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Thursday, February 3, 2011

USHER On "Chill Mode" in Peacoat and LANVIN Sneakers (But what's With The Hair?)

Good morning, or... GOOD MIDNITE to you. I just want to do a fly-by on Usher's style. Usher has sported a lot of futuristic looks in regards to his OMG tour. And while he's off-duty, he usually looks dapper or just plain ILL (nice-looking clothes) in recent months... many, many months ago.

Sidebar: Check out "OMG" Usher in the LANVIN sneakers. Celebs made the LANVINs popular, now everybody gotta have 'em. But Usher's are a little dingy. Buff them thangs, boy!!!

But in these last couple months, I've been a little concerned about Usher's style... he seems to be slipping a lil' bit. It's all showing in the "tough-looking" hair and scruffy beard (Sorry, my man [Usher]). I know there's many women who like the whole rugged look, but I'm very certain a line has to be drawn. Somewhere, SOMETHING has to be groomed on the face. If not the beard, then the hair, and vice-versa. If none is groomed, it's just messy. REALLY. 

In Usher's case, his whole look is... a mix of MEDIOCRE and COOL.  

Check the sneakers... Cool Digs...


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