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Saturday, March 5, 2011

JUSTIN BIEBER and WILLOW SMITH Performs To A Hott London Crowd!! (I Love You U.K.!)

Justin Bieber Performs in Birmingham

Well the "BIEB" is everywhere!! He's in the U.K. right now for the European leg of his "Never Say Never" tour, and he's not the only young one holding down the U.K. crowd; WILLOW SMITH, the 'Whip My Hair' champion, opened the floor for Justin Bieber.

"What's up, Birmingham?!" - Justin Bieber
"Show went great. Thank you Birmingham!!" - Willow Smith

Maaaan, that dude was ON-POINT with his new cropped hair, purple Wayfarer sunglasses, and chrome leather jacket (that is the BIZNESS!). Yup.... a real nice way to represent the U.S.! Maaaan, when I think about it, the U.S. has all the great performers. What about the U.K. performers (there are a few good ones like Estelle, and Amy Winehouse-- stop all that drinking and straighten up!!)?!

U.K.!!!! #StandUp

See more pics:

Justin Bieber Performs in Birmingham
Willow Smith Whips Into Birmingham
Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber (Pic:Getty Images)
(Hey Bieber fans, it's just a picture; don't kill the messenger *LoL*)

Update: According to THE MIRROR U.K., Justin Bieber has ordered all alcohol to be banned from his hotel suites in the U.K. and in Dublin, to prevent any temptation and any criticism from Bieber fans. He wants STRAWBERRY SHAKES sent to the room every hour! Good job, boy!!!

Pic: Celebuzz/Mirror/JustJared

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