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Saturday, February 5, 2011

WOOD WOOD Fall/Winter 2011 Look

 Wood Wood Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Presentation

Here's a little nightcap: I looked up this clothing label called WOOD WOOD and I was pleasantly surprised; it's always an enjoyment to see a label I haven't heard of it before, even more that the clothes are looking good. I wishe there were some, if not, one boutique in the metro Detroit area that sells this brand 'cuz I want me some. It's only available overseas, mostly in Denmark.

Heyy... that's what online ordering and shipping is for.

All is takes is the right shoes and the right swag,and you're the "RIGHT"est guy in town.

Update: Yours Truly, THE ONLY JAIDEN, has his Photo Shoot, 'My Unpredictable Battle', Today!!

The day is finally here!! I'm doing my PHOTO SHOOT with the Sims Collection Photography. Pictures will be released soon. I will be doing an outside shot in the snow, and will also do a shoot on a creek, some CRRRRAZY shots all up in the snow, playing with ice, just random stuff. It'll be hott!! Stay tuned!!

-Joshua aka 'JAIDEN'

EXTREMES: 7 Inch Stilettos (ARE THEY CRAZY??!) - Dangerous!!!!

WHOA!!!!! Check out this video of these women showcasing their 7-inch stilettos. They are CRAZY! Both can't even do a SEXY WALK. This is a FAIL all around. My precious female readers, please don't ever try this; your ankles will SNAP like chicken wings!

Update (12/2011) Video DELETED by user


What a crazy way, a crazy vid to start your new day!!! *LoL*

Friday, February 4, 2011

RECAP: Nicki Minaj at Saturday Night Live as Bride of Blackenstein

Check out the recap of Nicki Minaj on Saturday Night Live as the bride of Blackenstein. She's got a whole lotta hair, a whole lotta attitude, and a whole lotta DONK.

Also see the "CREEP" that she did on the show sketch as well.

A Fashion Show With a WATER RUNWAY??! Now, That's Different..

I'm always searching high and low for uniqueness in fashion here in my hometown DETROIT and all around the world. I visited BRYAN and found the label Cavalera for Fall 2011 on a runway made of water! Models walked down the runway, splashing water. No wonder the first row was set so far away from the runway or some VIPs would sure be getting wet.

DAWN RICHARD's Single "Broken Record" Promo Pic

DAWN RICHARDS is obviously the "Beyonce" of Danity Kane. Going solo with her new single "Broken Record" and going Collabo with Diddy has her track record proven successful.

Wanna know what else of hers is successful? Her promo pic above. I like it; ARTSY, Different, Tells a story.

Dawn Richards (Left) of Diddy Dirty Money

Credit: NecoleB***hie


Willow Smith-TeenVogueWillow
Willow's blouse looks a LOT like Rihanna's gown that was worn in her "S&M" music video

This little girl is on her grind these days. Willow Smith has been going nonstop doing promos for her upcoming album, performing, and just having a good old time. One of the latest things she'd done was do a photo shoot for Teen Vogue Magazine (at 9 YEARS OLD-- WOW!).

Check out the behind-the-scenes video and dialogue of her interview with Teen Vogue:

Describe your style
When I was little, it was blah. But now it’s school girl meets punk rock.
3 things you can’t live without
My phone, my shoes, and 20 outfits.
Favorite shopping spots
Target mostly & the CVS store. I love notebooks. If you went into my room, you would see a pile of notebooks.
How do you come up with your hairstyles?
Me and Marcy…we say, “What would look good on me?” Do you think this would look good asymmetrical and then it turns into this.
Who’s on your playlist?
B.O.B’s new album, Kanye West, Flies, Kudi “Day & Night,”
Ke$ha “Cannibal,” and my dad.

WOW. *SMH* (in a good way)
Credit: NecoleB***hie


Here's something refreshing for this morning (well, some of you may be like 'What's refreshing about this?' but get the underlying meaning, please *SMH*) and that refreshing thing is LOVE.

Check out Lakers baller LAMAR ODOM and TV reality star KHLOE KARDASHIAN hand-in-hand, in style.

Note KHLOE's boots are by Christian Louboutin.. for $2,236.

(In RED; I like Khloe's better. This is HOOKER loud!!!)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fash, Crash, and Burn: LAURYN HILL's Eyebrows

Lauryn Hill was so pretty, on her GAME, some of y'all remember her from the "That Thing" days. I'm talkin' about 1997 and 1998, the bubble Lexus and bubble lights Mercedes??? Oooooh-weeee!!!!!!! I was 10 years old at the time, but them times were bangin'!!! Whoo!!

