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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Definition of DOPE: Android Homme Limited Edition Sneakers

Wow, these shoes are really, really nice. They kinda look like the "low-top' version of the Ferragamo sneakers I was looking at in Neiman Marcus (in Somerset Collection, Troy MI). But my title was just right, I know it is-- the Android Homme Propulsion 2 sneakers that are limited to 40 pairs. JUST 40?? REALLY?? I'm sure there's at least 100 people just on my side of town who want these.

These are not extraordinarily expensive; it's reasonably priced at $280.

Dope, I tell you. DOPE.
(Dope: Very, very nice; easy to be sought-after; highly likable)

Credit: UpscaleHype

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