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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

TRIPLE-SEXY THREAT: Lauren London, Keke Palmer, Teyana Taylor at 'Madea's Big Happy Family' Premiere


Naw, I'm not hurt.... but I've just been burned by the sheer heat of these three young women who attended the premiere of 'Madea's Big Happy Family': Rapper Teyana Taylor, and video vixen and model Lauren London, and actress Keke Palmer (that girl is all 'growed' up).

Ladies, you can use this has a template of fashion, a template of HOTT, a template for every man to drool at the mouth whenever you enter a room.Take a look at the outfits; they're quite perfect in my book. If you don't think so.... you probably don't look like them physically or don't know how to dress :-) .

Teyana Taylor was dolled up right in her poofy hair and flowing black drss, contrasted sharply with red suede heels (THIS IS A GO-FOR LOOK-- make your look 'POP' if you have dark-colored clothes).

Lauren London wore her skin-tight nude dress with nude YSL heels ('nude' is IN).

Keke Palmer looked OH-SO-CONSERVATIVE and sexy at the same time. It's that feeling-- kind of like SARAH PALIN. Ohhh, don't look at me like that....

MAAAAANNN.... This is a 10/10/10. Triple Threat Black Beauty.

Pic: Necole B***hie

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