Note: The following pics do not necessarily reflect the views of The Only Jaiden; this is STRICTLY from a 'fashion' perspective.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

JAY LENO Cruises in Style In His 1929 Bentley; CLASSIC!!

JAY LENO is quite the collector.. and so he was of this racer that was considered the most formidable in its day. It's the 1929 Bentley Speed Six. It has a 'naked body,' meaning NO PAINT, and was engineered to operate without a head gasket, giving it virtually no problems engine-wise.

It's a cool car, CLASSIC, just THE ONLY JAIDEN style. Interesting car, Jay!

Heels of the Day: Giuseppe Zanotti Suedes In Red!

I'm late doing my first post of the day, had a lot to do. But wanted to show you lovely ladies the Giuseppe Zanotti heels I found on Necole B***hie.

Friday, April 22, 2011

BEYONCE "Heart" Photo Shoot In Paris

beyonce hearts paris 02

BEYONCE was spotted, according to Just Jared, doing a photo shoot from a hotel balcony in Paris. It's a part of a promo for Beyonce's new perfume, and could possibly be one of the stills for any one of Beyonce's upcoming singles from her highly anticipated album. Ladies and photographers, you can use this as a template. Check out more pics of her posing.

beyonce hearts paris 03

Beyonce Hearts Paris!

Only Queen Bey...

Pic: Just Jared

SOULJA BOY's Throwback '80s Haircut + Da Brat's Dookie Braids w/ Colored Rubber Bands (FAIL)

I see a significant number of high school boys starting to rock the haircuts popular in the '80s, kind of like Soulja Boy's look (above). It's a cool look. Doesn't it just scream ART and 'Do the Right Thing' (Spike Lee)??

While in contrast, DA BRAT (old school rapper and Raven Symone's half-sister, which I find very hard to believe) was recently released from prison and she was tryin' to bring back her old days by wearing her mini-dookie braids with colored rubber bands. See below:

I know HOMEGIRL is trying to make a comeback and invoke a reminder of the late '80s/early '90s era, but in 2011?? Like this?? FAIL, FAIL, FAIL in the name of fashion!!!!

Pic: Fader / Necole B***hie

LIL WAYNE In Street Swag at The B-Ball Game

Check out Lil Wayne at the Lakers game wearing his own take on STREET SWAG, expensive swag, actually. Check the Billionaire Boys Club hoodie, Marc by Marc Jacobs camo shorts, and Christian Louboutin sneakers, all for $253 (hoodie) and $995 (sneakers).

This look is a little... LAZY...

But I'm feelin' those sneakers, for real....

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, April 21, 2011

RIHANNA's Jamaican Vibe at Coachella + RIHANNA "S&M" #1 Worldwide!!

"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips EXCITE ME!"

The S&M singer RIHANNA does it again, in both style and music. She rocked a Jamaican vibe at Lauryn Hill's concert at Coachella; it looked fun and flirty with her Jamaican beanie and flame-red hair (reminiscent of "Rude Boy" days), and oh-- her favorite Louboutins!

In related RIHANNA news, the single "S&M" hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100, making Rihanna hold ten #1s under her belt, the only female singer to gather that many #1s in a decade (the ONLY singer ever to have a debut single reach #1 after the second single). HMM... just sayin'... you can tell I like RiRi... "I like it, like it, come on, come on, come on, I like it, like it..."

Pic: Rihanna Daily

BEYONCE In Hip-Hop Wear + Lauren London (Oh So Hott) On Cover of 'Rolling Out' Magazine

Lookin' STREET, huh?

Check out Beyonce at Disneyland with friends and Solange's ex-husband (hmmmm....)  wearing some 'CIARA-esque' street pants and suede boots (probably by Brian Atwood-- will confirm). And... that's also a 'GOOFY' hat she's wearing; I remember I had that when I went to the amusement park as a little boy. AWWW... good times. This is a HOTT look, though.

beyonce at disneyland park


...And check out Lauren London's pic on the cover of 'Rolling Out' Magazine. Ladies..... make your DREAM become a REALITY!
THE ONLY JAIDEN says, 'You can do it!!!'

Well-placed outfit... not too sure about the jeans that come a bit far up the waistline... looks a little like Jessica Simpson's 'mom jeans' from 2009.

Pic: Necole B***hie

The Amazing JENNIFER HUDSON's New Body and New Louboutins

Jennifer Hudson continues to inspire many overweight Americans with her weight loss. Jennifer has also been infatuated with wearing clothes that she said 'finally fit me.'

Check her out in a nice, casual look wearing the all-around popular 'red bottom' Louboutins, specifically the 4A Python Zip Boots for approximately $1,400.

You go, Jen!!!!