Now what's going on with her now?? Showing up late to concerts (like 2 hours late!!) and just a scary appearance. One scary feature is those eyebrows!! I know women who prefer full eyebrows (but they're arched) but Lauryn's eyebrows are way too bushy!

*Sad SMH*

More Pics of CHRIS BROWN's Artful Tattoo Sleeves... and My Tats, Too.

As I have posted in recent weeks about Chris Brown's tattoos, I said that they were very artful and unique in the way he expresses himself. His tattoo sleeves are like the latest Air Jordans which have designs that represent Michael Jordan's years in the NBA. I showed a few pics of his tattoo sleeves before; I'm going to show more now and explain what the designs are.

I got a couple tats that are deep in meaning, giving reverence to God in Latin. I will show you one after Chris Brown's.

FAME - Forgiving All My Enemies

A Twitpic of Chris with his chest tatted up very cleverly. Check out the wings.. My GOSH, who is the artist?? He is GOOOOOOOD!!

Chris Brown Beauty

Check out the sleeves from late last summer. He's got stars, messages, an image of Jesus, an "angry paint can," roses, a skull on his hand, "Nintendo Mario"- looking characters, a torch, several faces, and more. They all seem to blend together so seamlessly, like one big story.

Even if Chris has these PERMANENT tattoo sleeves that most people are admittedly scared of getting (for me, I will always keep my tats where they are hidden for business purposes, and just for knowing WHAT MY NATURAL ARMS LOOK LIKE, instead of seeing it scribbled all over for the rest of my life), it's undeniable that his tattoo sleeves are a work of art compared to jailhouse sleeve tattoos like Lil' Wayne and other guys out there. No offense, but going for ART instead of "jailhouse" tats is much better. REALLY.  

Me & My Tattoos

Picture #1: "Deus Caritas Est" - GOD IS LOVE.
Picture #2 (Partially hidden): "Amor est vitae essentia" - LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE.

I have more... but you don't need to know everything *LoL*

The Definition of DOPE: Android Homme Limited Edition Sneakers

Wow, these shoes are really, really nice. They kinda look like the "low-top' version of the Ferragamo sneakers I was looking at in Neiman Marcus (in Somerset Collection, Troy MI). But my title was just right, I know it is-- the Android Homme Propulsion 2 sneakers that are limited to 40 pairs. JUST 40?? REALLY?? I'm sure there's at least 100 people just on my side of town who want these.

These are not extraordinarily expensive; it's reasonably priced at $280.

Dope, I tell you. DOPE.
(Dope: Very, very nice; easy to be sought-after; highly likable)

Credit: UpscaleHype

VANESSA HUDGENS Recently Named New Face of Candie's

vanessa hudgens new candies shots 04

Good morning, I wanted to give you a light dosage of somethin' fun and bubbly, like drinking a root beer float in the morning. Trust me, I know the feeling. That HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL girl is definitely all grown up. Her name is Vanessa Hudgens, one-half of the now ex-couple with Zac Efron. She's 22 (like me) and doing her business thing being the new face of Candie's, a fresh American brand for girls and "young girls at heart." I like a girl with beauty and BRAINS too. Nothing wrong with that...

Check her out in her most recent photo shoot at the Pink Motel in California.

vanessa hudgens new candies shots 01vanessa hudgens new candies shots 07
vanessa hudgens new candies shots 05

Credit: JustJared

USHER On "Chill Mode" in Peacoat and LANVIN Sneakers (But what's With The Hair?)

Good morning, or... GOOD MIDNITE to you. I just want to do a fly-by on Usher's style. Usher has sported a lot of futuristic looks in regards to his OMG tour. And while he's off-duty, he usually looks dapper or just plain ILL (nice-looking clothes) in recent months... many, many months ago.

Sidebar: Check out "OMG" Usher in the LANVIN sneakers. Celebs made the LANVINs popular, now everybody gotta have 'em. But Usher's are a little dingy. Buff them thangs, boy!!!

But in these last couple months, I've been a little concerned about Usher's style... he seems to be slipping a lil' bit. It's all showing in the "tough-looking" hair and scruffy beard (Sorry, my man [Usher]). I know there's many women who like the whole rugged look, but I'm very certain a line has to be drawn. Somewhere, SOMETHING has to be groomed on the face. If not the beard, then the hair, and vice-versa. If none is groomed, it's just messy. REALLY. 

In Usher's case, his whole look is... a mix of MEDIOCRE and COOL.  

Check the sneakers... Cool Digs...


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

JAIDEN's 'Sneaker of the Day': Nike AirTrainer Volt

Nike Air Trainer 1   White   Black   Volt | Euro Exclusive

Here's what caught my eyes today, like a shock-k-kkk-kkk. After all, these sneakers are called the Nike AirTrainer Volt. This is a versatile sneaker that can be rocked at the gym (be in style when working out), at school (learn in style and comfort), and when you're just chillin'.

