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Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Pics of CHRIS BROWN's Artful Tattoo Sleeves... and My Tats, Too.

As I have posted in recent weeks about Chris Brown's tattoos, I said that they were very artful and unique in the way he expresses himself. His tattoo sleeves are like the latest Air Jordans which have designs that represent Michael Jordan's years in the NBA. I showed a few pics of his tattoo sleeves before; I'm going to show more now and explain what the designs are.

I got a couple tats that are deep in meaning, giving reverence to God in Latin. I will show you one after Chris Brown's.

FAME - Forgiving All My Enemies

A Twitpic of Chris with his chest tatted up very cleverly. Check out the wings.. My GOSH, who is the artist?? He is GOOOOOOOD!!

Chris Brown Beauty

Check out the sleeves from late last summer. He's got stars, messages, an image of Jesus, an "angry paint can," roses, a skull on his hand, "Nintendo Mario"- looking characters, a torch, several faces, and more. They all seem to blend together so seamlessly, like one big story.

Even if Chris has these PERMANENT tattoo sleeves that most people are admittedly scared of getting (for me, I will always keep my tats where they are hidden for business purposes, and just for knowing WHAT MY NATURAL ARMS LOOK LIKE, instead of seeing it scribbled all over for the rest of my life), it's undeniable that his tattoo sleeves are a work of art compared to jailhouse sleeve tattoos like Lil' Wayne and other guys out there. No offense, but going for ART instead of "jailhouse" tats is much better. REALLY.  

Me & My Tattoos

Picture #1: "Deus Caritas Est" - GOD IS LOVE.
Picture #2 (Partially hidden): "Amor est vitae essentia" - LOVE IS THE ESSENCE OF LIFE.

I have more... but you don't need to know everything *LoL*

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