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Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Lady MICHELLE OBAMA Slammed by American designers for wearing European gown

Confident: The silk organza may have been picked because of the symbolism of red in Chinese culture, but did not endear her to some critics

A couple days ago, I posted about first lady Michelle Obama's striking red gown made by Alexander McQueen. And while it was such a fine dress that she wore to the China state dinner held at the White House, she had some American designers reeling at the dress. There were many complaints about Michelle not representing the U.S. at such an important dinner.

Council of Fashion Designers president Diane von Furstenberg (also a designer) and Oscar de la Renta complained to Women's Wear Daily that 'Our First Lady Michelle Obama has been wonderful at promoting our designers, so we were surprised and a little disappointed not to be represented for this major state dinner.' (Furstenberg) and 'American products in China and Chinese products in America. Why do you wear European clothes?' (de la Renta)

While my understanding is that these well-known and respected designers wanted good representation, it is not MICHELLE OBAMA's job to be partial to certain designers for a reason. She can wear what she wants because it's pretty, makes a statement, and turns heads at a state dinner. She simply wanted to match the decor of the dinner, since China was red. and by the way, I think both designers forgot that Michelle may be paying homage to the late Alexander McQueen (that's what the evening gown is) and that both designers who complained were originally Europeans anyway..... SMH.


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