Note: The following pics do not necessarily reflect the views of The Only Jaiden; this is STRICTLY from a 'fashion' perspective.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, and Son Egypt In Black Sneakers (A. Keys In Isabel Marant)

A couple days ago, Alicia Keys, husband Swizz Beatz, and son Egypt were spotted at the New York Knicks game wearing black sneakers. Swizz was wearing Reebook Kamikaze sneakers and I'm not sure what brand Egypt was wearing but LIL' FELLA was looking good with his nu-nu!

But the eye-catcher was Alicia's Isabel Marant Willow high-top sneakers for $760. It looks like a sneaker but actually conceals a 3.5 inch wedge heel on the inside sole. See a closer look.

Pic: Necole B***hie

Pic Excerpt from Upscale Hype: Nicki Minaj's Looks of 2011!

This has been a very outlandishly-styled year for NICKI MINAJ turned Roman In Moscow. So I checked out fashion website Upscale Hype, which provided plenty of 2011 pics of Nicki, and several of those pics have definitely jogged my memory. Here's a few pics to help jog yours as well.

Don't forget to check my blog for previous fashion posts under 'Nicki Minaj':

'Beautiful gown' - In Rock Republic studded heels

'Leopard Overload' - 2011 Grammys

'Cotton Candy and Sequins' - by Mark Fast

'MY BEST LOOK OF NICKI' - In Opening Ceremony Margot Wedges

Pic: Upscale Hype

Blogger of THE ONLY JAIDEN Spotted At WWE Smackdown In Detroit

Hey, check out this candid picture of me at WWE's Smackdown Event in Detroit (Dec. 28)! I had such a great time and the atmosphere was ROCKIN' that night!

So one of my friends took this picture of me in my laid-back but still ON-POINT looking clothes. I had my black cap, simple black T, Levi's jeans, Kenneth Cole watch, and custom 'marble' Ray-Bans.

AND my skin was positively glowing... that SHEA BUTTER lotion works wonders.


Pic: Google/ The Only Jaiden

Thursday, December 29, 2011

JAY-Z At B-Ball Game In IDEAL Denim Outfit and Air Yeezy Sneakers

Jay-Z is rarely featured here in my blog due to his lackluster style sometimes, but today... looks like he got it right!

Check out the above picture of Jay's denim jeans and matching denim shirt, along with a new colorway of Air Yeezy sneakers (Kanye West's Nike design).

*Clapping* Good job, man!

Oh BTW, I went into Macy's on Dec. 28, 2011 and got a BARGAIN DEAL on two Levi's denim jackets (one bleached, one gray) for a total of $52.00! Original price for each jacket was $78.00! That means if at original price, I would have paid around $160.00 (tax included)!! $52.00 is EXCELLENT!!!

Pic: MTO

Nicki Minaj Buys Boyfriend 2012 'MATTE RED' Bentley For Christmas; BOSS!

What a very generous CHRISTMAS GIFT from Nicki Minaj to her boyfriend/hype man SAFAREE. She bought him a 2012 Bentley Continental Supersports with a special 'MATTE RED' paint job.

Nicki's iconic pink Bentley is parked right behind.This pic was posted on Twitter by SCAFFBEEZY (Safaree).

Pic: MTO/ Twitter

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DRAKE Rocks Aaliyah Tattoo On His Back... Hmm.

DRAKE is the dude on the right of this photo.

Check his new AALIYAH tattoo on his mid-left side of his back. Wow... that's some kinda love to get a woman's face tattoo on a guy's back... especially Aaliyah, who had passed years ago.

I wonder what was Drake's motive, but anyway a good tattoo is good art (coincides with FASHION, hence Art is Fashion).

Pic: Hip Hop Wired

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

THE ONLY JAIDEN Officially Lists The Seven Of The BADDEST and BEAUTIFUL Women Of 2011!


It's almost YEAR-END, and I cannot let my blog go into 2012 without listing seven of the BADDEST and BEAUTIFUL women in the game. Here are the following seven women to have graced my list due to their independency, hard-working careers, natural beauty, FASHION, media pull, and natural SWAG.

These women come in no particular rank.

Rihanna. Barbadian Beauty. Multiple #1 Billboard songs. Dominating fashion sense. To the fans, she's addictive. To the haters, she's...addictive, too.

Angela Simmons Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons attend the Charlotte Ronson Spring 2011 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at The Stage at Lincoln Center on September 11, 2010 in New YorkCity.

Vanessa and Angela Simmons (counts as one). Beautiful sisters hard-in-paint for PASTRY business. Models-in-making. Both balance each other out; Vanessa is the mundane and 'mysteriously' sexy type while Angela is the no-barred, flashy type.

Jennifer Lopez. Hot mama of TWINS. Sparklin' Emilio Pucci dress and Louboutins (above). Center of attention in American Idol. Hotter in her 40s than most women in their 20s. 'Nuf said.

Beyonce. If you think I should EXPOUND more, *scoff* you must not know 'bout BEY, you must not know 'bout BEY.

Amber Rose. Bounced from A-Lister to A-Lister hopelessly. Landed on her feet with endorsement deals and gaining respectable momentum (contrary to what some may think). Iconic short blonde hair.