Pic: UpscaleHype

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TRIPLE-SEXY THREAT: Lauren London, Keke Palmer, Teyana Taylor at 'Madea's Big Happy Family' Premiere


Naw, I'm not hurt.... but I've just been burned by the sheer heat of these three young women who attended the premiere of 'Madea's Big Happy Family': Rapper Teyana Taylor, and video vixen and model Lauren London, and actress Keke Palmer (that girl is all 'growed' up).

Ladies, you can use this has a template of fashion, a template of HOTT, a template for every man to drool at the mouth whenever you enter a room.Take a look at the outfits; they're quite perfect in my book. If you don't think so.... you probably don't look like them physically or don't know how to dress :-) .

Teyana Taylor was dolled up right in her poofy hair and flowing black drss, contrasted sharply with red suede heels (THIS IS A GO-FOR LOOK-- make your look 'POP' if you have dark-colored clothes).

Lauren London wore her skin-tight nude dress with nude YSL heels ('nude' is IN).

Keke Palmer looked OH-SO-CONSERVATIVE and sexy at the same time. It's that feeling-- kind of like SARAH PALIN. Ohhh, don't look at me like that....

MAAAAANNN.... This is a 10/10/10. Triple Threat Black Beauty.

Pic: Necole B***hie

LADY GAGA Go Even More GAGA In ALmost 'BARE' Photo Shoot

If this is the first thing you see on your computer when you come to THE ONLY JAIDEN, then my apologies *LoL* I strive to bring a PG to G rating (general audiences) to my blog. This is the only image of an NSFW image tHat I will display of Lady GaGa.

For other raunchy photos at your discretion you can visit or if you would like to see more photos.

I'll update you with more photos; they'll def not be NSFW.

Heyy... I think I have just enough of an idea of how 'raunchier' the rest of the photos may be by looking at the magazine cover (above). GaGa is sure getting attention with what she does----always overshadows her singing... but oh well... it makes her FAMOUS.

Pic: Celebuzz

WATCH Of The Day: Hublot 'Leopard' BIG BANG for Women

Leopard is really taking over the world!!!

Check Hublot's new BIG BANG watch for women. Here is the watch as UPSCALE HYPE describes it:

It has a 18k red gold 41mm wide case with a leopard print face, leopard denim strap, and a HUB4300 automatic chronograph movement inside. This exotic timepiece also has 18k red gold hands, yellow diamond hour markers, and jewels encrusted around the bezel.

I "heart" this for women.... :-)

Pic: UpscaleHype

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sneaker of the Day: Crazy-Colored Jeremy Scott/Adidas Sneakers From The Jungle!!!

Jeremy Scott x adidas Originals Midtop Sneaker   Fall 2011

These shoes are UGLY--- but so doggone INTERESTING!!

Check out these hybrid Jeremy Scott and Adidas sneakers. Almost all the colors of the rainbow is present on the sneaker, including a lil' somethin' from the Safari.

Like I said, MUCH TOO UGLY, BUT MUCH TOO INTERESTING. Like it should just be a display.

Pic: Sneaker News

QUEEN BEY Is BAAAACK With Crazy Fashion and 'Girls' Single Leak

Beyonce: Jay-Z, Who Runs The World!

BEYONCE is driving fans CRAZY with her 'GIRLS' single that was leaked yesterday. Many die-hard fans were upset with the way it sounded. But it couldn't be.... BEYONCE would never stoop to that level. Then to my surprise, an almost-finished version leaks again and gives people a better idea of the song, which is a lot better.

Anyhoo, BEYONCE captured the eyes of Paris when she went to dinner with her hubby JAY-Z. She wore a curvy and flowery dress (which looks a bit....TORN), a Jimmy Choo bag, and python Christian Louboutins to complement her upper look.

beyonce jay z paris dinner 05

Hurry back, Bey!!!

Pic: Just Jared

Sneaker of the Day: Christian Louboutin Spacer Flat Sneakers

These are indeed some SPACE-AGE looking shoes, but they're still cool.

CHECK OUT the sneakers of the day: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Spacer Flat Sneakers for approximately $1,200. One day, JAIDEN, one day....

The belts around the sneakers give it a unique feel, ROCK-STAR, craziness, head-turning vibe... in contrast with the smooth look of the leather surrounding the entire sneaker.

Ya like???

Pic: UpscaleHype

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fighter FLOYD MAYWEATHER Flaunts His Immense Wealth in YouTube Video

WOW, talk about crazy wealth.

In fact, it's a little TOO crazy. Even billionaires that I know of don't spend their money to this extent. Fighter Floyd Mayweather apparently wins truckloads of money from fights, UNDEFEATED, as well as getting endorsements but STILL... wow.

