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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Jaiden-Scope: Fashion at NAACP Image Awards

Awww NAW!!!!! I missed the NAACP Image Awards! But thank God for the D.V.R. !! And thank God for my extra-fast laptop to capture the GOLD moments of the NAACP Fashion. I will attach an UPDATE of who won what. So far... I know that WILLOW SMITH won an NAACP Image Award. Here's a list of just a few of the outstanding African-Americans of 2011, and scroll down for the best-dressed of that night:

Outstanding Motion Picture: "For Colored Girls"
Outstanding Actor in a Motion Picture: Denzel Washington, "The Book of Eli"
Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture: Halle Berry, "Frankie & Alice"
Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture: Samuel L. Jackson, "Mother and Child"
Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture: Kimberly Elise, "For Colored Girls"
Outstanding Independent Motion Picture: "Frankie & Alice"
Outstanding Foreign Motion Picture: "Biutiful"
Outstanding Documentary (Theatrical or Television): "For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots"

Tia Mowry in Mandalay Couture Collection

Halle Berry in Emilio Pucci

Keshia Knight-Pulliam SUITED and BOOTED in fuchsia gown

Kimberly Elise and Tyler Perry

White-Hott Kerry Washington

That "GLEE" girl Amber Riley

Regina King from "Southland"

...And many more!! Who was your FAV? Share with your friends today! Visit my "Contacts" page...

Pic: YBF

LADY GAGA Goes Hip-Hop '80s/Hooker In Her New Look; She's Nearly Unrecognizable!

What's up with this whole HIP-HOP looking thing these white girls are putting on??

First kim Kardashian, and now Lady GaGa does the same! GaGa was spotted out in Toronto signing autographs with her top half looking straight out of an '80s MTV music video and her bottom half looking like a hooker who lost her pants.

Aside from all that, I wanted to post on her HOTT glasses that I found on one of my fav websites. They are called VINTAGE VERSACE S99 sunglasses. They are supposed to be exclusive; you'd really have to dig deep to find them.

See more pics of the entertaining, all-around-CRAZY Lady GaGa...

Lady Gaga modeling a creation by Nicola Formichetti’s first women’s collection for Mugler at Paris Fashion Week.
At Paris Fashion Week for Thierry Mugler


Pic: UpscaleHype

JUSTIN BIEBER and WILLOW SMITH Performs To A Hott London Crowd!! (I Love You U.K.!)

Justin Bieber Performs in Birmingham

Well the "BIEB" is everywhere!! He's in the U.K. right now for the European leg of his "Never Say Never" tour, and he's not the only young one holding down the U.K. crowd; WILLOW SMITH, the 'Whip My Hair' champion, opened the floor for Justin Bieber.

"What's up, Birmingham?!" - Justin Bieber
"Show went great. Thank you Birmingham!!" - Willow Smith

Maaaan, that dude was ON-POINT with his new cropped hair, purple Wayfarer sunglasses, and chrome leather jacket (that is the BIZNESS!). Yup.... a real nice way to represent the U.S.! Maaaan, when I think about it, the U.S. has all the great performers. What about the U.K. performers (there are a few good ones like Estelle, and Amy Winehouse-- stop all that drinking and straighten up!!)?!

U.K.!!!! #StandUp

See more pics:

Justin Bieber Performs in Birmingham
Willow Smith Whips Into Birmingham
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (Pic:Getty Images)
(Hey Bieber fans, it's just a picture; don't kill the messenger *LoL*)

Update: According to THE MIRROR U.K., Justin Bieber has ordered all alcohol to be banned from his hotel suites in the U.K. and in Dublin, to prevent any temptation and any criticism from Bieber fans. He wants STRAWBERRY SHAKES sent to the room every hour! Good job, boy!!!

Pic: Celebuzz/Mirror/JustJared

Friday, March 4, 2011

KIM KARDASHIAN Channels Nicki Minaj and Rihanna In New Music Video 'JAM'

OOOHHH, look at Kim's face.... OY--- not a good look. Did she darken her face or something, or is it the red?? Kim Kardashian looks sexy when she's in her own element, and while I know that this look above is just for her latest music video, I hope she doesn't stick with this kind of vibe.

