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Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Cover for KELLY ROWLAND ALBUM-- Art and Natural Beauty!

Take a look at Kelly Rowland's cover art for her upcoming album. I like things like this, seeing how artists display their beautiful bodies as art... and it captivates....and sells. Check it out...

Pic: MTO

Rihanna's Look: the All-American Look In The Sizzlin' Hot Weather...

rihanna hotel nyc sundress 16

Check out a couple of pics of Rihanna looking her sexiest in this crazy heat wave that's sweeping over the eastern united States; NYC was 104 degrees recently.

Here's a couple ways you ladies could stay cool--and COOL as in 'swag'-- as the heat bears down on you...

rihanna hotel nyc sundress 06rihanna kathy griffin karaoke 04

(Left) Rihanna in black maxi sundress with Fendi clutch
(Right) Rihanna in flannel print cotton shirt, cutoff shorts, Prada brogues, BBC cap

That girl is TOO fine.

Pic: Just Jared

Newly-Single Jennifer Lopez Wears Form-Fitting Patterned Dress--HOTT!!

Jennifer Lopez: Night Out in Miami!

Well, the unfortunate event of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez breaking up isn't the ideal thing for a seemingly lovely couple with beautiful children, but J-Lo stepping out in that dress (in Miami)....

Let's just say there's nothing UNFORTUNATE about that dress. The dress was also paired beautifully with Louboutin sandals. With the many colorful patterns, probably fit for the show that she put on recently for an oil tycoon in Ukraine, J-Lo definitely has that international influence with her power and beauty.

Very HOTT look, J-Lo, and WAY to keep it moving...

jennifer lopez miami 01

Pic: JustJared

TYRA BANKS Workin' Her Jeans Well!!

Morning... check out Tyra Banks wearing her jeans well. Sexy. A lot of women are out there and not wearing their jeans right.

Ladies, it is highly appropriate to show off your curves, whether you have them or not. If you have a flat booty/tush, jeans that have a mechanism in which you can pull on your jeans and it raises your booty/tush and gives you an enhanced curve... THAT IS THE ONE YOU NEED.

I don't know too much about women's jeans, but one thing I can say for sure: Women of all shapes and sizes, follow Tyra Bank's template for correctly fitting jeans, because saggy and ill-tting jeans are not cool for a MAN to look at.

:Pic: MTO

Friday, July 22, 2011

BRANDY Does Alter-Ego Photo Shoot with Derek Blanks (1st High Fashion of Its Kind)

Now, I'm sure that many of you out there have heard of Derek Blanks, especially if you're in the world of fashion and photography. Well, Derek Blanks is a highly acclaimed photographer famous for his 'alter-ego' photo shoots, where the person challenges 'the other side of them.'

Check out music artist Brandy in what is said to be the first 'high fashion story' of the Derek Blanks collection. Usually, there are alter ego pictures that the Blanks group develop, but none like having a series of pictures from beginning to end, from TRAGEDY to TRIUMPH.

I thought that this was really good... a great tie in to a high fashion magazine. I definitely would like a shoot with Derek Blanks; I got the knack and talent for it. Seriously.


Pic: NecoleB***hie

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WHADDAYA Think About Usher's Look in LANVIN and other brands?

Whaddaya think about Usher's look?

I'm ON ONE with his look. I could rock this out, too. The yet-to-be-named leather jacket, Dior Homme jeans... they look Right On Point! The sneakers are by LANVIN. Even though they may look a little plain, things always appear better in person so you never know.

I also put this picture up so you ladies can GLANCE at Usher. I know y'all like your USHER. LoL.

Pic: UpscaleHype


Well, the weather in Detroit is going to be sweltering today, with temps reaching 100 degrees. And ZOE SALDANA makes my day even hotter LOL.

Check her out wearing the latest BALMAIN 'Resort' look, it's a very different look compared with what the other designers are shelling out. It reminds me of a Native American pattern, but thrust into 2012 fashion. Also check out Zoe wearing the head-turning Brian Atwood Pois pumps.

She looks wayy hott, wayy different. If you don't think so, I don't know what to tell you, baby.


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Random Pic: CHRIS BROWN and JUSTIN BIEBER Chillin' At The Beach

Check out Justin Bieber and his mentor (Pause) Chris Brown. Just take a look at their summer style. The BBC stands for 'Billionaire Boys Club' contrary to what many of you think... and check the socks and Keds on Chris Breezy. You can add your own twist on fashion, make it comical and YOU.

While Justin Bieber looks cool, dude... the sagging SKINNY jeans are OK.
Pic: MTO

GUD LAWD!!! Meet The Boshs (Chris and Adrienne Bosh) And See The Height Difference

Tall story: Bosh, who stands at a huge 6ft 10in, married his 5ft bride Adrienne, and gifts exchanged between the couple included a Cartier necklace for Adrienne and an Aston Martin for Bosh

Congrats to the newlyweds Chris and Adrienne Bosh.

It's quite funny how opposites can attract because the two are opposites of course, and clearly in height. Adrienne stands a petite 5 FEET while Chris Bosh towers at 6 FEET 10 INCHES, more than most people in the world.

Heard they had a great wedding with many Miami Heat players in attendance, as well as from other teams, and the wedding cost a reported $300,000, which is not bad compared to outrageous celeb weddings.

Guests: Heat players Dwyane Wade, Udonis Haslem and LeBron James pose with publisher Courtland Lantaff

Can you say SWAG?

Pic: Google/ Daily Mail

RIHANNA Spotted Out In NYC's Heat Wave... Wearing Just A Shirt!

Sleepy? Rihanna was pictured out in New York yesterday wearing what looked like a nightshirt

You know how Rihanna do.

If you've followed her over the past couple of years and see what I found her wearing several times, whether she was performing or whether she was strolling down the street, then you would not be shocked by the above picture.

Man.... RiRi can wear anything and make it look good, and right now, that shirt looks very fashionable. Rihanna even dressed the shirt up with simple gold hoop earrings and PRADA stacked brogues.

Sleepy? Rihanna was pictured out in New York yesterday wearing what looked like a nightshirt

Ladies.... there's your template....
Pic: Daily Mail UK

KIM PORTER Spotted Out, Glitterin' In Gold

Good morning everyone, I know I have been M.I.A. these past couple of days because I have been dealing with some stuff, but I guess it shouldn't keep me from bringing you exciting fashion news from 'my mind and opinion.'

So check out Diddy's on/off girlfriend KIM PORTER. She has to be in her 40s, I believe, and every time I see her wearing make-up or no make-up, she is still a very beautiful woman. Check out her one-shouldered look, the glitter of gold all the way down to the shoes; that gold Chanel is a PLUS, too.

Pic: MTO

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