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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

RIHANNA's Official April 2011 Vogue Cover and Sneak Peek!

RIHANNA is working HARD, I mean HARD! She goes everywhere and has tremendous energy to travel around the globe to sing and do EVERYTHING. She looks like a aquatic superwoman on the April 2011 Vogue with her svelte body in a form-fitting gown which seems almost mystical with the print patterns and sheer fabric that appears as a second 'skin' over Rihanna's body. Let's not forget--how can we forget-- her FLAMING RED HAIR...

Anyway, Rihanna is on the cover of VOGUE, as many of you know by now, and she is BADDER THAN EVER with her massive international appeal and her hit songs that keep rolling out. Check out a couple pics of Rihanna from the Vogue photo shoot:

Rihanna Vogue Spread 2
Vogue Spread 4

Update (3/16/10):

Pic: RihannaDaily

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