On the brighter side, I hope her music video, which is expected to be FULL-ON FASHIONABLE, levels out or brings up the negtive ratings Kim had when she released her song to the general public earlier this week.

Some things just aren't for EVERYBODY...


Actually, that SCREENSHOT isn't so bad....

ANGELA SIMMONS In New Photo Shoot for B.E. Magazine

            Angela Simmons Headshot Beauty

I love it when women looks so beautiful, sensual, artful, ALL OF THAT in their photo shoots. Photo shoots, for men and women, speak a whole 'notha language where a model can express what they feel or suggest through their body language and clothing. As an up and coming model, my experience with photo shoots have been great portraying myself or the character I'm portraying in NON-LANGUAGE.

The same goes for socialite Angela Simmons. In some pictures, she poses topless. While I could post some pics up, this is a 'G-Rated' blog, maybe I'll post some where you can find it in 'JAIDEN AFTER DARK.'

See more of the great pics and see this funny Tweet that Bow Wow sent to Angela Simmons below:

Angela Simmons BE! Magainze

Pic: NecoleB***hie

Who Wore It Best-- Vanessa Minnillo or Vanessa Hudgens

I sound like the old FACEBOOK when it was first starting up *LOL*:

Who rocks their look better, Vanessa Minnillo (left) or Vanessa Hudgens (right)?


Fishnet stockings are always a PLUS. Especially to guys. *Smirk*

Pic: Celebuzz

KANYE WEST IN Paris Fashion Week In Cool "Oliver Peoples" Shades

Good morning... Kanye loves his fashion shows; He puts on a show himself whenever he attends one. And the highlight of this post is his OLIVER PEOPLES Daddy B Sunglasses for $325.

These glasses are a good investment because they can be worn with anything, anywhere...
See Kanye's whole outfit; jacket by BALMAIN:

Pic: UpscaleHype

JENNIFER LOPEZ Defies Her Age In HOTT FASHION In New Video 'On The Floor' via American Idol


Is "American Idol" on the comeback? Is J.LO on the comeback as well??

I haven't seen American Idol this exciting in such a long time. So many twists and turns, so many exuberant people and crushed dreams (heyy, they will make a COMEBACK as well), and so many great performances. The last time I was so moved by an episode of American Idol was back in the 'FANTASIA' days (remember that?)

American Idol got higher than normal ratings in its 10th season, along with 40 MILLION VOTES to help select the top 10 (excluding the wild cards)! Now, I already have 4 favorites for my TOP 10, but Karen Rodriguez is my early #1 favorite, then Thia Megia, then that 'tude girl Ashthon is a close third; just somethin' about Karen, though...

And JENNIFER LOPEZ, absolutely defying the age of 41, shows her toned, stretch mark FREE abs in her new music video 'On The Floor' with artist Pitbull, dancing and gyrating well. Now, my genre in my blog is not music, but I will say this: J.Lo's FASHION SENSE in the video is MUSIC TO MY EARS! Her golden gown and black 'BAD GIRL' street clothes shows a sufficient spectrum of J.Lo's range and is reminiscient of her 'Puff Daddy' days. The direction of the video may be hard to follow, but it's still entertaining.

Check out more pics of J.Lo, her video, and one of the Illest AMERICAN IDOL episodes in a long time!!!!


(Left) Thia Megia; (Right) Ashthon Jones

My Super Senses tell me that this American Idol season will be worth watching.... 4REAL.

Pic: Various

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Jaiden's Spotlight on DETROIT: Recording Artist T.R.A.I.N


I'd like to introduce Detroiters and the world to T.R.A.I.N . He is an accomplished songwriter who turns the table on the whole rap game by rapping contrary to your norm favs that are on your MP3 or iPod. It's more like rapping about a real-life experience and PROVIDENCE.

T.R.A.I.N released his OFFICIAL PROMO VIDEO above. Be blown away!! I had the pleasure of assisting him with setting up his blog. And that's not the end of it; there's more COLLABO to come!!

You know about them UNDERDOGS, like T.R.A.I.N, just you wait! With enough determination, faith, and hard work, we're TOP OF THE BILLBOARD CHARTS and MAGAZINE SPREADS and INTERVIEWS!!

Check the BIO:

In today’s world of hip-hop, it is very rare to find an artist who brings passion, authenticity, and positive music to the table. DetRapper/Songwriter T.R.A.I.N (short for Teaching, Reaching, And Instructing Nations) embodies all of these characteristics effortlessly.

