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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

SELENA GOMEZ Is Out Looking Sexy And Showin' Her Legs; Hmmm... Go A-HEAD, Bieber!!!

Selena Gomez at The Late Show

Monday was a lazy day for me, which is why I posted just a few posts. But I'm charged, charged, charged up with SELENA GOMEZ, Justin Bieber's girlfriend who has die-hard Bieber fans boiling mad at this 18-year-old. It's really amazing how Selena did absolutely nothing wrong but she is LOATHED by those Bieber girls.

Selena was spotted walking into the 'Late Nite Show with David Letterman' wearing a conservative coat with a not-so-conservative "leggy' dress underneath sure to turn heads. I was captivated by the photos I saw; It turned MY head (sorry Justin, just sayin'...)

Selena was dressed nice in a lace dress, dressed right, and didn't dress like other girls who I know are trying to get attention. See more pics:

Selena Gomez at The Late Show

Pic: Celebuzz

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