The brightness of the sneaker REQUIRES that it not be covered up with baggy jeans. For sneakers which have a look like this (brightness, texture, classic appeal), the jeans are to be regular fitted jeans (but not SKINNY.... please don't do that.) that come down to just above the middle of the sneaker.

Ya like??

TRIP LEE and LECRAE Video Interview with Jeremiah on "THE JAM"


Check out the video interview of one of the many Gospel greats, TRIP LEE and LECRAE, as they share with "Jeremiah" from "THE JAM" how they prep up for a concert and what it takes to get young people to understand how thinking out of the box, fun, and entertaining can bring the secular into the FUN-damentals of God. Click the link and see the vid after the jump.

Also see Lecrae: The Overdose Promo Video!!!

One of Trip Lee's albums

BEYONCE In NYC Before Monster Snowstorm Hit

As you know or if you're experiencing it, much of the Eastern seaboard and Northeastern U.S. is blanketed in snow, some areas in heavy snow and blizzard-like conditions. Everyone's slipping and sliding, trying to get to where they need to go (if they really have to go somewhere). WE'RE JUST ONE BIG AMERICAN FAMILY WITH FOOTPRINTS IN THE SNOW (that was random).

Even major celebrities are experiencing the conditions. Superstar BEYONCE was spotted in New York City heading inside a place for a bite to eat. Yup, she was feelin' the effects of the storm, too, trying to keep her hood on her head in the wind gusts.

But Bey looked GOOD. Her bag was the talk of the town already. I call it "THE 3-D BAG." The bag is a Bottega Veneta brick leather bag for $2,450. This bag is considered unique because it can morph into 2 different shapes: a Hobo and a smaller, rectangular version by simply folding and compressing the bag. Talk about 2-IN-1. For $2,450, it better do SOMETHING like that.

Cool digs...

RIHANNA's Latest Music Video: S&M Premiere and REVIEW

Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

All I can say is... WOW. Words just don't do it enough justice. Check out Rihanna in her latest video premiere of "S&M" (that aired on YouTube and slow, slow, slow VEVO) coming from her LOUD album which was released November 2010. This is THE VIDEO that has been banned from 11 countries... and counting.

If you just listen to the song, it sounds nasty, NAAAAASSSS....T. Even the title alone can make someone blush or cringe. But the music video tells a whole different story. The music video, as you can see, is based off Rihanna's life with the media surrounding her. The media in the S&M video represent those that taunt her and criticize her very being.They were wearing gags while trying to talk to Rihanna, but she was OBVIOUSLY the one in control. WOW, talk about tellin' it like it is in a very ANIMATED manner.

Rihanna has at least 5 different looks in which she sings that she doesn't care about what's going on around her, nothing can hurt her (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me).  Rihanna stands in a white room with words scrolling all around her:


So many more words that I couldn't catch were flying all around her. This represents the "smothering" thoughts going on in her head and the apparent rumors of her plastered on newspapers INTERNATIONALLY. Can you imagine the negatives of your life, your dirty laundry (we shouldn't have them, but many of us do anyway), published to a potential 50 million readers by print and internet?? But again, she tells it like it is, GOES INNNN in this music video.

You wanna know what I think? I don't go into the music part, just the VISUAL ASPECTS of the video. Out of all of the music videos Rihanna have made (I've watched them all, she's my guilty pleasure *lol*), this is her LOUDEST, CRAZIEST, MOST CONTROVERSIAL and believe it or not... MOST THOUGHT-PROVOKING and DEEPEST UNDERLYING MEANING video YET.

I can clearly understand that the botttom line to this otherwise extraordinarily EYE-POPPING video is that people will always talk about you regardless of whether you're doing good or bad. It's entirely up to you to ride it out and not let accusations (especially the false ones we all hate) keep us from reaching for the sky. So... we have to think before we blatantly judge someone. Are we perfect enough to do so???
One last thing... ooh Rihanna girl... *covers eyes, then peekaboo*

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MediaTakeout Misses The Mark-- These Exotic, Strange Stilettos Are Actually Nice!!


Many people on MediaTakeout was talking about these Alexander McQueen Floral Wedge T-Strap sandals. It has a solid construction to it and plus has solid gold on it. called it ATROCIOUS; they apparently don't know haute couture. And... no one can tell me any different, unless you have HIGHER fashion sense than me, these shoes are HOTT and it glorifies any ladies' feet and beautiful legs.

