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Saturday, February 13, 2016

How I Would Style MICHAEL B. JORDAN For A High Fashion Photo Shoot

Many of us know that Michael B. Jordan either has an eye for fashion or his stylist (s) know what exactly will make him look good for the magazines, red carpet, wherever.

Well... I've taken on the honorary role of 'hypothetically' styling one of my favorite actors, Michael B.  Jordan, say... for a high fashion photo shoot or edgy RED CARPET look. And even though I say hypothetically, that may or may not be too far out of reach ;-)

Back to the high fashion photo shoot. I do see that Michael is often photographed in suits, so I wouldn't stray too far from the norm, but I want to add a little more edge, a little more of what CREED would wear (that was such a good movie). Take a look at some of the pieces I've picked:



I can even style in a nice black bomber jacket, black turtleneck, red velvet fitted trousers, and black  loafers or wingtips.

High end fashion MEETS athletic. But what about what's going on under the clothes? A man can't model or take care of his business without good undergarments. There are so many underwear brands  out, seasoned and up-and-coming, there that can compliment looks like this. When looks are FITTED, BULK is not needed. There are form-fitting, figure-enhancing underwear brands ranging from Hanes to Dolce & Gabbana, to a cool brand I recently heard of called Tommy John ( )  .

I would definitely have to plug my own products: BOWTIES! Michael would definitely rock my 'Vintage Ties By Jaiden' bowties so well... Think a black leather collared shirt with one of these.

Last but not least, SHOES

Only one type I would pick for this high fashion photo shoot... To be continued...

**More editions to come**

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