiety and spotted these YSL sneakers for this Spring's collection.

Check out more colorways and styles:

HOTT and versatile shoes for many occasions. Wear it well, guys....

Pic: Highsnobiety

Anticipating Beyonce's Sexy, Encompassing, MASSIVE Return Summer 2011: Sneak Peek Pics

beyonce music video shoot day 3 04

She's gettin' closer.... and closer.... for all of you QUEEN BEY fans!

The 'Single Ladies' and 'Halo' legend, Beyonce Knowles, started being spotted doing a music video; it's been going like crazy for a few weeks now. But this is the 3rd day of Beyonce's shoot for her 'GIRL' music video and from the pics, I can tell she's going all out for this one!

Get your crown back, BEY!

Pic: in Mojave Desert


Jennifer Lopez: People's Most Beautiful Woman!

This 'award' is quite an honor.

Jennifer Lopez, affectionately known as J-Lo, has been in movies and steaming up the stage with her Latina prowess, most recently in her 'On The Floor' music video and being the HOTT-HOTT replacement of Paula Abdul on American Idol.

But Jennifer isn't in her 30s; She's 41. Of all the beautiful and much younger women in the world, Jennifer puts it all to SHAME by being named THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMAN of People Magazine. And she is. After having twins, her body is so RIGHT and age-defying, and she said that owes it all to her 'personal lifestyle and the love of her husband, children, and family.'

I just say it's plain GOOD GENES, GOOD FOOD, GOOD EXERCISE, AND (fill in the blank).

Pic: JustJared/Various

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Models like Selita Ebanks and Actresses Like Kerry Washington Beautified Charity Gala

Selita Ebanks

Recently was the NEW YORKERS for CHILDREN GALA in Manhattan. It is considered one of the largest charity events in New York and it's all about New Yorkers (and other U.S. residents) who care about children. Many models and actresses were there and just looked simply beautiful.

See who was there and gracing the red carpet at this amazing event (I love charitable functions; it's so enriching to the soul):

Arlenis Sosa
Designer Rachel Roy

Actress Kerry Washington

All these great beauties and colors; Spring is DEFINITELY in the air!

Pic: YBF

Sneaker of the Day: Car Shoe Suede Sneakers

Selectism - car-shoe-grey-trainers-04

...And we have another one! Check out these CAR SHOE grey suede sneakers that I found on Selectism. I really like sneakers like these because it's very versatile and can be worn with almost anything, even a suit (preferably a summer canvas suit).  I have 4 or 5 pairs of these kinds of shoes (Pro-Keds and Aldo) and I can wear them to work in the morning and then out to dinner with a blazer, later in the evening.

See more pics of the sneakers:

Selectism - car-shoe-grey-trainers-01
Selectism - car-shoe-grey-trainers-03

Ya like??

Pic: Selectism


There's nothing like chillin' with your friends---friends in massive SWAG. Check out ballers Lebron James and Dwyane Wade, who were spotted at an afterparty a few days ago. dwyane Wade (far left) wore a Gucci belt with matching Gucci sneakers for $295 and $450. Lebron James wore a YSL logo shirt for $285.

That's one expensive white T-SHIRT.

Pic: ATLPics/ UpscaleHype

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Solange Knowles as "Hippie Girl" and Brandy as "Red Soles Girl"


Solange Knowles was performing at an ELLE event recently, wearing clothes with a '70s Hippie kind of vibe. Her style is very different from Beyonce's (who is her sister) and often consists of sometimes outlandish and clothing evoking a certain time period (like the outfit above).

Solange looks cool and fun so I'll give her that. I'm also liking the Native boots that she's rocking in the second picture.


Next is Brandy (singer, dancer (Dancing With The Stars), actor (sitcom 'Moesha')) who is today the "Red Soles Girl" as she is spotted with some Christian Louboutin denim Pigalle Studded Pumps for appx. $1,000 (varied slightly in upscale retail stores).

You like it?? I know I do, 'cuz there's nothing like a lady with some sexy shoes; the whole vibe of the room just changes. MMMM.... *LoL*

pigalle pumps


Pic: NecoleB***hie

Sneak Peek Audition for Beyonce "GIRL" Video + More Vanessa and Angela Simmons Photos

I've got some beautiful young women to show you; they're full of grace, charm, are business-oriented, and are very sexy. The women I'm talking about are Beyonce, Vanessa and Angela Simmons.

First, check out the audition video below for Beyonce's upcoming single and video, "Girl." Just looking at the video clip, I can't wait for it. 


And check out more Vanessa and Angela Simmons pics from various photo shoots from late 2010-early 2011:

Certified BANGERS (meaning they're HOTT, not the other meaning *LoL*)!!

Fash, Crash, and Burn: MILEY CYRUS's.... Everything-- Well, the LV Bag's Ok....

If this is the first celeb photo you've seen this morning...then I'm sorry; no one should have a RUDE AWAKENING like that. But wow, absolutely nothing was cohesive on MILEY CYRUS's body!!

Pure trash--well, not Miley 'cuz it's not my place to talk about people like that, just the clothes they have on-- that she was spotted in at the airport.

Leopard biker jacket. A whatever-that-is short skirt or shorts. STANK leggings. 1987 biker boots. HUH??

C'mon now, Miley... well I'll at least give you props for your Louis Vuitton damier leather backpack... and the nice, long locks you got going on...

Pic: Celebuzz

Monday, April 11, 2011

Derek Blanks' Infamous 'Alter Ego' Photo Shoots


I have been a huge fan of Atlanta-based photographer mastermind DEREK BLANKS for quite a while. I first heard of his work, I believe back in 2008, when I came across a photography book in a Barnes & Noble bookstore. There were a lot of gifted photographers who had a knack for image, proportion, color, everything that made a photo SUPERB.

Derek Blanks stood out by coming up with a creative idea to take pictures of a client and then creating an "alter ego" (a fun, flirty, or dark side of the same client), and blending it into one interesting picture. I have an ALTER EGO: I call him 'JAIDEN', hence 'THE ONLY JAIDEN' (because the other side of me, which is very reserved would never do a blog like this).

Awesome, awesome work. I want to work with him one day.

Derek has done work with many models and celebs such as Beyonce, Michelle Williams, Eva Marcelle, David Banner (Really?), NeNe Leakes and RHOA (Real Housewives of ATL), and much more. See his work:


Musiq Soulchild

Kim Zolciak


Michelle Williams

Impressive, Mr. Blanks....

Pic: Various

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