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Saturday, August 20, 2011

LookBack: Diggy Simmons In Shocker $4,500 Leather Jacket! Really, Diggy?!

Diggy Simmons, son of Rev. Run of Run DMC, made his appearance as co-host on BET's 106 & Park this past Wednesday, and while he was lookin' great as the GROWN-UP boy from MTV's 'Run's House', he wore the popular CDG (Comme Des Garcon) 'Play' T-shirt for $125, Nudie Jeans for $225, and Air Jordan Retro 5 sneakers for $150.

Diggy's splurge stole the show, and that splurge was his $4,500 DIOR HOMME LEATHER JACKET. He seems to like to wear expensive jackets. He wore a $3,000 BALMAIN biker jacket to a fashion show once. I really hope that thing is on RENT. But the whole look is cool, anyway.

Now if it was me, I would be SUPER-BALLING for just 1/5 the cost of that DIOR jacket. I'm a guy who knows how to find deep discounts on some FLY-YY-YYY clothes and shoes.

Pic: Upscale Hype

NICOLE SCHERZINGER Spotted In Hott Nicole Miller Dress

Check out Nicole Scherzinger, X FACTOR judge and 'Dancing With The Stars' champion, spotted out lookin' all alluring in her Nicole Miller Spatial Perspective Ruched Dress for $430. Because of the hues of the dress, the dress can be paired well with gray pumps and even in the RED hue.

You like?? 'Cuz I like... get it Nicole!

Pic: UpscaleHype

Kardashian Kollection In SEARS Stores Soon

Kim Kardashian Shoes

The Kardashians are definitely trying to do everything to dominate the fashion and media world. With DASH stores, reality shows, and fragrances under their belt, Kim and the Kardashians are releasing the KARDASHIAN KOLLECTION at Sears very soon.

Kim is wearing a leopard jumpsuit from the 'Kollection'.

Pic: Google

Friday, August 19, 2011

A Lookback At Summer At Its Best: Chanel Iman and Kanye West

Kanye West - 2011 CFDA Fashion Awards - After Party

I saw this picture-perfect... picture... of model Chanel Iman and Kanye West taken at 2011 CFDA Awards at Lincoln Center (NYC) back in June.

I'm absolutely loving the grace of this young girl's flowing dress and her calming facial expressions... like a natural-born princess. Also check out Kanye's classic white blazer, bleached jeans , and Stubbs & Wooton shoes.

Gotta be on-point, those two...
Pic: Zimbio

Thursday, August 18, 2011

KELLY ROWLAND In Giuseppe Zanotti Boots; WAYY HOTT!

Check out music artist KELLY ROWLAND in her hott, artistic dress and a new arrival to the famed Giuseppe Zanotti brand, Kelly's boots from Giuseppe Zanotti. The design has been in for a season or two, but this is a RELEVANT look, especially whenever an artist steps out on the red carpet.

Kelly was in London for 'X Factor'; GIIIIIIIIT IT, Kelly!

Pic: NecoleB***hie

ADAM LAMBERT's Shockingly High Hairdo (Hey, It Really Surprised Me, Ok?)

Celebrity Playlist: Adam Lambert's Favorite Songs

Adam Lambert has been...shall I say... doin' his thing with the ROCK and BLACK and BLACK MAKEUP. Check out the thing that surprised me: His HIGH HAIRDO. I thought only Bruno Mars could accomplish that. I'm going to look into how a guy's hairdo can stand that high... 'Bump Its', maybe?? *LoL*

Bruno Mars

Pic: Zimbio/ Google

NICKI MINAJ Is A Living, Fashion-Crazed, Black Barbie Extraordinaire; Has Doll Made After Her

Nicki Minaj

The picture says a lot.

Nicki Minaj is all smiles from holding her pink-wigged doll. I guess that's supposed to be a thing of fashion or something for girls who want a tangible item to Nicki Minaj. Crazy, right??

But the Barbs and Kens don't think so...

Also, look at all of Nicki's bright colors and the big blonde hair. She's very IN YOUR FACE, so Nicki... when you're in fashion, you kind of have to draw attention your way... in your own way.

Nicki Minaj

Pic: Google

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Media Takeout Can Be Mean Sometimes, But They Were Sure Right About Precious' Shoes!

I'm not one to talk about folk, but I'm not sure if Precious's heels were designed that way with two dark spots on the front o it... or IT'S REALLY DIRTY. Please help me out... Media Takeout says it's dirty, but it could be otherwise...

NICKI MINAJ In More Demure Photo Shoot; She Still Rockin' Dat Ish Though....

Nicki Minaj has been gaining worldwide attention for her skills, but I'm here to speak of her skills in the fashion industry. Nicki can really THROW DOWN when being eclectic and attention-grabbing in her photo shoot. It's also a breath of fresh air to see a more demure side of her with the above look.

