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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

RIHANNA's Latest Music Video: S&M Premiere and REVIEW

Rihanna: 'S&M' Video Premiere!

All I can say is... WOW. Words just don't do it enough justice. Check out Rihanna in her latest video premiere of "S&M" (that aired on YouTube and slow, slow, slow VEVO) coming from her LOUD album which was released November 2010. This is THE VIDEO that has been banned from 11 countries... and counting.

If you just listen to the song, it sounds nasty, NAAAAASSSS....T. Even the title alone can make someone blush or cringe. But the music video tells a whole different story. The music video, as you can see, is based off Rihanna's life with the media surrounding her. The media in the S&M video represent those that taunt her and criticize her very being.They were wearing gags while trying to talk to Rihanna, but she was OBVIOUSLY the one in control. WOW, talk about tellin' it like it is in a very ANIMATED manner.

Rihanna has at least 5 different looks in which she sings that she doesn't care about what's going on around her, nothing can hurt her (Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me).  Rihanna stands in a white room with words scrolling all around her:


So many more words that I couldn't catch were flying all around her. This represents the "smothering" thoughts going on in her head and the apparent rumors of her plastered on newspapers INTERNATIONALLY. Can you imagine the negatives of your life, your dirty laundry (we shouldn't have them, but many of us do anyway), published to a potential 50 million readers by print and internet?? But again, she tells it like it is, GOES INNNN in this music video.

You wanna know what I think? I don't go into the music part, just the VISUAL ASPECTS of the video. Out of all of the music videos Rihanna have made (I've watched them all, she's my guilty pleasure *lol*), this is her LOUDEST, CRAZIEST, MOST CONTROVERSIAL and believe it or not... MOST THOUGHT-PROVOKING and DEEPEST UNDERLYING MEANING video YET.

I can clearly understand that the botttom line to this otherwise extraordinarily EYE-POPPING video is that people will always talk about you regardless of whether you're doing good or bad. It's entirely up to you to ride it out and not let accusations (especially the false ones we all hate) keep us from reaching for the sky. So... we have to think before we blatantly judge someone. Are we perfect enough to do so???
One last thing... ooh Rihanna girl... *covers eyes, then peekaboo*

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