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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Willow Smith's Green Hair

Well, well... what do we have here??

I know I'm not surprised to see Willow Smith and her new hairdo. It's braids, yes, but look closely...they're FLOURESCENT YELLOW and NEON GREEN. Not many 10-year-olds can pull this off; Willow can. She was seen still doing her promo for her upcoming album and opening for Justin Bieber in the U.K.

Willow Smith's Green HairWillow Smith's Green Hair

Pic: Celebuzz

Take A Look: Selita Ebanks Does "MAXIM" Magazine Cover

A lot of beautiful women have graced the cover of many magazines, including the always hott "MAXIM" men's magazine, but what caught my attention was Victoria's Secret supermodel and State Farm actress Selita Ebanks doing a photo shoot for the June 2011 MAXIM cover.

I thought this was way hott; so glad that my friend Rufus on Facebook brought this to my attention.

Wanna see more sexy Selita? See more pics below and see her and Mehcad Brooks on "Rip The Runway" March 21st on Black Entertainment Television (BET Network) 10:00p/9c. BLAAAM!! I'll be glued to my plasma TV!!!

Selita Ebanks Selita Ebanks poses for a picture at the 11th Annual Maxim Hot 100 Party on May 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California.

HOTT is all I gotta say... once I get my body like Mehcad, watch out!!!

PHARRELL WILLIAMS In BOOOOMB Fur Coat; PETA May Be Boilin' Mad Anyway...

Man, Pharrell Williams really defies age at 37, he also DEFIES PETA by wearing a giant fur coat on the red carpet... in March. (I think it's WOLF and FOX blend).

Fur coats are not really IN right now, but when they do come back--which I reckon very soon-- THAT is what I'll be wearing. 

Check Pharrell's (N.E.R.D.) other 2011 styles:

Pic: MediaTakeout/ Google

B.O.B. and Bruno Mars Style: Casual, Fun, Sophisicated

Just doing a fly-by on this post. Check out different looks of B.o.B. and Bruno Mars style. I think it's a simple, 'just a cool guy' kind of look.

More Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Fashion Pics... Heyy... Don't Kill the Messenger

Victim: Selena Gomez seen at JFK airport in New York today, she is believed to be among 50 celebrity targets of a hacking team
Selena Gomez walking through airport wearing comfy TOMS shoes, jersey sweatpants, Louis Vuitton bag

Heyy Bieber girls.... I've got Selena Gomez pictures... don't knock out your computer screen. She has pretty good fashion sense for a white girl (hee-hee); Miley Cyrus is actually jealous (just sayin'). C'mon now, who looks better ANYWAY?! (Whoever said 'Miley', drop and give me 20 pushups) 

Check out some of her recent pics, and pics of BIEBER and GOMEZ together. With her new song out and coupled up with Bieber, she could be a hott ticket... and RATINGS on my blog :-)

'Oh, you MAAAD now, huh?' - Justin Bieber ad-lib

Pic: DailyMail

Hott: LaLa Vasquez, Meghan Good, Plus JENNIFER HUDSON' More Defined Curves

jennifer hudson soul sessions 04

I'm not gonna have much to post on this one; usually something this good doesn't need too many words. But check out Jennifer Hudson's more defined curves (she put a little more meat where it belong), LaLa Vasquez's flirty and girly striped bow dress, and Meghan Good's OK dress (I posted her up 'cuz she's still pretty...)


MediaTakeout got it right.... Meghan looks better in T-shirt and jeans...

Pic: MediaTakeout

Friday, March 18, 2011

Who Is REBECCA BLACK And Is Her Fashion Better Than her Music?? We'll See...

The internet has been buzzing about YouTube sensation REBECCA BLACK.

 Where did she come from with this 'FRIDAY' mess? 

I'll find out and keep you Detroiters and all of you all over the world, UPDATED, especially seeing if this 13-year-old girl has any fashion sense sans video.

Check out CHRIS BROWN commenting on her music below:

Friday, Friday... oh no... it's stuck in my head...

Celebs in Comfortable Swag (Pt.2): ROMEO (Dancing w/ The Stars)

 O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou BLING-BLING, Romeo??

It's not there. Why? Because it's all about swag and comfort today. There's nothing like being out of your element trying to look great everyday, to dress lower than casual, I mean REALLY dress down, as long as one does not look scraggly or look STANK.

Take a look at Dancing With The Stars' Romeo who was spotted wearing an Obey hat for less than $30, Jordan brand sweatpants, and well... LOUIS VUITTON sneakers for $700. Hey... well the look does look dressed down, doesn't it?

Romeo and his dance partner

Romeo and the BLING I was talkin' about...

