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Thursday, March 3, 2011

LaLa Vasquez Sports An Edgy Look In.... Edgier New York

Wow, this is a long way from the sexy LaLa Vasquez of floral prints, whimsical, and 'strictly business' outfits. She was spotted in a toy store in New York at a book launch with her son Kiyan (aww... dressed like an astronaut).

I like LaLa's look; she's trying to adjust and fit in to the FAST LANE of New York (you gots to, 'cuz New York will eat you ALIVE!!) She looks all MATRIX-Y. Goooo TRINITY!!! *LoL*

Oh yeah, LaLa's also shopping for an apartment to rent in NYC. The ones she was looking at were in the $15,000 to $20,000 PER MONTH price range!! *Cough*

Check the Louboutins; Beyonce wore the same HOTT shoes not too long ago.

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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