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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

MADEA Is The "Real" Black Swan!!! *LoL*

For some of you who don't know, I just love me some MADEA. This big old woman is talked about negatively by many "oustide" people who really don't get the concept (those that call Tyler Perry a cross-dresser) of this creative comedy. 

Sidebar: I don't get how Tyler Perry is called a CROSS-DRESSER, but you would laugh and say nothing about Martin Lawrence as "Big Momma" in BIG MOMMA's HOUSE or Jamie Foxx as "Wacky Wanda" in IN LIVING COLOR (back in the day). *SMH--shuuuut up--it's COMEDY!!*

But anyway, Tyler Perry, producer of many plays starring Madea, a 6'6, 350 lb. matriarch who keeps her family in check by slapping them and burning them with cigarettes, as well as giving LIFE lessons, had produced another movie called "Madea's Big Happy Family," due April 22, 2011. Note the similarity in the promo poster??? CLASSIC!!!

"Madea is the real Black Swan." HA!! I believe that. Haven't seen a MADEA movie yet? Try one. Get ready to be tickled silly. I know I will be on April 22 when that movie comes out. You'll find me at my favorite movie theatre, PALLADIUM 12 in Birmingham, Michigan.

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