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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MARY J. BLIGE Performs In Bad-Girl "BALMAIN" Jacket

Now, we know that Mary J. Blige goes all out in what she does when she performs. By looking at this picture, she sure does. Check out Mary J. Blige in this hott, hott, hott BALMAIN Damaged Jeans Biker Jacket for $3,955. BALMAIN is real popular and sought-after for that whole "accentuated shoulders" thing, astronomical price, and extreme exclusivity (well now that it's more popular, BALMAIN just gotta make more).

Look at the attention to detail and note that there are no "faux" materials to make up the jacket. That's REAL SILVER and GOLD you're looking at.

She was also wearing a Hermes belt for $585. She got on the 5-STAR brands... MAAANNN...

Source: UpscaleHype

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