Kardashian Sisters (counts as one). 'Kim Kardashian' garners most media attention. Though hated, Kim remains widely relevant. Younger sisters are models-in-making. Khloe is most straight-arrowed. Kourtney is prettiest. ONE BIG BALL of Kardashian Kash, somewhere in $60 MILLION worth range.

...And last but not least... (an unlikely but WELL choice ending up in TWO-WAY tie!)


MADONNA and SADE. This has nothing to do with my piqued interest in older women (well... a little bit) but these two women are still going strong in BUSINESS, BODY, AND BOLDNESS in a music pool of a younger and rapidly-changing generation. Madonna is on a widespread, international 'LIKE' scale; Sade is on a much smaller and concentrated scale and one of those 'mysteriously sexy' women who leave a lot to the imagination.

Pic: Google and Google UK images (various sources)

More (2012) N.Y.E./ Holiday/ Event Ideas For You Lady Readers; Be UNIQUE and AVOID Catfights (Or Allow 'Em)

Here are more N.Y.E. (New Years' Eve) and EARLY 2012 holiday/weekend ideas for you ladies. Women need all the ideas they can get to prevent from showing up at a party/event wearing the same outfit...

EXPECT CAT FIGHTS if that happens.

For guys, we're just really SAFE in a fitted T-shirt, fitted blazer, fitted jeans, and some DOPE boots.

Check out these two pictures, ideas from CITI TRENDS , via FASHION BOMB DAILY, one of my go-to blogs.

Or to see celebrity ideas, see the following ladies: Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Ciara, Meghan Good (tomboy look), Halle Berry, Pippa Middleton, Amber Rose, Angela Simmons.

Pic: Fashion Bomb Daily

KELIS Brings Back Her Edginess and 'Creative' Relevance Through Latest 'BOSS' Photo Shoot

R&B singer KELIS really owned up to her hiatus of producing an album by doing a photo shoot (for Hunger Magazine) in which her entire demeanor speaks BOLDNESS and CONFIDENCE, at the same time, sensuality. It's the kind of shoot that shows she means BUSINESS, as she's releasing an LP for 2012.

Kelis has long been an eccentric and unique dresser with outlandish shoes, dresses, and especially HAIR! See more of Kelis' photo shoot and her past pics below:

kelis 2



As you can see, a lot of ARTISTIC EXPRESSION is in Kelis' hair styles and her attire, too.
I'm also feeling Kelis' Tom Ford tortoise sunglasses in the above pic.

Pic: Google/ MTO/ That Grape Juice

Sunday, December 25, 2011

CHRIS BROWN Spotted Wearing The Latest AIR JORDAN CONCORDS Sneakers... BOSS!

Of course you know that CHRIS BROWN was not in the FRENZY to get these new Air Jordan Concords. People had gotten trampled, mall door entrances broken through, people jacked for their brand-new Jordans... A MESS!!

It's more than likely that Chris Brown had a special order to bring the new AIR JORDAN CONCORDS right to his feet.

Those Jordans are the business, though...

Pic: MTO  

Fash, Crash, and Burn: The Girl With The 'DRAKE' Tattoo On Her Forehead


Chris Brown, Drake, and just about everybody in the tattoo world would DISPROVE of this DUMB ISH, myself included.

About 2 weeks ago (or so), this crazy girl went to the tattoo parlor and requested that 'DRAKE' be tattooed on her forehead. I wonder how did that tattoo artist react to that, and did this guy have some COUTH to tell her that he would not damage his TATTOO REP by doing this??

Well needless to say from the pic above, the girl (SHAVED EYEBROWS AND ALL) had the Drake tattoo done.

Word got out FAST, and Drake was upset and went INNNNN on video to all parties involved! He looks funny being all mad, though. But anyway, the pic above ends up on my FASH, CRASH, AND BURN category.

Take a look at this dumb tat again:

...and AGAIN...

Pic: Google/ Rap-Up

New Years' Eve Fashion Ideas - SEXY/DEMURE: KERI HILSON

Ladies, here's an idea for a N.Y.E. (New Years' Eve) celebration if you're looking to be sexy but at the same time CONSERVATIVE/DEMURE, using Keri Hilson has a template is a way to go.

Keri Hilson has a deep scoop neck with broad shoulders blouse and long, sweeping pants. The wavy blonde hair is a nice touch.

Pic: Necole B***hie

Merry Christmas from THE ONLY JAIDEN; VERSACE Mens Spring 2012 Fashion Video Inside

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL OVER THE WORLD!! Thanks for viewing The Only Jaiden!

For the holiday season, I want to share with you a few fashion show videos that I viewed on YouTube. In case you're not aware, I am a print and runway model and I'm a huge fan of fashion shows.

The first one here is from Versace's Mens Spring 2012 Show. If though the seasons may be different, fashion shows always stay at least one or two seasons ahead of the game.

Merry Christmas from 'JAIDEN The Model'

Pic: The Only Jaiden

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Quick Fashion Review and Trends for 2012: Rihanna's New 'YOU DA ONE' Video

There's a lot of CRAZY looks in Rihanna's new 'You Da One' music video that tie into fashion in a big way. A lot of the looks that was shown will be 'playfully' making its way into stores in 2012.