Coming from an area severely stricken with the effects of the recession, crippled by changes within the auto industry, and haunted by the ghosts of the Motown he refused to let these be obstacles hindering his success. T.R.A.I.N has never been one to let anything stop his progress. This was evident during his high school football days when he was initially given his name. 

Attracted to music at an early age, he began honing his rap skills at 13. T.R.A.I.N describes his style as Unorthodox REALity Music. A term he originated to set himself apart from what he saw as the stereotypes of rap music. As long as he allows nothing in the way of his tracks, the sky is the limit for T.R.A.I.N !

Sneaker of the Day: GIVENCHY Star-Studded Sneakers

The sneaker of the day is the GIVENCHY Star-Studded Sneakers. Not that I would buy it, but I think it's quite interesting, simple sneakers which has a POP FACTOR as an "alter ego" to the otherwise somber mood. The stars could be slightly smaller and more in number to make it even more attractive and more worth-- I think--the $631 it costs.

Pic: UpscaleHype


This is an update on Willow Smith's fashion.
Check lil' homegirl out on her grind in the U.K. promoting her upcoming album. She's 10, vibrant, powerful, and SUMTHIN' ELSE!! :-)

On darker/off-color issues.... is Bobbi Kristina on drugs??! Please don't let it be! Our kids need not follow the roads of their parents. We need prayer and direction, people! This drug road is DEVASTATING!

Awww... like mother, like daughter.. (Wait, that came out WRONG...)

Pic: NecoleB***hie

LaLa Vasquez Sports An Edgy Look In.... Edgier New York

Wow, this is a long way from the sexy LaLa Vasquez of floral prints, whimsical, and 'strictly business' outfits. She was spotted in a toy store in New York at a book launch with her son Kiyan (aww... dressed like an astronaut).

I like LaLa's look; she's trying to adjust and fit in to the FAST LANE of New York (you gots to, 'cuz New York will eat you ALIVE!!) She looks all MATRIX-Y. Goooo TRINITY!!! *LoL*

Oh yeah, LaLa's also shopping for an apartment to rent in NYC. The ones she was looking at were in the $15,000 to $20,000 PER MONTH price range!! *Cough*

Check the Louboutins; Beyonce wore the same HOTT shoes not too long ago.

Pic: NecoleB***hie

CHRIS BROWN's Spotted Lookin' Right On Swag; Just My Style (Update: Chris' Sext Pic)

Hey, woke up this morning to a website that had a picture of Chris Brown lookin' right on point, I mean like his style captured my eyes. I want to share with you how much I like the style and how often we do dress alike. Check out another pic of Chris Breezy leaving Maggiano's in L.A.

Chris Brown was wearing 10 DEEP flannel shirt and Nike SB Blazers. NIIICE....

Update: Chris Brown's Sexting (3/4/11)...

How many guys in this nation have done this, not expecting for our girl or our EX to not splash our GOOD-GOOD on the internet??! Come on, Chris Breezy... you know better...

Pic: UpscaleHype

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

JUSTIN BIEBER's Hair Sells for $40,000 In Auction!

Wow, just WOW. Usually, I would post about fashion, but I can kinda say that HAIR is a part of fashion. What if I told you that if you were just that famous enough or got that GOOD-GOOD hair, it could potentially sell for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS like Justin Bieber's?

This 17-year-old is wanted by many. SO WANTED that someone would pay through their booty over $40,000 for BIEBER HAIR ($40,668 to be exact). Now, Justin didn't cut all his hair off. Remember that "sideswept" look? Now THE BIEBER has graduated to a more sleeker look (see above).

WOW.. but it was for a good cause. It benefited GENTLE FARM, a farm sanctuary for rescued animals.

Pic: Celebuzz

RIHANNA Changes The Red Hair Style Again x Becomes "NIVEA" Spokesperson

Rihanna Nivea Promo Shot

You know that saying, "That RIHANNA reign just won't let up?" Well, it isn't, actually. Manager Jay-Z has reportedly been in talks with Rihanna about slowing down just a tad, yet she continues to work her behind off, traveling the world despite her recent bout with bronchitis, photo shoots, studio time, concert performances, and MUCH, MUCH MORE!