White blazer, blonde tapered hair, gold accessories, and a hint of FUN with the pink lipstick... ain't she DELICIOUS changin' it up? *LoL*

Pic: Google/ MTO

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

KANDI BURRUSS Brings 'A' Game In Sparklin' New Photo Shoot

KANDI BURRUSS was doing a photo shoot for an upcoming magazine and RHOA (Real Housewives Of Atlanta) and she looked gorgeous. She is even MORE GORGEOUS in person (I would know... I met her in Detroit). The designer of one of the dresses is Reco Chaplle.

The hair and the dresses are on-point!!

Pic: Google/ Media Takeout

Nobody Can Badu Or Dress Like Badu Do...

See, nobody can really dress like Erykah Badu can, 'cuz she's got a style all her own. Check the leggings, the heavy gold accessories, the hat, the hair, the candidness..

...And the fact that she wanted no photographers to photograph her behind... HOW DEMURE.

Erykah a few years ago wearing a MOHICAN

Pic: Various (Google/ Just Jared/ Media Takeout)

Monday, August 15, 2011

TOYA (CARTER) WRIGHT Is Straight-Up Gorgeous...

When there's something so beautiful in front of you, sometimes you cannot utter words. All you can do is nod your head and smile, like I'm doing right now.

But check out TOYA CARTER (Lil' Wayne ex-wife), now turned TOYA WRIGHT, at the Hoodie Awards lookin' BLACK-HOTT in her black dress and platform boots.


Pic: YBF/ Google

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN Men's Footwear Release A New Sneaker for $1,000-- Is It Worth It?

Christian Louboutin has been making awesome footwear for sexy women of the world but OK for men. Well, I've got to admit that some of the men's designs are SUPER-HOTT but it's a little pricey. I may invest in just one pair and care for them for the next DECADE!

Well, check the Christian Louboutin sneaker above. It's a newly released sneaker for men worth $5 shy of $1,000.

Whaddaya think United States, Europe, Africa, Australia, wherever you're at... would you spend that much money on sneakers?

Pic: MTO

Kourtney Kardashian and Baby Mason In Shades--An Adorable Moment

Like mother like son: Kourtney Kardashian holds her baby Mason who sports a pair of red framed sunglasses in Beverly Hills earlier today

MOTHER AND SON In Shades... how nice!

Check out Kourtney Kardashian and Baby Mason going shopping with Scott Disick. Both were looking very stylish in their shades. Dat's wassup...

Pic: Daily Mail UK

Sunday, August 14, 2011

LeToya Luckett and Marjorie Harvey (Steve Harvey's Wife) at Hoodie Awards

The Hoodie Awards is an event which honors black businesspeople. It was sponsored by Ford and hosted by Steve Harvey. While there were many beautiful people there, two people sparked my interest: LeToya Luckett, artist and former inger for Destiny's Child, and Marjorie Harvey, Steve Harvey's wife.

LeToya was lookin' on-point  which her lil' white dress and spiked black Christian Louboutin stilettos. Sexy yet elegant. On the other hand, I tried to formed good words for MARJORIE HARVEY's dress (because I like Steve as a comedian) but I couldn't.

What was MARJORIE HARVEY wearing?? Umm... I can see that it's an artistic dress that wraps around with some kind of thingies barely holding the front (cut from top to bottom) together... UMMM... I don't know... just see for yourself and COMMENT (yeah I'm talkin' to you)...

Pic: YBF

People, Please Stop Jokin' About J-Hud's Head Size And Be Happy About Her Weight Loss!

I, for one, am happy about Jennifer Hudson's weight loss, I'm all for the BIG GIRLS if they wanna lose weight (WHOOP-WHOOP) or if they wanna flaunt their extra cushions.

And Jennifer Hudson was lookin' MIGHTY FINE in the above picture in her SIZE 4 dress.

I guess that Weight Watchers is working for her... and she sure told that Twitter follower that she didn't have weight loss surgery... it was PURE HARD WORK... or so she said.

Pic: Google

Beyonce Spotted Wearing A Colorful Dress... for ONLY $24!!!

That was not a typo.

Beyonce was spotted getting out of her SUV wearing a dress that most girls and women would be happy to grab up. The dress was from Love Culture and it was only $24. Bey paired them well with super-quality shoes, Christian Louboutin stilettos.

Well my lovely ladies, go out and get you some DRESS!!!

Pic: NecoleB***hie/ Google



Halle Berry is truly one of the classics of our time. She is extraordinarily beautiful, handles her business well, and does her motherly duties all in one ball. *Thumbs up*

She's 45 today and doing it well..

Happy Birthday Halle! Take a look at her greatest looks this year (above and below):

Halle Berry  

Pic: Various

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