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Friday, March 4, 2011

ANGELA SIMMONS In New Photo Shoot for B.E. Magazine

            Angela Simmons Headshot Beauty

I love it when women looks so beautiful, sensual, artful, ALL OF THAT in their photo shoots. Photo shoots, for men and women, speak a whole 'notha language where a model can express what they feel or suggest through their body language and clothing. As an up and coming model, my experience with photo shoots have been great portraying myself or the character I'm portraying in NON-LANGUAGE.

The same goes for socialite Angela Simmons. In some pictures, she poses topless. While I could post some pics up, this is a 'G-Rated' blog, maybe I'll post some where you can find it in 'JAIDEN AFTER DARK.'

See more of the great pics and see this funny Tweet that Bow Wow sent to Angela Simmons below:

Angela Simmons BE! Magainze

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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