*LOL* at Rihanna's CROTCH-GRABBIN'... she loves to do that, doesn't she?

Let's FLY through it real quick:

I predict that an overload of BLONDE WIGS will be making its way to wig shops in 2012.

Full leather outfits won't be just confined to novelty & lingerie stores in 2012.

Lace and fishnet are not just for LINGERIE and STOCKINGS anymore; it's made for jackets, pants, blouses, even hats and shoes.

Black eyeshadow and heavy mascara is a MUST for 2012. Balance it out by keeping the lips FRESH with NUDE GLOSS.

GOLD JEWELRY? Nostalgic and BOSS for 2012.

NAILS? Keep it mixed and MINXED (0:57-0:59 mark).

Platform heels? STILL IN to STAY.

Ripped jeans? Medio y medio.

Soooo... those are THE ONLY JAIDEN 2012 trends and partial predictions (because just about everything in fashion I predict....hmmm.... HAPPENS).

BTW (by the way), I think the video is a nice little compilation and follow-up on 'We Found Love' and 2010's 'Rockstar 101'

Pic: NecoleB***hie

LIL WAYNE Is Spotted Wearing Yet Another Pair Of Leopard Pants!

Remember this from the 2011 VMAs? LIL WAYNE was quite notorious in the blogs, news, and fashion world for wearing women's leopard jeggings during his performance.

And that's not all WEEZY wore that stood out. He also wore bright VANS sneakers, Louis Vuitton color monogram belt, and a baby-blue G-Shock watch in a such a way that if his upper body were blocked out, you would think he was a FEMALE RAPPER.

Anyway, I've come to tell you that, according to Media Takeout, Lil' Wayne was spotted a few nights ago wearing yet another pair of LEOPARD PANTS. Whaaaat?!

Pic: MTO/ Google

Beautiful Ladies In Feud: KEYSHIA DIOR and EVELYN LOZADA

Nice picture, eh?

But these two women are in FEUD on a Secret Kisses lawsuit. Check it out on the next season of Basketball Wives. I'm loving Keyshia Dior's eclectic outfit consisting of eye-popping prints, yellow custom nails, blue lipstick (by her own Secret Kisses LLC), and KILLER hair.

Evelyn Lozada is on the other end of spectrum with a more toned-down but equally beautiful violet dress with a big ROCK for a ring and yellow feather earrings.

Pic: Necole B***hie

Friday, December 23, 2011

Nick Saglimbeni's Work On The Kardashian Sisters

Nick Saglimbeni (left)

Nick Saglimbeni is known for creating glamorous celebrity shots, and doing graphic images and backgrounds to enhance the effect of an otherwise nice but plain photo. Check out some of his work with the KARDASHIANS.

It's really good work.

Kendall Jenner

Kim Kardashian


Pic: Google/ Saglimbeni

The YOUNGEST Swag: Mason Kardashian (Disick)

Kardashian The Youngest Kardashian

I didn't know SWAG came in a package that small and young!

Check out Mason Kardashian (Disick) closeup looking FLYY in the Kardashian Christmas picture.

The loafers, slacks, suspenders, the pose, the FACIAL EXPRESSION... little dude got it on LOCK!!

Pic: Nick Saglimbeni

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Excerpt From COMPLEX Magazine: A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Sneakers

A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Sneakers

Check out this EXCERPT of COMPLEX MAGAZINE's Guide of all sneakers that Will Smith (FRESH PRINCE) wore throughout the tenure of the show. Very interesting, engaging, nostalgic article:

A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Sneakers

Air Jordan V Black/Black-Metallic Silver

Episode: #1 'The Fresh Prince Project', #2 'Bang The Drum, Ashley', #17 'The Ethnic Tip', #23 '72 Hours', & #37 'Something for Nothing'

Year (of Sneaker): 1990
From the very first moment Will pops up in the intro of the show, he dons a pair of black Vs. Throughout the first season it was obvious that William Smith/Williard Smith (his name on the show/real life) is a huge fan of Js including the nearly murdered-out numero cincos.

A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Sneakers

Nike Quantum Force

Episode: #6 'Mistaken Identity', #11 'Courting Disaster', #14 'Day Damn One', #18 'Young and the Restless', #25 'Working it Out', & #99 'The Philadelphia Story'

Year (of Sneaker): 1990
Stand out red joints like that? The Quantum Forces were a staple in the first season — seeing Will get arrested for racial issues, take over as captain of Bel-Air's basketball squad, scare the hell out of his little cousin Ashley, and catch the eye of Queen Latifah.

A Complete Guide To The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's Sneakers

Nike Air Sonic Flight

Episode: #56 'Here Comes The Judge' & #60 'A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Home From The Forum'

Year (of Sneaker): 1992
In '92 Nike switched up the Flight logo and started dropping the top on its kicks and going with mid releases more and more. A man of times, Will started donning the mids more versus the chunky high-tops which were a staple in his footwear collection throughout the first two season.

Pic: Complex Magazine (online blog)

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