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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kanye West In Qatar (HOT city) in Custom 'Unknown' Denim Jacket

Kanye West was in Qatar for filming for a short film, and he was wearing light colors (the shirt could be a little shorter), a good choice since Qatar is a hot city, and judging by the pic where Kanye is, it looks hot and muggy. So Kanye was wearing these YMC snakeskin shoes for $250, but the real focus is on his custom jacket, which I thought was really cool.

The jacket is probably a Levi's (on an inexpensive scale) or a Balmain (on an expensive scale) with cutouts and embroidery... it's just wayyyy cool.

Pic: Upscale Hype

RIHANNA In A Conservative Vintage Dress... Until The Bottom Of The Dress Opens Up!

now I knew that, knowing Rihanna, she wasn't going to wear her vintage white dress AS-IS. As she came out of a restaurant, her dressed opened up at the bottom, revealing stockings in a stirrups design. What's unique about the stockings is that it's not actual stirrups; if you look closely, it's DRAWN-ON.

The complementary 'red' in the stirrups matched Rihanna's Louboutins quite well. 

Pic: MTO

Thursday, April 19, 2012

DRAKE Sports A Slight Tan (How?) In Rainy London, But Looks BOSS In His Whole Look!

I don't know if it was nighttime in London that Drake may have appeared slightly darker (well, everyone is darker in the DARK) but I definitely believe he has a slight tan. And his whole look was great as well. Tan windbreaker with gray scarf (skull & bones) that complements the light denim jeans and Balenciaga sneakers for $545.

More angles of Drake and his perfectly subtle--yet still makes a statement--outfit; Man, I would rock that outfit...

That scarf is probably by Alexander McQueen.

Pic: Upscale Hype

Derrick Rose in GQ Spread for May 2012 Issue

Derrick Rose plays ball of course, but he can play in the fashion field, too. Even though it's more than likely that GQ stylists styled Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, but he can dress himself quite well off-court.

Derrick has done a photo shoot for GQ Magazine for the May issue, and there are some cool looks here, except for that real tight outfit I just can't... uhh... mesh with. I don't know what one of the stylists were thinking... but it's whatever...

This is the one I DON'T like... too tight! The shirt is forgivable, but not the pants!

Cool shoot, Derrick could pass for Model....

Pic: GQ

Beyonce and Baby Blue Dressing Like Bohemian and Creole Beauties!

Beyonce and baby Blue Ivy was spotted in Brooklyn doing some visiting around, and they both were dressed like Creole beauties, or as I should say, Bohemian (as MTO, rumor site, also says).

Bey rocked some Michael Jackson penny loafers, short denim shorts, paisley-and-print shirt (most likely Versace), and the MJ hat and glasses... HMM... could Bey be channeling MJ, too?

Oh, and note the scarf on Blue's head...

Pic: MTO

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

FONZWORTH BENTLEY And Isaac Carree Style At BET 'Celebration of Gospel'

Just something about dressing up to do some CHURCH can really bring out the best as far as style. As a church guy, I'm fond of suits, even though I don't wear them much, and I'm even more fond of a suit when it's played up a particular way. The perfect example is above, with gospel music artist Isaac Carree (left) and Fonzworth Bentley (right).

Isaac has his look done up right with an off-white vest/pants combo, blazer, and the checkered tie inserted cleverly into his vest to produce the 'short tie' effect. Shoes are killer, too.

Now Fonzworth: I've always been a great fan of wild and electric style; Fonzworth embodies that with his multi-colored outfit (especially RED pants, even though I'll dare not wear them) and signature velvet slippers. BOSS!

2011 photo

2011 photo


Pic: Google / BET

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