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Monday, April 18, 2011

RIHANNA At 2011 Coachella In 'Kick-Back' Clothes

Just a few days after RIHANNA stunned millions of viewers watching American Idol (with the gorgeous gown she wore), she was spotted at uber-popular COACHELLA FESTIVAL, where all kinds of stars were there.

Check out Rihanna in her kick-back clothing. Ladies, this is a great way to look if you just want to relax and look fun, flirty, and quirky without lookin' like a HOT MESS OF A SLOB, or looking like a call girl on the corner of 6 Mile and Woodward Avenue (a known Detroit corridor for prostitution).

 Just don't stand over there, or you'll give the police the wrong idea. 

RIhanna Usher neon carnival
Usher and Rihanna

Pic: Media Takeout

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