Pic: UpscaleHype/Access Hollywood

Celebs In Comfortable Swag (Pt.1): CIARA

Good morning, today I'm posting all about celebs who are captured dressed down, I mean REALLY DOWN and comfortable, because there does come a point of time where wearing $600 shoes and $3,000 jackets can be really ridiculous and exhausting.

So, let me start off with my first celeb: CIARA. She was wearing a Torn"Gilliane Lips" V-Neck Tee for $74, short shorts, and military boots. COMFORT. SWAG. That's it.

Pic: UpscaleHype

Thursday, March 17, 2011

STYLE and FUN-FUN At 2011 Woodie Awards; Kanye West Gets Dissed!!

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose
Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose

The 2011 Woodie Awards (MTV) was ROCKSTAR-ish, uncanny, on-the-fly, a whole lot of fun. There were college students there of all races who had their own kind of style that could be appreciated...and some that would muster up a 'HUH?!'.

Sidenote: My favorite part was when Lil B's friend dissed Kanye West for fun!! College students were screaming with laughter!! INSTANT CLASSIC!!

Check out pics of artists/celebs at the Woodie Awards:

Lil BYelawolf and Skylar Grey


Pic: RapUp

NICKI MINAJ On Tour; Wears Another Crazy Outfit and Sky-HI Afro (Of course...)

Nicki Minaj I am Music Tour 3


I just like it when she puts on a show. Nicki is currently on tour in her "I Am Music" Tour. While she is and while you are reading this, check out Nicki performing in the outfit above.

Man, I'm loving this bedazzled, space-age, girly outfit.... and the BOOTS WITH THE FUR *LoL*. Also, I have to give Nicki kudos for holding that heavy-looking wig on top of her head all through her performances. Who knows, she might have an ice pack waiting for her neck when she gets off stage...

Nicki Minaj referee
Nicki Minaj I am music tour 2

Now who was NICKI this time??
Oh... she was NICKI the referee!!

Pic: NecoleB***hie

CHRIS BROWN In GQ Italia Photo Shoot! DOPE!!!

I, THE ONLY JAIDEN, am a novel (and steady 'polishing') model. As I go deeper into the modeling world, I find out how fun it is, especially to compete for the best looking photo shoot and WIN, WIN, WIN!!! For some people, this world has been treacherous, while for some it has been GOLD all the way.

I found Chris Brown in his latest photo shoot for GQ Italia (It's so great and amazing when you live in one country, and another country is in need for you for a photo shoot. OHHH YEAH, my turn is coming.....) Chris Brown carried swag, as well as brands TOM FORD, GIORGIO ARMANI, and DOLCE & GABBANA, to name a few. 

Even though Chris doesn't know me, I swear that if we ever met or crossed paths, we would have just about the same kind of clothes on... CUZ THIS IS JUST MY STYLE!!

Interesting RAF SIMONS Shoes

Check out these UNIQUE and OTHERWORLDLY Raf Simons shoes (found on UpscaleHype) which runs from $920-$960:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The S&M Star RIHANNA Is Miles Ahead With Her Style and Wild Hair

She's fun, she's cool, she's ACTUALLY friendly (not just for the cameras), she's BAAAAD, she's crazy. Heyy... she's RIHANNA. The RIHANNA REIGN on fashion just won't let up; the S&M singer (whose song is now at #2 on Billboard charts) was spotted out after her Rolling Stones photo shoot.

Check Rihanna out with smooth gray blouse and tapered black pants, topping off the look with sharp black Christian Louboutin stilettos (she seems to wear those the most, as well as the nude ones of the same model). If you look closely at her wild frizzy hair, you can see 2 braids by her neck that have Jamaican color beads on it.

She was all smiles... I KNOW... she saw what I said about her *LoL- well I hope she did*

from RihannaDaily for Rihanna Navy

LeToya Luckett, Kelly Rowland, and Brandy Look Hott For Luckett's B-Day

This is another way, out of the many 'WAYS OF GREAT STYLE' that I posted, to dress great for an evening event. LeToya Luckett looked just right in red, as red is the color of 'attention' and a enchanting, seductive color for men and of the evening ambiance.  

LeToya, Kelly Rowland, and Brandy looked great for LeToya's 30th BDAY; I don't have anything to say because they are spot on.. See LeToya ROOOOCCCK her dress:

LeToya Celebrates her 30th Birthday
LeToya Luckett

Pic: NecoleB***hie

LIL TWIST Has A Lil Twist In His Style

Lil Twist

Check it out, if you don't know Lil' Twist, all you need to know that he is a good lil' (literally) rapper (from Young Money Records) with mad style game. He is recognizable with his sky-high mohawk, cardigan, and cool shades, like the picture above.

Check out more of Lil' Twist's style:

This is what I call FINE SWAG, and 'Jaiden's Pick'!

Pic: Various

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