I've been watching 'Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous' and 'MTV CRIBS' for forever... and never have I seen somebody who's so willing and BOLD to drop stacks (spend big money) without a care on items such as what was in the above video.

Well over $12 MILLION  in his possession, when including additional jewelry he probably already bought while you were reading this. But I do hope he gets his money spending under control and start saving and/or investing.... fighting doesn't last forever.... (just sayin'...)

Pic: Exposay

KANYE WEST Trades All-Black For All Colors at Coachella Festival!!

Kanye surely was showing "ALL OF THE LIGHTS" in his outfit. Check out Kanye's India-inspired tunic paired with immense gold jewelry and colorful wooden bracelets at the 2011 COACHELLA FESTIVAL. This look may be seen on a significant number of men this summer.

This look was pretty cool, as is MOST of Kanye's outfits. The look also SCREAMS 'Spring Time' and it's also very inviting and open than wearing the usual all-black or dark-colored attire. See more pics of the FASHION-FORWARD Kanye:

Another TUNIC wearer was singer Ryan Leslie:

...And LIL B wore an even more colorful one... HMM...
*sideways look*

Lil B

Pic: YBF/ Idolator

EVA MARCELLE's $6,500 Crystal-Covered LOUBOUTINS!!!!!!!!!


*Shut yo mouth, JAIDEN!*

Check out model Eva Marcelle's 2-inch platformed Christian Louboutin stilettos adorned in possibly Swarovski crystals, and is worth a reported $6,500. Eva released a picture wearing THAT and only THAT.

I SEE WHY... 'cuz it's $6,000!!!

Pic: MediaTakeout

One HOTT Whip: The 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4


Automobili Lamborgini has been building amazing supercars for decades, but nothing comes close to this. Replacing the outgoing Murcielago is the brand-new 2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4, which promises to deliver better performance than ever before, all while decreasing fuel consumption.

Arming itself with nearly 700 horsepower, a top speed of 217 mph (0-60 in 2.9 sec.), and a lightweight construction of carbon fiber, it's ready to GO and GO FAST. The improved cut-edge design and sorely needed interior improvements finally put the Aventador miles ahead of the Murcielago and makes the Aventador well worth its lofty price: $379,000. Coming late summer 2011.

See more pics:

This is definitely my HOTT EXOTIC CAR pick of 2011.. unless another sexy auto vixen comes by....

Pic: Serious Wheels

RIHANNA At 2011 Coachella In 'Kick-Back' Clothes

Just a few days after RIHANNA stunned millions of viewers watching American Idol (with the gorgeous gown she wore), she was spotted at uber-popular COACHELLA FESTIVAL, where all kinds of stars were there.

Check out Rihanna in her kick-back clothing. Ladies, this is a great way to look if you just want to relax and look fun, flirty, and quirky without lookin' like a HOT MESS OF A SLOB, or looking like a call girl on the corner of 6 Mile and Woodward Avenue (a known Detroit corridor for prostitution).

 Just don't stand over there, or you'll give the police the wrong idea. 

RIhanna Usher neon carnival
Usher and Rihanna

Pic: Media Takeout

Sunday, April 17, 2011

WAY TOO HOTT In Pink: Halle Berry Puts 20-Year-Olds To Shame!!!

halle berry olivier martinez silver rose gala 01

Halle Berry defies age all the time. I just don't know how she does it. Women use Halle as a template, while young men half her age still line sidewalks just to see her walk by.

She has always been on my mind and my BEAUTIFUL list for years. These pics confirm just that. She was at Silver Rose Awards Gala at the Beverly Hills Hotel showing off her short updo and a stunning lavender dress that showed off her sleek torso. She also wore Christian Louboutin crystal-embellished sandals.

MMM... check YOU out, Halle....

Halle Berry: Silver Rose Awards Gala!
halle berry olivier martinez silver rose gala 03
halle berry olivier martinez silver rose gala 07

Pic: Just Jared

The BRAXTON Sisters + TOYA CARTER On Magazine Covers

It's always HOTT and an honor to get the cover page of a magazine; it means that you are the 'TALK' of the magazine and the face that will get the issues sold (talk about the ultimate first impression).

So check out Toni Braxton and her sisters on the cover of Kontrol Magazine looking all good in their well-coordinated and accessorized dresses (I wonder who was the stylist). And also, check out Antonia 'Toya' Carter (below) on the cover of Rolling Out Magazine. Absolutely BOSS in this golden gown, simplistic jewelry, and hair is comparison to black silk or even 'black water'. So smooth and succulent is her whole look... like a fancy dessert (ooh, I'm hungry....)

Both magazine covers are the kinds that will get SOLD!!!! Ladies, you can do it, too! All it takes is starting off with your very first photo shoot...

Pic: NecoleB***hie

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