That can be EXCRUCIATING for anyone to handle; hope she can handle it.

Right now, Rihanna is in Australia to finish up her "Last Girl On Earth" tour since it was postponed last year. while she was there, she inked a deal to become NIVEA's (Body Products) new spokesperson for "100 Years Skincare For Life Campaign." In the NIVEA photo shoot, she showed as much skin as possible, with no makeup, to show a still BEAUTIFUL look.

“Over the past 100 years, NIVEA has been an iconic skincare brand across the world that is built on the trust of our consumers. We are excited to have Rihanna supporting us in our celebration and building a new generation of fans.” -NIVEA

See for yourself:

Rihanna in Sydney
Rihanna makes a trip to a sex shop (Pic: Rex Features)
(A day later...)

Here, Rihanna was shopping in Australia (now with long, flaming red hair) for panties *smirk*.

Pic: NecoleB***hie

JANUARY JONES and Her Shearling Coat

Just doing a fly-by on this one.

"Mad Men" January Jones was seen walking her nice little dog, wearing a coat of near equally fluffy fur that may be sure to confuse the dog. The shearling jacket is by Helmut Lang and it's a good fit on her. I will post this picture into the new LooKBooK that I'm creating for women. Anything that I think is an ideal look for any given season will be posted in both men's and women's LooKBooK.

Have a happy day...

January Jones @ Golden Globes 2011

Pic: Celebuzz

FLOYD MAYWEATHER & Fiancee at B-Ball Game; They're LOADED!!

I was just talking about Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his fiancee "Miss Jackson," and then WHADDAYA KNOW, I found a recent pic of them at the Heat/Knicks game. Man.....


These two were looking great--especially Miss Jackson--and the labels that they were wearing, especially Floyd, were labels that you know the price is going to be astronomical. Floyd wore a 'BIG H' Hermes belt for approximately $1,000 and a Gucci V-neck sweater for $475. And while they look great, I just have this thing about 'wearing too much at once.' What I'm talking about is Floyd's bling. Floyd's Hermes belt is severely CHEAPENED by the potency of the sparkly $1.5 MILLION watch and diamond bracelet he was wearing (featured in recent post).

It doesn't matter about the PRICE, it's about what you're wearing. RESPECT THE BRANDS YOU'RE WEARING. If you have a lot of bling, keep it confined to one area, not 'too much' in more than one area (i.e. Floyd's Hermes belt and diamond watch). Floyd would've nailed his entire look with either the belt or watch, but not both. HERMES is a brand you just don't fool around with....

Pic: UpscaleHype

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Selita Ebanks VS. Cassie in LaQuan Smith Dress

Who wore it best?

Selita Ebanks (left) and Cassie (right) were looking as yummy as cotton candy in these pink dresses by this talented man, a young African-American designer LaQuan Smith. LaQuan's dresses are always the talk of any event it's showcased in; So KUDOS to him.

Now who do I think is better? BOTH. 
These awesome-looking women do their own thing the way they know how to. Selita's sleek body and calm face looks playful in the pink dress, and it's balanced nicely with the nude heels. Cassie looks just as good with playing "naughty" with barely-there bejeweled heels, cropped hair, and "smoked eyes.'

The dress may be bright pink, but it takes a fashionista mind, like mine, and the right girl to rock this "not-for-everyone" dress.

But... MMM-MMM.... *LoL* They both cancel each other out. BTW, Selita looks great on the "State Farm" commercial...

Pic: UpscaleHype

Keepin' It Casual In Grays: JAY-Z and BEYONCE

Except for the HOTT 6-inch Christian Louboutins Beyonce was wearing, the SUPERCOUPLE was dressing casual in shades of gray, chilling at the B-ball game. Jay also chatted with new Nets player Deron Williams (Jay has a minority stake in the team) and check out the background with the "RocaWear" chairs and other logos. I like that. I envision my logo being on seats like that one day.

Jay-Z had a simple T-shirt, distressed jeans (who knows, they probably cost a small fortune but the look is still decent), and some Jordans that have seen a coupla miles of walking (the shoes feel great that way). Beyonce had on a short-sleeved gray sweater, gray jeans... and them heels.

It's just great to see JAY and BEY lovin' it up on the court after them rumors...

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