It's BEAUTIFUL!! Women, imagine walking on real gold leaves, QUEEN OF YOUR OWN EMPIRE.
It's has a price fit for a queen, too: 

Yikes... it's nice but we ain't crazy (guys to buy these shoes for their honey and women to buy these shoes. But hey... there's somebody out there who will...)

It would look good... just remember to lotion up those feet.

KOOL-AID Cool: Kevin Durant's New Whip

OKC Thunder baller KEVIN DURANT got a new car: a 2011 Chevy Camaro...all-red. What a way to be FULLY CUSTOMIZED and still have money left over. The Camaro is priced right around $30,000, an the customization was reportedly $30K more (lovin' the custom matte paint--the textured paint of choice these days--and matching 22" rims).

I like the car; I would rock it on a special day.. ooh, ooh, ooh.. VALENTINE'S DAY. Imagine that. My brother says "IT'S TOO RED."

Oh well...


Source: MediaTakeout

MADEA Is The "Real" Black Swan!!! *LoL*

For some of you who don't know, I just love me some MADEA. This big old woman is talked about negatively by many "oustide" people who really don't get the concept (those that call Tyler Perry a cross-dresser) of this creative comedy. 

Sidebar: I don't get how Tyler Perry is called a CROSS-DRESSER, but you would laugh and say nothing about Martin Lawrence as "Big Momma" in BIG MOMMA's HOUSE or Jamie Foxx as "Wacky Wanda" in IN LIVING COLOR (back in the day). *SMH--shuuuut up--it's COMEDY!!*

But anyway, Tyler Perry, producer of many plays starring Madea, a 6'6, 350 lb. matriarch who keeps her family in check by slapping them and burning them with cigarettes, as well as giving LIFE lessons, had produced another movie called "Madea's Big Happy Family," due April 22, 2011. Note the similarity in the promo poster??? CLASSIC!!!

"Madea is the real Black Swan." HA!! I believe that. Haven't seen a MADEA movie yet? Try one. Get ready to be tickled silly. I know I will be on April 22 when that movie comes out. You'll find me at my favorite movie theatre, PALLADIUM 12 in Birmingham, Michigan.

Source: NecoleB***hie

MARY J. BLIGE Performs In Bad-Girl "BALMAIN" Jacket

Now, we know that Mary J. Blige goes all out in what she does when she performs. By looking at this picture, she sure does. Check out Mary J. Blige in this hott, hott, hott BALMAIN Damaged Jeans Biker Jacket for $3,955. BALMAIN is real popular and sought-after for that whole "accentuated shoulders" thing, astronomical price, and extreme exclusivity (well now that it's more popular, BALMAIN just gotta make more).

Look at the attention to detail and note that there are no "faux" materials to make up the jacket. That's REAL SILVER and GOLD you're looking at.

She was also wearing a Hermes belt for $585. She got on the 5-STAR brands... MAAANNN...

Source: UpscaleHype

ANGELA SIMMONS Lookin' Messy Up Top, But On-Point At The Bottom!!

ANGELA SIMMONS (if you don't know who she is, she's Rev Run's daughter) was spotted at a nightclub in London partyin' it up with friends, wearing Christian Louboutin heels and an ASTRONOMICALLY PRICED Balmain jacket. Wanna know how much it costs?


Do you know how much clothes and shoes ME and YOU could buy, TOGETHER, and still have $6,000 left over??? Angela was lookin' ON POINT, but I don't know if the price of the jacket caused her to not get her hair done. Hmm... well, not my business... *Shrug* 

Y'all like her jacket that costs nearly as much as a used Cadillac??

Source: UpscaleHype

Monday, January 31, 2011


Dita Von Teese: Dinner with Baptiste Giabiconi!

Just doing a fly-by on this one. Here's Dita Von Teese in Cologne, Germany taking pics at an event with this guy Baptiste Giabiconi (nice hair, dude!). Dita Von Teese has a penchant for dark-colored clothes and dark hair. She would be perfect for a role in BATMAN's upcoming new film (no joke, I'm serious). Picture her as CATWOMAN or BATMAN's new girl.....

dita von teese baptiste giabiconi dinner 03
Credit: JustJared

Fashion All Over The World: Sir Elton John in Louboutins

Fashion just encompasses the globe. There may be some things we just don't know about, like fashion sense in people we don't really see. Just because we can't "see" doesn't mean it's not happening. What I mean by that is that I don't really follow SIR ELTON JOHN; I've heard of him but I'm more captivated now by the FLYY-YY-YYY Christian Louboutin Freddy flats with spikes I found him wearing. It's valued at approximately $1,000. If I had these, I would rock 'em well with a tuxedo with a sequined (yes, I said sequin) bowtie to balance out the shoes.

Ya like?? If you don't, then I don't what you're looking at... *LoL j/k*

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