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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: MILEY CYRUS's.... Everything-- Well, the LV Bag's Ok....

If this is the first celeb photo you've seen this morning...then I'm sorry; no one should have a RUDE AWAKENING like that. But wow, absolutely nothing was cohesive on MILEY CYRUS's body!!

Pure trash--well, not Miley 'cuz it's not my place to talk about people like that, just the clothes they have on-- that she was spotted in at the airport.

Leopard biker jacket. A whatever-that-is short skirt or shorts. STANK leggings. 1987 biker boots. HUH??

C'mon now, Miley... well I'll at least give you props for your Louis Vuitton damier leather backpack... and the nice, long locks you got going on...

Pic: Celebuzz

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